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Boho style – short for Bohemian – depicts a unique way of dressing, blending aesthetics and patterns from the free-spirited beatnik and hippie subgroups of the 1960s and the Victorian era.

Comprised of distressed clothes of indigenous and ethnic patterns in earthy colors, the Boho fashion style attire aims to embody social non-conformity and artistic creativity.

The Boho style incorporates textured materials like fringes, crochet, and lace layers of clothing, jewelry, and accessories made from recycled, handmade, or vintage materials.

1. Maxi Dresses

Flowy dresses depict classic Bohemian aesthetics like bell sleeves, paisley, and floral patterns.

Combine with strappy sandals (in the summer) or ankle boots (in the winter), and layer them with a chunky knitted cardigan in ethnic patterns in the evening.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Reformation, Fillyboo.

Free People Boho Maxi Dress reformation Boho Maxi Dress

2. Maxi Skirts

Gypsy-style maxi skirts are made from natural materials like cotton and linen and are in earthy colors. Combine with sandals or hippie-style footwear and accessories.

Recommended Brands: Faithfull The Brand, Farm Rio.

Faithfull The Brand Maxi Skirt Farm Rio Maxi Skirt

3. Crochet Cropped Tops

Combine crochet cropped tops with knitted cardigans on cool evenings and match them with frayed leather bags.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Cider, Farm Rio.

Free People Cropped Top Cider Crochet Top

4. Harem Pants

Garem or dhoti pants in ethnic patterns and from natural, lightweight materials. Pair them with tank tops, scarves, and head accessories.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Cider.

Free People Harem Pants Cider Harem Pants

5. Embroidered or Patterned Flared Jeans

Lightly distressed flared jeans with frays and patchwork are vital garments of any modern boho fashion style.

For a perfect boho-chic look, wear them with vintage tees, plain shirts, and tunics accessorized with scarves and vests.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Wrangler.

Free People Embroidered Flared Jeans Wranger Flared Jeans

6. Paisley Pattern Peasant Blouses

Peasant blouses with Paisley patterns are ideal for constructing a bohemian look.

Wear them with dark-colored flared jeans and distressed ankle boots for a unique bohemian makeover.

Recommended Brands: Cleobella, Lovestitch.

Cleobella Paisley Pattern Top Love Stitch Paisley Pattern Peasant Blouse

7. Slouchy Cardigans

Slouchy oversized cardigans are ideal for layering in the winter over knitted jumpers and floral dresses in cold summer sunsets.

Slouchy cardigans match well with flared jeans, floaty tops, and floor-length dresses.

Recommended Brands: Farm Rio, Free People, Anthropologie.

Free People Slouchy Cardigans Farm Rio Slouchy Cardigans

8. Poncho, Shawls, and Wraps

Poncho, shawls, and wraps in Aztec, Paisley, and other ethnic patterns are also ideal Boho-chic style garments you’d want in your wardrobe for the cooler seasons.

Ponchos pair well with ankle boots and fedora hats.

Recommended Brands: Lovestitch, Free People, Anthropologie.

Free People Poncho Lovestitch Poncho

9. Ankle Boots

Leather ankle boots are the perfect match for ponchos and fringed leather handbags.

Ankle boots with straps, lace detail, and embroidery are the ideal boho footwear.

For a more dramatic look, wear knee-high boots or patchwork pumps.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Anthropologie.

Free People Bohemian Ankle Boots Anthropologie Bohemian Ankle Boots

10. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals, particularly those with pom-poms, are ideal for creating a mystic boho-chic vibe.

Knee-length sandals go well with bohemian dresses and skirts, while ankle-length sandals match better with kurtis, ankle-length jeans, and long skirts.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Boden.

Free People Gladiator Sandals Boden Gladiator Sandals

11. Layered Beads

Layered wooden brands and other handcrafted accessories from natural materials such as leather are essential to any classic boho look.

Recommended Brands: Free People, Oliver Bonas.

Oliver Bonas Layered Beads Neklace Free People Layered Beads Neklace

12. Bandanas and Floral Hairbands

Bandanas are hippie accessories that have found their way into Boho-chic fashion.

Recommended Brands: Cider, Free People.

Free People Bohemian Headband Cider Bohemian Headband

13. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses are a great way to confer your Bohemian look a modern feel.

Recommended Brands: Oliver Bonas, Free People.

Free People Hoop Earings Oliver Bonas Hoop Earrings

14. Afghani Kutches and Carpet Bags

Several types of handbags work with the Bohemian style, but Afghani Kutch bags and oversized leather wallets with distressed edges in crimson or brown are the best.

Recommended Brands: Cleobella, Free People.

Cleobella Afghani Kutch Bag Free People Carpet Bag

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  1. Pairing ponchos with ankle boots and fedora hats sounds like the ultimate Boho-chic ensemble! It’s such a versatile look that can easily transition from day to night, adding that cozy yet trendy touch to any occasion.


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