Benedict Cumberbatch Owned This Year’s Met Gala

Benedict Cumberbatch owned this year’s Met Gala with his exquisite fashion style.

Loved for his roles in Marvel’s Universe as ‘Doctor Strange’ and the super-smart detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’, the British actor wore a superb bamboo suit and a peace silk shirt at this year’s edition of Met Gala.

Met Gala is a star-studded event organised by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City every year.

The ultimate reasons for the event, apart from giving global media stars and influencers a platform to showcase their latest looks, it to raise funds for the museum’s ‘Costume Institute’.💃

While the Met Gala is not a vegan event, at this year’s event we’ve seen the number of vegan outfits rising.

Moreover, some of the vegan suits we’ve seen certainly managed to stand out, however, for different reasons.

Benedict Cumberbatch – How To Rock The Met Gala

Vegan Benedict Cumberbatch at Met Gala 2019

For example, the singer Miley Cyrus and her partner Liam Hemsworth – Chris Hemsworth’s brother aka Thor from Avenger’s crew – turned in with beautiful vegan outfits completed with cruelty-free shoes.

On the other side of the ‘vegan fashion spectrum’ was the singer Katy Perry. Katy’s choice for a vegan burger looking-like costume had all of us a bit confused. Were we supposed to applaud Katy’s vegan burger outfit or to laugh at it?

But the most stylish choice for a vegan outfit came the movie director Sophie Hunter, and her husband, the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

The couple looked great straight from the entrance, but finding out their extreme care for the outfit choice made them look absolutely stunning in our eyes!

Benedict Cumberbatch – Peace Silk And Bamboo Fibre

Vegan Benedict Cumberbatch with bamboo suit and vegan shoes at Met Gala 2019

According to Joe Woolfe @joewoolfe, Benedict’s fashion stylist of over ten years, the couple reflected for weeks on the right choice for materials, and the designs of their eye-catching vegan outfits.

“As Benedict is vegan, there were not a lot of fabrics I could use. Together, we’ve spent quite a lot of time planning, designing, and testing.

Finally, we’ve settled for an amazing British bamboo fabric procured from a company in Huddersfield,” the brilliant stylist and tailor added.

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To match his elegant bamboo suit, the British actor went for an immaculate white shirt made from cruelty-free silk.

Silk is a highly prized material extracted by boiling the silkworms alive in their cocoons, therefore in a very cruel manner.🦋🤗

Some argue that worms are not animals so there is no consciousness there, therefore, it shouldn’t matter.

However, that reason is not good enough for Benedict, especially now in modern times where there are so many possible alternatives.

Going Vegan Is Easy Nowadays

Vegan Benedict Cumberbatch at Met Gala 2019

Furthermore, Woolfe went to explain that the world of fashion is moving fast and right now, more than ever there are several alternatives to cruel methods.  He went on saying:

“If you, as a fashion designer, take the time to do your research on available cruelty-free alternative materials, you’ll surely find them.”

When Benedict mentioned that he wants an entirely cruelty-free outfit, we had to do it.

“To make sure we don’t compromise on quality, we’ve chosen peace silk for Benedict’s shirt, extracted without killing the worms. Just like the suit, the shirt is also cruelty-free and fully sustainable.”

Benedict’s bamboo suit was beautifully accessorised with:

An Emma Willis ivory silk ‘Riding Stock Tie Shirt’, matched with ivory silk ‘Fringed Evening Scarf’, both designed and made from pace silk at the label’s workrooms in Gloucester.

A bespoke Montecristi Panama hat from Lock & Co, hand weaved in Ecuador from natural toquilla palm.

A Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, the actor’s favourite brand, with a metallic wrist band.

And, a beautiful pair of vegan slippers from Stubbs & Wootton made from ‘sea-island’ sustainable cotton velvet.

Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrity Of The Year

Vegan Benedict Cumberbatch at Met Gala 2019

Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife have removed animal products from their diets and fashion choices, back in 2014.

The couple is proving that being kind to animals and the environment does not dent a bit your on-stage skills, or your celebrity status.

Even more, the world’s number one organisation marching for animal rights, PETA, has crowned the British actor, together with the American film director Ava DuVernay, “The Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of the Year.”

Thank you, Benedict, for showing the world that ‘cruelty-free’ is the ultimate luxury.😍🐶

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