17 Best Adaptive Clothing Brands & Online Stores For All Needs (In 2022)

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The Ultimate Adaptive Clothing Shopping Guide

Not just people with disabilities but the elderly as well benefit significantly from adaptive clothing designed with specific needs in mind.

As such, adaptive garments are designed for people with diverse needs in a wide range of styles and functionalities.

In the past, adaptive clothing brands focused on creating innovative garments that made life easier for the wearer.

In recent years, adaptive clothing designers have started to focus on styles, seeking to match the wearers’ personalities.

Nowadays, adaptive clothing with assistive technology enables people to wear the latest trends while enjoying the benefits of functional design.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 17 best adaptive clothing brands on the market and the stores where you can order them right now.

Adaptive Clothing Examples

Adaptive garments are designed with users’ needs and convenience in mind.

Here are some great examples of adaptive clothing available right now:

  • Skirts, pants, shirts, dresses, with magnetic closures instead of buttons.
  • Self-lacing shoes, and even shoes with Velcro closures.
  • Pants with back support and lower cut at the front provide support and comfort to wheelchair users.
  • Orthotic-ready shoes, Pica clothing.
  • Easy access apparel, dedicated to users connected to medical equipment such as G-tubes and oxygen lines.
  • Smart clothes and smart-sensors clothing items.
  • Reversible clothes: frontward to backward, inside and out.

17 Best Places To Buy Adaptive Clothing From

It’ll take some time for the fashion industry to become fully inclusive and see all designers creating adaptive clothing.

Yet, some fantastic online stores are creating and stocking trendy adaptive clothing options right now.

These designers and stores create adaptive clothing for a wide range of needs, from adaptive pants and footwear to shirts and adaptive clothing for wheelchair users.

Without further ado, these are the 17 best adaptive clothing brands in 2021-2022.

Kohl’s Adaptive Clothing

Best Affordable Adaptive Clothing
from $5.40

Kohl's Adaptive Clothing


“Ideal for Adaptive Abdominal Access and Diaper Friendly garments for kids, you can find plenty of new adaptive clothing styles from in-store guest brands such as Jumping Beans, SO, and Sonoma.”

Shop at KOHL’S

People with disabilities have long endured the struggle to zip, button, tie and snap apparel so that they can start the day.

Kohl’s adaptive clothing holds some of the finest innovations in assistive technology, allowing disabled people with special needs to sport the latest fashion styles.

Tommy Hilfiger

Best Stylish & Fashionable Adaptive Clothing
from $17.99

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing


“One of the earliest designer labels to create high-end adaptive apparel, Tommy Hilfiger comes highly recommended for those who want a dash of luxury added to their clothes.”

Shop at TOMMY

Shop at AMAZON

For a long time, the fashion industry left people with disabilities behind.

The few clothing options available were shapeless, drab, and closer to hospital garb than anything that could come off the London runway.

“There’s always been this stereotype that we can’t take care of ourselves so can’t be fashionable,”

says Chelsie Hill, a 28-year-old dancer, and model who’s using a wheelchair after suffering a spinal cord injury that left her paraplegic at the age of 17.

One of the first designer labels to create fashionable clothes for people with special needs was Tomy Hilfiger.

The brand’s adjustable hem, featured in the Tommy Adaptive Straight Fit Jean, can be raised to four inches to accommodate someone in a wheelchair or donning prosthetic limbs.

Tommy Hilfiger continues to push for more mainstream brands to tap into the $490 billion that people with disabilities report having in disposable income every year.


Best Senior’s Adaptive Clothing
from $9.28

Silverts Senior’s Adaptive Clothing


“Ideal for seniors with physical disabilities, wheelchair users, elderly with limited mobility, and the infirm who may have difficulty dressing without assistance can benefit from adaptive wear.”

Shop at AMAZON

Silverts has a professional and stylish line of adaptive clothing that stays true to the brand’s innovative look.

The traditional sewn-on buttons are replaced by hidden magnetic clasps behind the placket for easy on and off.

