Best Face Creams – How To Identify & Select For Your Skin Type

There’s no doubt that face creams are great for your wrinkles and skin health.

Thousands of studies show that face creams help skin retain moisture, even wrinkles, preserve elasticity, and make skin look young and vibrant again.

However, the difficult part is not using or buying face creams but identifying the best face cream for your skin type.

First, there are many face cream brands on the market, and everyone promises to be great and work miracles on your skin.

But, amongst the ocean of products, many contain harsh chemicals that irritate face skin and worsen existing conditions.

The only catch is figuring out which one works best for you, and in this article, I’ll be doing just that:

What To Look Out For When Buying Face Cream?

So, what is it that you must pay attention to when looking for the best face cream for you?

Consider Your Skin Type

Bear in mind that there are different products out there designed for different skin types.

In simple terms, there are three core skin types; identifying yours will help you find the best face creams for you (for your skin type).

Face cream skin types

There are face cream products that cater to oily and dry skin needs.

Then, there are face creams for combination skin, made to work on both oily and dry skins.

Therefore, selecting your facial cream based on your skin type and texture is essential.

Once you’ve determined your type of skin, remember that the best face creams for oily and combination skin types have light textures – face lotions like – to reduce the accumulation of oil.

On the other hand, if your face skin is dry, medium to thick moisturizing face creams are recommended to give your face a brighter, healthier sheen.

Ensure Face Cream Functionality Over Quantity

Ever heard the phrase ‘small but mighty’?

When it comes to facial creams, size doesn’t always matter.

Selecting a product based on functionality rather than container size is essential.

Facial moisturizers such as Dr. Brandt seal in moisture and hydrate the skin are examples of small packages that can have significant effects.

Face Cream small package

It is essential to consider what function you want your facial moisturizer to perform when buying it.

For hydrating and rejuvenating moisturizers, products that contain peptides are a good option.

It is because they can aid in fighting wrinkles and helping the skin to maintain its elasticity.

Choose Face Creams According to Weather Conditions

Considering the weather and even the time of day – when choosing the best face cream for you – is essential.

For example, using a high SPF cream in cloudy weather or at night is not good.

Face Cream for sunny days

Similarly, using a thick moisturizer during the hot summer days is bound to leave you in a sweaty mess.

Therefore, it is best to select your face creams according to the various weather conditions:

Choose light facial lotions for hot weather days and medium to thick consistency face creams for cold and humid days.

Know What’s In Your Face Cream

One of the most powerful features of facial lotions and creams is the active ingredients they contain.

When selecting the most suitable lotion for your face, you also need to consider what you want it to achieve and if the compounds can perform that function.

If you seek anti-aging effects, face creams high in collagen and hyaluronic acids are the best available option.

Face Cream ingredient

Vitamin E and C work for maintaining and creating a healthy glow on your skin.

Conclusively, when choosing the best face cream for you, ensure you cover both morning and evening skincare routines.

All-day moisturizers are a great idea, according to how and where you spend your time.

Again, if most of your days are spent in the sun, getting a face moisturizer with high SPF is a good idea.

Finally, always check the face cream’s active ingredients and go for hypoallergenic compounds to avoid potential adverse reactions.

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