What Is Boho Style? Ultimate Guide For A Modern Boho-Chic Look (2022)

20 Easy Tips To Achieve A Chic Bohemian Style

Boho style sits at the confluence of modern with unconventional.

It is often associated with hippie fashion and cottagecore aesthetic.

The boho-chic style has something for everyone; signature retro cuts, vaporous layers, mismatched patterns, casual vintage, and even floral dresses with pockets.

Moreover, most modern bohemian trends feature ensembles of classic boho-chic coupled with contemporary stylistic rejuvenations.

Highly individualistic, in a wide range of color palettes, thrift-friendly, and with an overall laid-back feel, bohemian fashion has always appealed to the free-spirited.

So if you’re after comfy, elegant, and colorful layers and patterns to represent you, the bohemian style is an absolute must.

Below you’ll find a curation of the 20 most relevant boho design aesthetics needed to put together your bohemian look.

Time we dive into the top 20 beautifully bohemian design fashions and styles to compliment your look.


Anthropologie, Elliatt, Free People

Relaxed Fit Boho Style
Relaxed Fit Boho Style (thevou.com)

Hand in hand with the hippy lifestyle, relaxed fits are a staple feature of the modern bohemian style.

Look for flowing, cozy garments that lend themselves to comfort and ease to create a rare, eclectic style.

The style incorporates less restrictive pieces with off-the-shoulder necklines, indulging in comfortable clothing that compliments your unique brand of individualism.

The best places for loose-fit bohemian staples are brands like free people and stores like Anthropologie.


Kivari, Salty Crush, Stone Cold Fox

Patterned Boho Style Clothing
Patterned Boho Style Clothing (thevou.com)

A crucial part of 19th-century fashion, the 1970s bohemian style embraced clashing and complementary patterns with bold enthusiasm.

The style influenced many popular trends of 80s fashion and 90s fashion.

Along with adventurous pattern combinations, small print florals continue to be a staple in any bohemian wardrobe.


Arnhem Clothing, Cleobella, Lovestitch

Bohemian Colors For Boho Style
Bohemian Colors (thevou.com)

One of the appeals of bohemian fashion is the vast array of color choices.

With a variety to suit any color palette, you’ll find warm and cool hues, neutrals, pastels, and rich jewel tones in a harmonious assemblage.

Look to incorporate colors in the same family, such as multiple shades of complimentary brown or blue that can be mixed and layered with ease.

Avoid neons or highly saturated colors, focusing on a collection that allows for flexibility with shades that flatter each other.


Reformation, Spell Designs

Boho Style Peasant Tops
Boho Style Peasant Tops (thevou.com)

Another essential in your personal style bohemian wardrobe is the classic and iconic peasant top.

These fun and comfy shirts feature a wide neck, short and puffy or long sleeves, smocking at the neck, waist, and cuffs.

A favorite for informal apparel, these cute and easy tops are versatile enough to match with almost any choice of bottoms, creating an outfit sure to be a popular ensemble.


Abercrombie, Citizens Of Humanity, Joe’s

Boho Style Flared Jeans
Boho Style Flared Jeans (thevou.com)

Flared hippie jeans took the fashion world by storm in 1970s fashion.

Likewise, the quintessential flared sensations have perpetuated contemporary bohemian fashion.

Flared jeans come in endless options of washes, patterns, and colors to fill your retro dream closet.

These jeans for women pair well with fitted tops and leather accessories.


For Love & Lemons, Chio

Boho Style Sashay Skirts & Maxi Dresses
Boho Style Sashay Skirts & Maxi Dresses (thevou.com)

Seeing Sienna Miller’s boho-luxe looks, it is easy to fall for flowing skirts or maxi dresses draped in floral patterns, ruffles and flounces.

Luckily, bohemian fashion has this style too – in either mix of colors with boho elements or earthy tones like those found in vintage fashion.

Perfect for any season, wear with layers to keep warm in the cooler months or go simple while soaking in the warm summer rays; these airy raiments are a no-brainer.


Max Studio, JWLA, Fanm Mon

Boho Style Clothing With Embroidered Accents
Boho Style Clothing With Embroidered Accents (thevou.com)

Bohemian culture fashion seamlessly incorporated handcrafts in the 1970s fashion.

Embroidered accents bring a distinct feel of rarity to your chosen pieces.

Find options from top brands, or thrift your way to embroidered bliss with second-hand stores.

Either way, embroidery is a splendid addition to any bohemian accouterment.


Kendra Scott, Lonna & Lilly, Lucky Brand

Boho Style Bohemian Jewelry
Bohemian Jewelry (thevou.com)

Jewelry can be understated and minimalistic or overstated and gregarious, with layers or simple chains.

Antique and turquoise remain the backbone elements of bohemian jewelry, with modern trends embracing various styles.

Find what appeals to you: chunky and colorful, handcrafted fringe earrings and pendants, or go classic boho-chic with antique turquoise.

The key is to find your uniqueness and individuality with pieces that suit your particular style.


Cult Gaia, Farm Rio, Pacsun

Boho Style Crochet
Boho Style Crochet (thevou.com)

Besides embroidered accents, crocheted clothing and accessories are a divine feature in bohemian fashion.

Original bohemians blended crochets in various color schemes in their hippie-style bohemian outfits up to the 20th century.

From crochet bags to tops, headdresses, and jewelry, these beautiful statement pieces go right along with the free-spirited feel of the boho style.