Silvert’s adaptive clothing line is for individuals who need struggle-free and pain-free dressing options- available in various styles with magnets and Velcro closures.

Above all, Silvert’s adaptive clothing line includes several options for seniors, men, women, and children alike.


Best Plus Size Adaptive Clothing
from $6.79

JCPenny plus size adaptive clothing


“Huge offering of plus-size adaptive clothing for all genders, ages, and tastes. Affordable adaptive clothes with magnetic buttons, flat seams, and loop closures at excellent prices.”


JCPenney was founded in 1902 with one simple rule – to treat others as we would like to be treated.

As one of the U.S.’ most prominent apparel, home, jewelry, and beauty merchandise retailers, JCPenney has a portfolio of quality and premium value brands.

Many JCPenny brands like Liz Claiborne, Stafford, okie dokie, and Worthington are so well known that customers don’t realize they are exclusive to JCPenney!

Jumping Beans

Best Adaptive Clothing For Kids
from $10.50

Jumping Beans adaptive clothing for kids


“With a comprehensive offering of sensory-friendly clothing, Jumping Bean’s magnetic offerings can withstand repeated cycles in the washer and dryer and still come out strong.”

Shop at KOHL’S

Jumping Beans sells adaptive clothing for kids and babies as well as juniors and young men.

The clothing brand is available as part of a trio of private labels providing clothing for people as part of Kohl: Jumping Beans, SO, and Urban Pipeline.

From kids winter coats to underwear, Jumping Beans has the best adaptive clothing collection for girls and boys.

The brand has put together a team of experts in adaptive design for the disability community to ensure clothing meets the challenges and needs of both wearers and caregivers.


Best Women’s Adaptive Clothing
from $49

Yarrow Women's Adaptive Clothing


“Named after the ancient herb possessing healing and calming properties, Yarrow’s versatile offerings include dresses, cardigans, jeans, and blouses geared towards fashion-forward women.”


Yarrow‘s clothing style is minimal in nature and designed for people interested in building their own adaptive clothing capsule wardrobe.

Yarrow’s graceful draping is perfect for layering, made for all body types.

Also, the brand’s patented magnetic technology is durable and easy to use on an everyday basis.

Slick Chicks

Best Adaptive Underwear
from $26

Slick Chicks Adaptive Underwear


“Slick Chick’s line of side-fastening panties for women is anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and available in various chic modern styles.”

Shop at AE

Slick Chicks is a personal care line of women’s underwear designed by American Eagle, after the brand expanded its offerings (in early 2020) to include clothing for people with disabilities.

The brand is stylish and innovative; Slick Chick has a patented hook and eye fastener for undergarments easy to take on or offer, whether sitting, standing, or laying down.

Slick Chicks pieces come with side fasteners that allow easier access for people who spend lots of time seated and those who rely on someone for assistance.

Lands End Adaptive

Best Adaptive Clothing Men
from $19.95

Lands End Adaptive Clothing


“With comfier, softer, and more robust fabrics made into versatile layers to work for you, Lands’ End makes “Sunday comfort” part of your everyday activity.”


Being comfortable is a just-right fit that makes you feel great with your look.

Comfortable is in every winter coat, pair of boots, or turtleneck, keeping you warm and dry in the worst elements.

Being comfortable is U.P.F. 50 protection that keeps you safe from the sun’s harmful rays and planning more beach days.

Being comfortable exists at Lands’ End for everyone, everywhere, and with every wear.


Best Adaptive Activewear
from $38.25

ReboundWear Adaptive Activewear


“Reboundwear is ideal for people with a range of motion required in the hospital, physical therapy appointments, or even the office.”

Shop at AMAZON

Specializing in designs for post-operative care, Reboundwear’s line of adaptive clothing enables easy dressing despite post-surgery discomfort and pain.

Being at core an athleisure and activewear brand, Reboundwear’s super soft fabric is easy to take on and off with easy zipper placement and accessible pockets.

Whether you’re looking for super functional leggings, short sleeve tops, non-skid ankle socks, or a hoodie, Reboundwear combines both style and quality.

