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The Main Old Money Style Colours and Tips to Combine Them

The Old Money aesthetic is defined by a timeless, refined colour palette that exudes elegance and sophistication.

From crisp whites to rich navy blues, these hues have endured and continue to be favoured by those with discerning tastes.

In this article, we’ll explore the key colours of the Old Money style and provide tips on how to masterfully combine them for a classic and contemporary look.

Old Money Style Color Palette

Mainsail White

Mainsail White

An off-white that doesn’t feel stark or cold and yet works well with shades of blue.

It is a timeless shade of white that exudes elegance and sophistication.

White, the symbol of cleanliness, simplicity, and luxury, is indispensable for the Old Money style.

An elegant crisp white dress shirt always promises elegance as an eye-catching white blazer or iconic white dress pants.

Summer Sea Blue

Summer Sea Blue

Inspired by the petals of a hydrangea bush near the water in July, this blue works well with other blues and the occasional wild card colour.

Summer Sea reflects tranquil waters, it embodies opulence and relaxation.

Sailor Red

Sailor Red

Definitely to be used in moderation, lest the red, white, and blue palette take over.

This bold shade has a blue-and-white formula that can sometimes be too predictable.

It is a deep, proud red symbolising maritime traditions and adventure.

Night Sky

Night Sky

This is a navy blue that might show signs of ticking or trim or other nautical icons around the edges but can also be dramatic on its own.

Navy blue is an indispensable colour for a formal and noble look. It evokes starlit evenings, it carries an air of mystery and sophistication.

You can create a sophisticated atmosphere with a men’s single or double-breasted blazer, tailored suit, and formal accessories such as navy blue silk ties or pocket squares.

Beige, Cream, and Khaki

Beige, Cream, and Khaki

Beige and cream tones, which create a soft and friendly atmosphere, are ideal for creating an effortless but eye-catching style.

A beige double-breasted blazer, khaki chinos, or cream linen dress pants offer timeless elegance.



Adapting to every occasion and style, black forms the basis of the Old Money aesthetic.

It always provides a noble and elegant look as a suit, black fabric pants, black patent leather brogues, or a classic accessory.

Natural Shades of Brown

Natural Shades of Brown

Earth-inspired brown tones add warmth and depth to Old Money wardrobes.

It offers natural elegance with jackets, shoes, and bags.

Earthy Shades of Green

Earthy Shades of Green

Green, which evokes luxury and magnificence, makes an eye-catching addition to the Old Money palette.

A dark green wax jacket or a forest green cashmere sweater adds richness to your style.

Touch of Pastel Tones

Touch of Pastel Tones

Pastel colours are ideal for spring and summer.

Tones such as baby pink, light blue, or lavender can create an elegant vibe in a casual Oxford shirt or a semi-formal dress shirt.

How to Combine Old Money Style Colors?

All White

Nothing looks quite as classy and pristine as an all-white look.

From casual old money look to formal wedding wear, a good white outfit works for everyone.

Also, this monochromatic look is ideal for the summer season, thanks to its fuss-free, uber-cool vibe.

Don’t go overboard with multicolour accessories, you can add a bit of navy blue or brown, but stick to white as much as you can.

All White Old Money style color combination

Nautical Preppy Colors Combination

Combining mainsail white, summer sea blue, red, and navy, also known as the New England colour, creates a traditional Preppy look with a nautical vibe.

Nautical Preppy Colors Combination

Shades of Brown + Gold

Gone are the days when brown was the least favourite hue to add to our wardrobe.

With more people leaning toward neutral colours, brown has made its well-deserved place in our closets.

Create iconic outfits by pairing brown with gold!

The flashiness of gold and neutrality of the brown balance each other out perfectly, making it a look for the books.

Brown and Gold Old Money style colors

Baby Blue + White

This colour combination looks crisp and clean and feels like a breath of fresh air.

This uber stylish-looking colour combination can be worn for both, formal and casual settings alike.

To enhance the look of this pairing, add gold accents that will help pull it all together.

Overall, this colour duo has a very refined look and feel.

Baby Blue and White Old Money Style Colors

Styling Tips

Start with a Neutral Base

Create a timeless backdrop based on neutral tones.

Begin by building your outfit around a neutral base such as a crisp white shirt or a tailored navy blazer.

These versatile pieces serve as the perfect canvas for layering on colour and texture.

Mix Textures

Experiment with different textures to add depth and dimension to your outfit.

Pair a luxurious velvet blazer with a cotton shirt layered with a cashmere wool sweater.

Add a silk tie or pocket square for accessories with suede Oxford dress shoes to complete the look.

Create Contrast

Embrace contrast by pairing light and dark colours together for a striking effect.

Mix black dress pants and a white blazer, a dark navy blazer with cream chinos, or style a white tailored double-breasted suit with dark brown loafers.

The Old Money colour palette is a testament to the enduring power of simplicity and refinement.

By incorporating these timeless hues into your capsule wardrobe and following the styling tips provided, you can effortlessly achieve a sophisticated and stylish look.

Remember to start with a neutral base, mix textures for added depth, and play with contrast.

With these colours and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of Old Money style.

Style Like a Pro with The VOU

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