Blanknyc, Rebecca Minkoff, River Island

Boho Style Fringed Bags & Jackets
Boho Style Fringed Bags & Jackets (thevou.com)

A gorgeous leather fringe is a box to check on your boho style list.

Fringed bags and jackets, in particular, fit the hippie bill, and bold color is recommended, such as hot pink, mustard yellow, and even chocolate brown.

Find them at vintage clothing stores, your local flea market, or online thrift stores; fringed bags are ideal for giving your assembled getup that extra boho vibe.


Jeffrey Campbell, Natural Life 

Boho Wooden Accessories
Boho Wooden Accessories (thevou.com)

Incorporating the natural elements into everything and anything is a trademark of the bohemian atmosphere.

Wooden accents on accessories are a great way to achieve this look.

Chunky shoes and jewelry sporting natural wood will bring that little extra something to your style and amp up that boho feel.


City Chic, Veronica Beard, Venus

Paisley Patterned Boho Clothing
Paisley Patterned Boho Style Clothing (thevou.com)

Bohemian style can’t be mentioned without picturing the teardrop-shaped paisley, a la Kate Moss.

Bountiful in gypsy textiles, the pattern brings a colorful swirl of delightful eclectic elements that can’t be forgotten.

Opt for paisley patterned dresses and skirts to achieve that effortless bohemian aesthetic and classic boho-chic look.


BED|STU, ASH, Sam Edelman

Boho Style Strapped Sandals
Boho Style Strapped Sandals (thevou.com)

A pillar of bohemian fashion, the Gladiator sandal remains an influential style mainstay, along with its strapped sandal siblings.

Vintage leather, gold-colored bohemian elements, natural fibers, and gladiator sandals are the dream accessories for a perfect bohemian summer.

Peeking from under a flouncy skirt or paired with a floral romper, these classic bohemian staples will confer your overall look with rare artistic vibes.


Bruenello Cucinelli, Urban Outfitter

Colorful Boho Style Scarves
Colorful Boho Style Scarves (thevou.com)

Adding scarves to your boho outfit and selecting bohemian fashion is as bright as it gets.

This versatile piece is often used as a headband or belt to expand your boho-chic vibe.

Choose bright colors to add a little oomph, or elect for neutrals and earth tones if you prefer an understated look.


ba&sh, Karen Kane

Boho Style Oversized Tunics
Boho Style Oversized Tunics (thevou.com)

Again adopting the peasant style, oversized tunics of creams, patterns, or embroidered accents create a great base of layers.

Tunics embody the non-restrictive elements of bohemian culture, a salute to self-expression through the decades.

From all wardrobe essentials required to put together a solid boho aesthetic, oversized tunics are a must-have.


Rag & Bone, J.Crew, Cuyana, Janessa Leone

Boho Style Broad Brimmed Hats
Boho Style Brimmed Hats (thevou.com)

This style isn’t just for cowboys. Broad-brimmed hats take a bold look to the bohemian style, often in earthy brown tones or natural straw.

Class, shade, and style, the broad-brimmed hat is a triple threat.

Regularly accented with bright feathers or a leather braid, this style brings a whole new level to an outfit.


Sea, French Connection, Doen

Boho Style Patchwork Patterns
Boho Style Patchwork Patterns (thevou.com)

One of the more recognizable aspects of the bohemian style is patchwork patterns in natural color palettes.

Pairing perfectly with the flowing, loose aspects of the style, patchwork patterns are a gorgeous addition to textile garments, bringing a splash of color and singular charm.

Patchwork patterns are also very relevant right now, in the 21st century, sported by Instagram’s and TikTok’s most famous boho babes.


Olivela, Frye, Crown Vintage 

Boho Shoes
Boho Shoes & Bohemian Boots (thevou.com)

A chunky heel, ankle, or thigh-high boot is an ever-present part of bohemian fashion.

Fringed or embroidered, natural fibers or leather, with any arrangement of colors and patterns incorporated, this style has much to offer in the shoe department. The choices are endless!

Harem Pants

One Tribe Apparel, Cider, Boho Pants

Boho Style Harem Pants
Boho Style Harem Pants (thevou.com)

Also called hippie pants, the style features loose, light fabric prized for comfort and breathability.

Available in a wide array of colors or embroidered accents, the style adapts flawlessly from a morning jog to an evening out and always promises delight.

Some of the most fabulous harem boho pieces include ethnic prints and blush tones, which are so relevant to the current boho culture.

Thrift Friendly Fashion

Vestiaire Collective, Luxury Garage Sale

Thrifted Bohemian Clothing
Thrifted Bohemian Clothing (thevou.com)

Who doesn’t love a fantastic thrift store find? Bohemian style thrives on secondhand fashion or small budget constraints.

Designer brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino pursued the hippy fashion trends with flowing jumpsuits, peasant tops, and harem pants galore.

These treasures are still found in many second-hand stores, waiting to be added to your chosen ensembles.


Cultivating your bohemian wardrobe will be anything but a chore.

Whenever unsure how to best create your unique boho fashion style, seek inspiration from celebrities such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Rachel Zoe, and Vanessa Hudgens.

With options in an ample variety of colors, fibers, patterns, and comfort, assembling a boho wardrobe is nothing short of delightful.

Keeping in mind that bohemian fashion stemmed from the pursuit of self-expression and nonconformity, be true to your rarity and find the pieces that please.

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