Buck & Buck

Best Adaptive Clothing For Elderly
from $25

Buck & Buck adaptive clothing for elderly


“Buck and Buck’s adaptive garments are designed with accessibility for the user and caretaker alike, with bright prints and comfy styles.”

Shop at BUCK & BUCK

Buck & Buck sells adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for women and men at home and in care centers.

The site allows customers to shop by needs, according to their motor skills or as directed by their healthcare professionals.

The brand’s slogan is “we make dressing easier,” and reviewers agree; most customers say that these clothes suit their needs while loving the brand’s responsive customer service.

Most items are manufactured in the U.S. Custom alterations, free labeling, and free hemming are available.

IZ Adaptive

Best Adaptive Clothing for Wheelchair
from $35

IZ Adaptive clothing


“I.Z. Adaptive is an excellent source of women’s, men’s, and unisex adaptive apparel styles with flattened seams, one-handed zippers, and arm warmers.”

Shop at IZ

Izzy Camilleri, the brand founder, creates popular products such as high-fashion tops, bottoms, and coats for both seated and standing frames.

I.Z. Adaptive seeks input for their designs from individuals with disabilities and features them as models in their campaigns, including The Perfect Fit.

Seven7 Adaptive

Best Adaptive Jeans
from $34.50

Seven7 Adaptive Jeans


“Seven7’s Able line comprises adaptive denim and casual wear designed to make dressing easier and faster for people with disabilities, outside nursing homes, and hospice care.”

Shop at 7JEANS

Shop at AMAZON

Stylish pants are some of the most challenging clothing items to find for people with mobility-related disabilities.

Designed with lower pockets and fewer seams to not bunch up while the person stays seated, Seven7 adaptive pants come in formless shapes and colors that satisfy any taste.

Women’s styles include:

  • High-risk slim ankle jeans for women.
  • Adaptive tummy-less seated jeans.
  • Pull-on seated pants with zippers.

Men’s options include medical care seated jogger jeans and jeans with cargo pockets in various styles.

Aerie Adaptive

Best Adaptive Clothing Accessories
from $9.95

Aerie Adaptive Clothing


“Aerie’s adaptive clothing is stylish and affordable, meeting a wide range of adaptive needs, born out of the growing realization that there are so many body-specific apparel needs.”

Shop at AE

Six years ago, retailer Aerie committed to stopping airbrushing its models.

Since then, the brand has worked to make its roster of models inclusive, showing different body types, different races, skin “imperfections,” models in wheelchairs, and women with chronic illness and who use an ostomy and arm crutches

But now, Aerie has gone a step further and is offering adaptive clothing and accessories that support all kinds of medical devices.

Part of American Eagle, Aerie Adaptive line including sleeves, waistbands, ostomy covers, insulin pump belts, and cath clips.

Billy Shoes

Best Adaptive Shoes
from $45

Billy Adaptive Shoes


“Billy sneakers zip around the front, so you can place your foot into them without having to slide them on.”

Shop at ZAPPOS

Shop at AMAZON

BILLY Footwear sells adaptive shoes for toddlers, kids, women, and men.

The brand was launched after co-founder Billy Price had an accidental fall that resulted in paralysis from the chest down.

Vested in finding ways to get dressed more easily, Billy joined forces with friend Darin Donaldson and developed a unique FlipTop Technology for zipper shoes.

The brand has a wide range of colors and styles for men, women, and children with disabilities.


Best Adaptive Sneakers
from $79.97

Nike Adaptive Sneakers


“Nike is one of the first athleisure companies to make lace-free shoes a cultural movement, thanks to their innovative sneaker boots and HyperAdapt lines.”

Shop at NIKE

Apart from the HyperAdapt line dedicated to streetwear, Nike sells the FlyEase line of athletic shoes and medical wear for kids, women, and men.

FlyEase shoes include at least two of three features: accessible open and easy close, step in the heel, and adjustability for different foot shapes and sizes.

The lace-free, FlyEase closure system has an easy wraparound zipper with a hook-and-loop strap which allows a secure fit with one motion.

