6 Mod Style Outfits for a Distinctive 60s Fashion Aesthetic

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Originating on the streets of London in the 60s, Mod style (short for modernist) is a way of dressing in Italian-inspired slim-cut suits matched with the iconic Vespa scooter as a symbol of youthful rebellion and love of the new and the now.

Mod fashion style

Inspired by the city’s music scene, art, and culture, the Mods’ message was clear: they were the style-makers, the new fashion kids, and the sharp-dressed visionaries of their generation.

Sporting shift dresses, Mary Quant mini skirts, fitted polo shirts, gogo boots, PVC parkas, and other garments with geometric silhouettes and graphic prints, the Mods were the style arbiters of their time.

Mod style outfit
Mod style outfits

Figures such as The Who’s Pete Townshend and model Twiggy come to mind when recalling the Mod era, each embodying the movement’s fashion-forward and music-centric spirit.

Twiggy Mod fashion style

By offering a blend of sophistication and coolness that transcends time, the Mod style is more relevant than ever, and these 6 outfit ideas will provide you with a roadmap to embody the Mod spirit in today’s fashion landscape.

1. Mod-Chic

Chic Mod style outfit

Solid Color Button Front Loose Fit Dress Black Friday Ladies' Pointed Toe Over The Knee Fashion Boots With Suede, Ruffles & Stiletto Heels
Lightweight,Business Casual Minimalist Baguette Bag

This ‘Mod-Chic’ outfit combines the style’s minimalist aesthetic with a dash of vintage patterns and contemporary trends to celebrate the Mod movement’s elegance and emphasis on uncomplicated designs.

Start with a simple shift dress – a Mod staple – from COS or Uniqlo, in clean lines, reflecting the movement’s penchant for understated sophistication.

Mod style shift dress celebs

Complement the dress with leather knee-high boots from Clarks, a brand with British heritage that has outfitted feet since the Mod era, and a vintage leather bowling bag for a touch of retro elegance.

Original bags from Mod-era brands like Jane Shilton are coveted collector’s items. Still, modern alternatives from brands like Matt & Nat offer similar aesthetics and craftsmanship at a moderate price point.

2. Mod Schoolgirl

Mod style schoolgirl outfit

Women's Stand Collar Cropped Sleeveless Top J-Fashion Plaid Print Pleated Skirt Faux Leather Buckle Detail Lug Sole Combat Boots
Gold Square Buckle Wide Black Pu Leather Belt, For Punk Jeans, Coat, Dress European And American Women's White Cat Eye Sunglasses To Decorate Face Shape, Trendy Shades For Street Style And Parties

By blending traditional patterns with youthful trends, this ‘Mod Schoolgirl’ outfit presents a playful take on the classic Mod aesthetic.

Mod schoolgirl style

Start with a white cropped turtleneck top, a nod to the Mod’s preference for form-fitting garments.

Mod Style Sleeveless Turtleneck

Match it with a plaid mini skirt for a quintessentially Preppy touch reminiscent of the era’s school uniforms.

Accentuate the waist with a chic leather belt and complete the look with white leather boots to tie back to the Mod’s rebellious vibe and love for statement footwear.

Accessorize with cat-eye sunglasses for a retro flair from Ray-Ban, an iconic name since the Mod era.

3. Space Age Mod

Space Age Mod style outfit

 Slogan Graphic Drawstring Waist Hooded Trench Coat Women Gogo Boots Fashionable Square Toe Chunky Classic Knee High Boots For Women
Women's Multicolor Pu Leather Fisherman Hat candy-colored women's pantyhose

The ‘Space Age Mod’ outfit draws inspiration from the futuristic facets of Mod fashion traced back to the cultural optimism of the 60s when space exploration and the possibilities of technology seemed limitless.

Designers like Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin pioneered the ‘Space Age designs‘ with geometric garments from iridescent PVC and white metallics that resembled the look of space suits.

Space Age Mod style

Start with a white PVC jacket, a material that echoes the Space Age’s affinity for new and unconventional textures, and an equestrian-style hat as a playful nod to the era’s experimental headwear.

Grounded the outfit with red Go-Go boots, a staple of the 60s Mod look, loved for their eye-catching appeal and a sense of fun, showcasing the past’s daring fashion explorations.

4. Twiggy Mod

Twiggy Mod style outfit

Letter Graphic Striped Bodycon Dress Red Velvet Stockings Comfortable, Cute, Sweet, Suitable For Everyday Use Cuccoo Everyday Collection Women Shoes Buckle Decor Cute Square Toe Flats, Preppy Black Mary Jane Flats

The ‘Twiggy Mod’ outfit idea pays homage to Twiggy, a British cultural icon and teenage model, actress, and singer during the swinging ’60s who became the face of London’s Mod scene with her trend-setting looks.

Twiggy Mod fashion style

This modern interpretation combines the classic striped polo dress – which captures the era’s love for geometric prints and rich colors – with colored tights in a typical Twiggy-esque fashion statement.

Complete the look with a pair of Mary Jane ballet flats from a brand that captures the Mod era’s essence with timeless shapes and classic aesthetic appeal.

5. Classic Mod

Classic Mod Style

Color Blocking Round Neck Sleeveless Dress New Black British Style Women's Spring Shoes, Slip-On Buckle, Chunky Heel, Loafer, Metal Buckle Decor, Versatile Pearl Stud Earrings

With sharp, geometric tailoring in a monochromatic palette, this ‘Classic Mod’ outfit embodies the heart of Mod fashion style.

In adherence to the Mod philosophy of clean lines and stark contrasts, start with a black and white block shift dress.

Classic mod style

Complement the dress with black leather heeled loafers from a brand with historical ties to the Mod scene.

Church’s, for example, reflects the enduring influence of 1960s London fashion and Sloane Ranger style on today’s style landscape.

Its exquisite look speaks to style connoisseurs who appreciate influences of traditional Preppy aesthetics while moving confidently in the modern world.

6. Vintage Mod

Vintage Mod style outfit

Simple Retro Contrast Collar Velvet Dress
Women Square Buckle Fashion Versatile Skinny Belt For Dress Decoration Point Toe Stiletto Heeled Court Pumps

This timeless pan-collar shift dress captures the essence of the 1960s fashion revolution.

A symbol of the era’s clean lines and feminine yet structured designs, this ‘Vintage Mod’ outfit is a tribute to the charm of the traditional Mod style.

Vintage mod style

Start with a dress from Boden, a brand that offers a contemporary twist on classic Mod designs while ensuring the dress is authentic to the period.

Vintage Mod fashion style

Complement with low-heel pointy-toe shoes from Clarks, a brand with heritage in British fashion, reflecting the outfit’s sophistication and attention to detail.

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