How to Dress Acubi Style? 4 Outfits to Fashion Korean Y2K Minimalism

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The Acubi style is a unique fashion trend characterized by a subversive take on basic garments adorned with edgy patterns from cut-outs, mesh, and creative layering.

As a way of dressing, Acubi emerged from Korea in the 2020s as TikTok style influencers began wearing trending looks from the Korean brand Acubi Club.

Acubi style

Relevant Acubi outfits combine garments, footwear, and accessories depicting iconic styles from previous eras, like Y2K, Minimalism, Cyber Fairy Grunge, and Subversive fashion aesthetics.

Time to explore 4 Acubi style outfit ideas, representative of the Korean aesthetic for their emphasis on muted greens, grey, beige, light browns, and streamlined shapes.

1. Casual Acubi

Casual Acubi style

As the name of this look suggests, Acubi Casual is relaxed yet thoughtfully layered to create a trendy look.

Starting with a plain white T-shirt, we’ve added a strapless, tailored denim bustier top, introducing a playful yet sophisticated layer.

Denim pants are one of the key pieces: simple clothing that adheres to the minimalist aspect of Acubi, while the pockets add a subversive twist.

Acubi Style Cargo Pants

Cargo Utility Pant Grey Extreme Pocket Cargo Pant

To accessorize, a simple bucket hat and a multi-pocket denim bag maintain the outfit’s utilitarian chic.

Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk in bucket hats

Packable Bucket Hat V Brimmer Bucket Hat 01

Finally, the white Fila Heroic sneakers are the ideal finish, offering a nod to the Y2K influence with a modern edge.

This look is a great starting point for a young woman exploring the Acubi trend: it’s stylish, comfortable, and versatile enough for various casual occasions.

2. Cute Acubi

Cute Acubi Outfit

Start your Cute Acubi look by layering two tops – a white stretch fabric cropped cami top and a Free People long-sleeve, front-open cropped top from sheer or lace fabric, to create depth and contrast.

Accentuate the waist with a Diesel or Guess silver bucket leather belt with studded details, a distinctive buckle, and a light wash denim pleated mini skirt from Levi’s or Hollister.

Maureen Wroblewitz and Rei Germar in denim pleated miniskirt

Pleated Denim Mini Skirt Cracked Faux Leather Pleated Mini Skirt

Include distressed and ripped denim leg warmers to match the skirt and create a Grunge vibe denim-on-denim look, and signature Y2K platform block heel ankle boots from Nine West.

Chase Marie Wise and Bibi-Jane del Rosario in denim legwarmers

 Fashionable Strappy & Zippered Jean Leggings Grunge Punk Belt Decor Leg Warmers

Accessorize with a leather stone necklace and a pair of over-ear Sony headphones to balance the toughness of the belt and boots while adding a touch of quirkiness.

3. Cyber Acubi

Cyber Acubi Style

The Cyber Acubi look is a chic and edgy take on the classic Acubi style but with a cyberpunk twist.

Start with a clean and simple white cropped top from Notawear, a Korean fashion staple, which is both trendy and versatile.

Layering it with white arm sleeves adds an unexpected and modern touch.

The centerpiece is the leather zip-front midi skirt featuring a grid check pattern that gives off a cool, geometric vibe of the Y2K aesthetic while adhering to the minimalist ethos.

acubi grey midi skirt

box pleated midi skirt with high split in gray  Vintage genderless distressed twill pleated skirt

The leather silver bucket name belt cinches at the waist for an added edge.

Accessories are key: a silver and leather choker and black square Gentle Monster retro sunglasses elevate the ensemble, giving it a futuristic look.

Zoë Kravitz and Kourtney Kardashian in tiny sunglasses

The Chaos Vault Star Decor Sunglasses The Lucid Blur Sunglasses

We finish the outfit with black leather mid-calf boots that are stylish and practical for city walking.

This look is perfect for a concert, an art event, or any urban nighttime activity where fashion-forward is the dress code.

It’s about combining sleek pieces with bold accessories to capture the Acubi style’s essence with a personal twist that makes it uniquely yours.

4. Military Acubi

Military Acubi style

The Military Acubi style combines the practical appeal of military wear with the modern and minimalist aesthetic of Acubi.

Here, we have a black cropped top that serves as a sleek base layer; this is a staple in Acubi dressing as it pairs well with various looks.

acubi grey sweater example

Terry Solid Drawstring Hoodie V-neck Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Over the cropped top, we introduce an oversized cropped sweater in grey (or any other dark color), adding a layer of warmth and texture while exposing the midriff.

The grey oversized cargo pants are quintessentially military-inspired with their functional pockets and loose fit, making a fashion-forward statement while offering practicality.

acubi cargo pants example

Cargo Drawstring Straight Leg Pants Cargo Knotted Straight Leg Drawstring Pants

To accessorize, we’ve chosen a grey knit beanie that complements the sweater and brings an urban edge to the ensemble.

The look is completed with a pair of black chunky combat boots, which underscore the military influence and add to the outfit’s overall edginess.

The look is ideal for casual outings, creative workspaces, or any outdoor setting where a bit of an edge is appreciated.

Styling Tips

  • Acubi fashion style focuses on a neutral color palette, minimalist styles, and high-quality pieces to create a versatile capsule wardrobe.
  • Shared and inspired through social media platforms, the Acubi fashion trend encourages personal styles to shine through simple clothing choices, from baggy essentials to crisp crop tops.
  • Acubi is about curating an outfit that balances neutral tones and the absence of busy patterns with playful and edgy designs.
  • For a unique look, try similar statement pieces such as denim skirts, sheer outerwear,  minimalist silver jewelry, and over-ear headphones that stand out against Acubi’s muted tones.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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