Zappos Adaptive

Best Adaptive Clothing For Special Needs
from $7.50

Zappos adaptive clothing collection


“Zappos has an advisory council in charge of the marketplace’s offering of adaptive clothing lines and selecting the best adaptive shoes, seated wear, medical wear, intimates, sensory-friendly, and more.”

Shop at ZAPPOS

Zappos is a giant online store that stocks adaptive clothing for kids, women, and men.

The store features fashionable and functional clothing from various adaptive clothing brands.

Zappos sells certain styles and adaptive options individually, so if you require different sized shoes because of orthotics or you need only one shoe, Zappos has you covered.

SpecialKids Company

Best Sensory Friendly Adaptive Clothing
from $26

specialkids.company adaptive clothing for kids


“Special Kids Company has the most extensive range of styles for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers, from all adaptive clothing companies on this list.”

Shop at AMAZON

Made without tags and hidden fasteners, the articles of clothing from the SpecialKids Company are designed with sensory sensitivities in mind.

In addition to sensory-friendly clothing items, this brand has excellent accessories like chewies, fidget devices, and bibs.

An excellent brand for distinctive smart adaptive clothing for kids with sensory sensitivity requiring (Velcro-like) closures, adjustable pant hems, snap pants, and similar adaptive apparel options.

Adaptive Clothing FAQs

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is custom-made apparel designed to improve the lives of people who experience difficulty dressing.

Adaptive clothing is designed to cater to a wide range of people and needs: men, women, children, seniors, people with disabilities, wheelchair users, and even people with autism.

Adaptive clothing makes it easier to get dressed, wear, and care for people with special needs.

Thanks to adaptive clothing, people with disabilities enjoy similar levels of independence, mobility, and freedom associated with traditional clothes.

And, with more designers hopping aboard the functional clothing trend, future adaptive clothing will also have stylish looks, leading to greater support and levels of confidence.

Adaptive garments simplify the dressing-up process by reducing the need for unnecessary (and painful) movements: lifting arms, lifting the seat, legs, and so on.

For example, an adaptive shirt can be put on from the front and save the wearer from lifting their arms.

Who can benefit from adaptive clothing?

People with physical disabilities, wheelchair users, elderly with limited mobility, people with various mental disabilities, infirm with limited physical mobility, and anyone who has difficulties dressing without assistance.

Why do people with disabilities need special clothing?

Adaptive clothing makes dressing easier, improves comfort, and promotes independence for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

For example, in the case of people suffering from incontinence, adaptive wear can be removed quickly, easily, and discreetly.

The Future Of Adaptive Clothing

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates more than one in four adults in the U.S. (26 percent) live with “some disability, discussions around inclusivity in fashion continue to heat up.

According to fashion platform Lyst, searches for adaptive clothing increased by 86 percent in 2020.

Major clothing brands like American Eagle, Target, UGG, and Tommy Hilfiger have reacted by launching dedicated adaptive clothing lines.

Adaptive clothing combines adjustable, accessible, and functional apparel for people with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.

However, the last years of developments showcase more brands’ desire to give adaptive clothing a stylish edge.

People with disabilities are increasingly showcased at significant events and red carpets.

Similarly, a non-profit organization that works to create “a future of inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities, such as Runway of Dreams, is on the rise.

Mindy Scheier created Runway of Dreams after her son, who has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, wanted to wear jeans to school but couldn’t find styles without challenging buttons or zippers.

Mindy used her background in design to create a pair of adaptive jeans for him and saw his confidence skyrocket.

Mindy emphasizes the importance of designers working with disabled people and creating adaptive clothing.

According to her, adaptive clothing helps not only customers but the companies as well:

“Nearly $3 trillion is left on the table by not including people with disabilities,” she explains.

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    The name is MAI We Care (www.maiwecare.com) and is a caring and beautiful brand, perfect for post shoulder surgery, dialysis, chemotherapy and for most disabled to help dress with ease.

    Highly recommend including on the adaptive clothing list to look out for this year!


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