9 Affordable Techwear Brands for a Futuristic Fashion Look

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Defined as material science and innovation infused into apparel, ‘techwear’ describes functional clothing that blends outdoor apparel with streetwear-style fashion.

Techwear garments are heat-insulated, breathable, water-resistant, and modular, offering extra space for storage and accessories.

Stylistically wise, techwear also draws inspiration from futurist aesthetics like retrofuturism and cyberpunk fashion.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 9 techwear brands stocking affordable garments, footwear, and accessories that’ll make you look like from the Matrix movie.


Ha3xun Techwear for women

Ha3xun is a pure techwear clothing label that has recently gained popularity thanks to its unique dressing style.

Ha3xun Techwear for women

The brand uses tech gadgets as styling accessories to augment the brand’s unique creations.

The look of the brand’s techwear outfits puts the wearer on the verge of the cyborg era and transhumanism.


Nike ACG techwear collection for women

A creation of Johanna Schneider – Senior Design Director of Women’s Apparel at Nike – Nike ACG is one of the most popular techwear brands.

Personally, I love the brand’s ever-so-impressive-looking ACG 3-in-1 Coat (featuring a 3L GORE-TEX outer shell).

Not only does the coat look futuristic AF, but it also comes with a detachable hood and reversible insulated inner jacket.


Adidas Y-3 techwear collection for women

There’s no discussion about techwear brands without including the Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Inspired by Japanese culture and fashion, Yohji’s collaboration with Adidas turned him into a demigod of the techwear community.

Adidas Y-3 techwear shoes

Yamamoto’s line with Adidas blends innovative designs with sporty functionality and fashion elegance.


Raikago Techwear for women

Raikago is a beachwear brand founded in 2017, specializing in collaborations with top designers to create rare and limited edition techwear masterpieces.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham.

Raikago Techwear for womenInspired by East Asian fashion styles, the brand’s techwear creations are softened by a unique combination of streetwear with urban apparel.


The Northface Black Series techwear collection

North Face continues to gain popularity as a techwear brand that employs some of the most technologically advanced materials.

9 Affordable Techwear Brands for a Futuristic Fashion Look

The brand’s limited edition line, The North Face Black Series, includes functional techwear apparel, hard-wearing outerwear, and staples like hoodies and t-shirts.


Charli Cohen techwear for women

Charli Cohen, the founder of the brand, launched her first fashion brand at 15.

Eight years later, she founded Charli Cohen, a ‘technical fashion’ label that blends high-performance fabrics with high-fashion design.

Charli Cohen techwear for women

The London-based brand has gained global popularity after entering into a commercial partnership with Reebok.


Uma Oath techwear capsule collection

Born from a passion for dance, design, and couture, Uma Oath rejects the ‘fast fashion’ business model based on waste and mass production.

This French techwear brand creates accessible and minimalistic designs from exclusive fabrics, usually kept for luxury sportswear, and adopts urban apparel codes.

Uma Oath techwear capsule collection

The garments combine strength and comfort, almost as a tool for movement while maintaining a structured line.

Uma Oath’s designs advocate for value apparel: simplicity, timelessness, an unfailing identity, and the art of being.


Shohei Techwear for women

Established by creative director Lisa Pek, SHOHEI is a techwear label for conscious, independent, and progressive individuals worldwide.

Shohei creates a dialogue between nature, technology, and progressive culture through unique statements of eco-friendly modern fashion.

Shohei Techwear for women

The techwear brand is inspired by the designer’s nomadic lifestyle, divided between Tokyo’s futuristic hyperreality and the serene Austrian countryside.

Shohei blends Japanese street fashion culture with Mitteleuropean classicism in stylistically unique and versatile creations.


Adidas by Stella McCartney techwear collection

Adidas by Stella McCartney is Adidas’ collaboration with the British designer Stella McCartney.

The range combines Adidas’ iconic styles with Stella’s flair and creativity, transcending the concept of tech wear in luxury fashion.

The collection holds techwear in cutting-edge designs, packed with technical features created to minimize environmental impact.

All fabrics are sweat-wicking and with elastane blends designed to provide a stretchy fit that molds to your body.

Is Techwear Dead?

Not at all. Techwear is alive, booming, and here to stay.

Techwear clothing has recently gained popularity, to the point of being cataloged as a specific fashion style.

The style operates at the intersection of urban streetwear, outdoor, and futuristic cyberpunk styles.

Moreover, given the relentless demand for functional apparel, techwear brands are in huge demand.

Is Techwear a Streetwear Style?

While visual similarities exist, techwear and streetwear are two different fashion styles.

Techwear is just what it sounds: technology-infused apparel.

Therefore, techwear wardrobes must consist of apparel with technical capabilities.

As the style is reaching the point of becoming a cultural movement, here are the top 9 techwear names that dominate the conversation right now.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

Growing up in western PEI, Bruce Knox blends his extensive public health, non-profit, and public sector background with a deep love for innovative technologies to bring people together in healthier communities and environments.

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  1. Hello Mandy! This is one of the best and unique collections of Techwear brands for me. And yes, Techwear has gained popularity in recent years, as it provides additional utility and comfort. Among this collection, I personally liked Adidas by Stella McCartney. Thanks for the updates through this article. Keep posting.

  2. By far the best article on technical apparel for women out there. I own most brands in this article and I vouch for the quality, durability, and style. Can I suggest a couple of techwear brands for women of my own? Please let me know.

  3. Great selection of techwear labels for women, with lots of styles such as dark wear, streetwear, and cyberpunk techwear, if you want to create your own style. I vouch for Charli Cohen, a great techwear brand for women, with clothes made from resistant and technical materials such as GORE-TEX, while keeping an eye on elegant and trendy styles.

  4. I was asked the other day why I wear techwear. Kept thinking about it and I think it is because people like me prefer techwear for the functional design and streetwear-like qualities of the style. We are fairly active people, often carrying lots of stuff, and functional techwear clothes with lots of pockets help a lot. Above all, techwear is comfortable, stylish, and driven by a strong, supportive community of brands (like the excellent curation of labels in this article) and people that recognize, appreciate them, and love wearing them.

    • Well said, Joelle. Same here, love techwear for how it makes me fell, look, for the people that appreciate my style.

  5. Yes! Finally, someone who understands what techwear aesthetic is! Great selection of techwear labels for women, I am a man and I wear lots of these brands as well.

  6. Great selection of techwear clothing brands for women, where can I send some suggestions of brands I wear and find very suitable for this list?

  7. I find women’s techwear the closest to my effeminated masculine genderless clothing style. Great new brands in this article, thanks a bunch for sharting! Merci


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