10 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For This Holiday Season (In 2022)

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So, you’re looking for a sustainable swimwear brand that can make you ‘stand-out’ in these times of eco-conscious fashion.

You’ve got it all sorted; hot and sunny summer days, a gym body that’s ready, and lots of refreshing drinks; all you need now is that sustainable swimwear to die for.

Worry no more, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking to lounge on the beach or break a personal best with a great selection of sustainable swimwear brands, ethically made in most cases from upcycled materials.


Best Affordable Sustainable Swimwear

Sustainable Swimwear Summersalt

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Summersalt is one of the best sustainable clothing brands with an amazing collection of sustainable swimwear pieces.

Part of the brand’s inclusivity campaign, Susmmersalt provides the perfect fit thanks to its innovative ‘Size + Style Finder quiz.’

The quiz comprises over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women and a patented TrueMeasure process.

Summersalt’s swimwear pieces are made from recycled textiles that boast five times the strength and four times the compression of other swimwear labels.

Above all, the brand’s sustainable swimwear pieces are affordable—most of them are under $100.


Best Sustainable Bikini Set

Stidston sustainable swimwear

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Stidston is seriously sexy sustainable swimwear.

Custom made to order in London, Stidston’s handcrafted pieces will get your mesmerizing presence covered from the beach to the bar, and back.

Stidston’s secret is that you only have to show yourself once, to get everybody to notice you.

The brand puts a lot of focus on exquisite designs and the materials of choice.

The suits are crafted only from upcycled materials, such as like polyester and Lycra, collected from local companies.

Our favorite sustainable swimming piece is ‘The Hope’.

A suit that’s not only painfully beautiful and sustainable but also gorgeously reversible.

Buy one, get two, kind of story.

Davy J

Best One-Piece Sustainable Swimwear

Davy J sustainable swimwear

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Have you ever jumped from a trampoline to find out your underwear is gone? Me too, several times.

But this time, I’ve got a solution for us.

Enter Davy J, a British brand that makes some of the smartest swimsuits from plastic waste such as ghost fishing nets, and general marine litter.

The suits are not only sustainable but also engineered to survive a deep dive without letting you down.

While these ‘war-ready’ swimsuits are designed with swimmers in mind, rather than sun loungers, their unique design makes them suitable even for a catwalk.

If you’re into sustainable apparel for surfing, waterskiing, trampoline jumping, or anything else of fast nature, Davy J’s is your best choice.


Best Athletic Sustainable Swimwear

Finisterre sustainable swimwear

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Finisterre’s latest sustainable swimwear collection is impressive.

The brand steps up to the ‘plastic-free’ ethos with a special collection made from microplastics.

The sustainable swimwear brand aims to raise awareness surrounding marine plastic waste and its long-lasting damaging effects on the environment.

The brand’s latest collection is made from ECONYL, a material resulting from converted plastic waste and fishing nets into reusable yarns, and it covers both, men and women.

The brand’s latest collection helps funding research, seeking to find better ways of turning plastic waste into textiles, for cleaner seas and a better world.

Moreover, with each sold swimming suit, the brand donates 10% to Surfers Against Sewage.

Ruby Moon

Most Stylish Sustainable Swimwear

Ruby Moon sustainable swimwear

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Is it a swimsuit? Is it activewear? Or, both?

Sustainable swimwear brand Ruby Moon has debuted a novel ‘Gym-to-Swim’ collection this summer.

Designed in boldly printed elements, this versatile collection caters to modern consumers and their active lifestyles.

This is a collection that purveys our constant desire to combine different activities, such as the need to quickly shift from the gym to the ocean and back.

Ruby Moon’s fabulous collection includes crop tops, sports bras, leggings, rash guards and swimsuits.

Best of all, as Ruby Moon is a not-for-profit brand, all of its profits are used to grant micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in 13 countries.


Best Sustainable Swimwear For Men

Riz sustainable swimwear

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Riz has become our go-to for ethically produced boardshorts for men.

The self-styled ‘tailors of sunshine’, is made from sustainable materials made from plastic waste.

However, as the name attempts to suggest, the brand mixes bright and bold prints as inspired by endangered flowers with Savile Row quality tailoring.

Riz shorts come in three lengths, and the company donates £1 to the Marine Conservation Society with each pair of shorts sold.


Best Sustainable Swimwear For Holiday

Arkitaip sustainable swimwear

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If you’re looking for a sustainable swimwear brand for the lesser active days, Arktaip is for you.

Their swimming suits are excellently designed and crafted for those seeking to relax during their holidays.

Arkitaip’s handmade and crocheted swimwear contain over 80% recycled linen and are lined with ECONYL.

To make you stand out on the beach, Arkitaip harks back the 70s, in a modern style that ‘flatters in all the right places.’

Bikini Empire

Best Luxe Sustainable Swimwear

Bikini Empire sustainable swimwear

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If you’re looking for something more eco-luxe when it comes to swimwear, look no further than Bikini Empire brand.

This Canadia sustainable swimwear label has some exclusive one and two pieces you’d love to wear for a romantic weekend at the Mediterranean sea, or at a pool party in Palm Springs.

Bikini Empire’s full-on retro glamour is perfected through the use of innovative materials, sourced from a solar-powered Italian factory that works to preserve wildlife.

The brand’s ethos is reflected in its latest collection of swimsuits suitable even for those of us who aren’t model-thin.

We Are Nativ

Best Retro Sustainable Swimwear

We Are Nativ sustainable swimwear

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Looking for an 80s nostalgia overdose?

The better check out these brightly colored sustainable swimwear collections, now on the market thanks to We Are Nativ.

This sustainable, ethical, and conscious swimwear label uses a boutique factory on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia.

The label offers amazing swimwear pieces from ECONYL fibers, a 100% regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer waste.

We Are Nativ boasts a wide range of one and two pieces, with high leg cuts, deep V necks, and more two-tone colorways that would please the most extravagant needs you might have.

So, don’t wait any longer, get yours today and make Jane Fonda’s heart skip a bit.

Deakin & Blue

Best Plus Size Sustainable Swimwear

Deakin & Blue sustainable swimwear

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If you’re into swimming, Deakin & Blue is the label for you.

This British brand has not just some of the most beautiful one and two pieces you can buy, but their suits are made from 100% recycled materials.

The more you wear this brand, the more good use you give to those fishing nets killing the ocean.

What you might not know is that swimwear made from fishing nets is twice as resistant to chlorine, sun creams, and tanning oils, when compared to Lycra.

We’ve fallen for Deakin’s Monroe swimming suit.

It looks the par, very resistant, and it keeps everything in the right place while knocking off the laps.


It is still difficult to find sustainable swimsuits that do not contain synthetic fiber.

If you are new to sustainable swimwear, know that synthetic fibers are petrochemical-based and do not biodegrade like natural fibers.

Micro-plastics are also a big issue when it comes to ethical swimwear.

That’s why the ten brands I’ve curated above are known for working hard to ensure no synthetic materials or fibers are used in their bathing suits.

Each one of these sustainable swimsuits brands repurposes post-consumer waste like plastic bottles and fishing nets to create high-performance fabrics you’ll love to wear.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these sustainable swimwear brands is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great sustainable swimwear brands you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Comments below, please!

Ana Alves
Ana Alves
Ana Alves is a fashion and beauty writer with a keen interest in sustainability and veganism. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil but living in London, UK, Ana has been writing about sustainable and vegan fashion for over 10 years. Actively curating for Saatchi, Ana's engaging prices have been presented in Forbes, Wired, Vanity Fair, The London Economic, Digital Trends, and The VOU.

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