5 BEST Tips To Style Streetwear Fashion (In 2022)

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Knowing how to style streetwear fashion in 2022 is a great skill to have. Why?

Because streetwear clothing, outfits, and brands are taking over the fashion industry right now.

A quick look online lets you find endless posts about streetwear styles, designers, and brands.

However, most of these guides are either outdated or irrelevant.

In this article, I’ll share with you the latest streetwear fashion styles in 2022, from who matters the most:


Without further ado, these are the best 5 female celebrities sharing excellent tips and secrets on streetwear styles.

Colorful Coats

Rihanna wearing streetwear outfit - orange colour

With the movie ‘The Matrix’ returning to the big screen, it is time to recall some of those superb styles.

The movie was – and remains – an excellent source of streetwear style inspiration.

With the announcement of the new Matrix movie coming this year, these streetwear outfits are making a comeback.

Yet, with a twist: in bold and powerful colors, as exemplified by Rihanna’s outfit above.

You can also wear a long Kimono jacket to beautifully flavor your streetwear with a Japanese fashion influence.

Oversized Hoodies

Billie Eilish in streetwear - white colour

Keep in mind that modern designers emerge every day and no trend lasts forever.

The same applies to streetwear styles; some are more popular than others.

However, there’s one exception – the classic Japanese streetwear style.

Oversized hoodie, three-quarter shorts, sneakers, high socks, this streetwear style will never go out of fashion.

The color choice does not matter much, but ideally, you’ll go for white or black.

However, make sure you also add something that ‘breaks down the color’, as Billie did here with her neon-green top.

And don’t forget, sneakers are a very important (if not the most) part of this unique streetwear style.

There are many sneakers online stores out there, but make sure you’ll get yours from legit sneaker websites.

Loose Styles

Bella Hadid Wearing Streetwear

Another Matrix-inspired streetwear style, in vogue now in 2020, is the ‘oversized office suit‘.

The style works wonders on girls and Bella Hadid, in the pic above, is the perfect example.

Bella has matched the suit with a pair of casual trainers and a tank top, both white.

Yet, she cleverly breaks down the grey-white color combination with a bright red book.

This style and color combo has gained massive popularity thanks to a TikTok subculture, called ‘Dark Academia‘.

Overall, the style oozes a powerful, independent, hard-working woman – undo your laces for an extra touch of ‘I don’t give a f..k’!

Blend Sportswear

Tyana Taylor Streetwear Outfit

Use the ‘American blend’ to counter classic styles with sporty, athleisure wear.

Just like the Japanese streetwear style, the American style introduces its own characteristic cultural elements.

For example, Tyana Taylor’s outfit choice in the pic above blends the classic denim jacket with a truck driver cap.

While it might seem chaotic, Tyana’s streetwear outfit is very elaborate.

The bag, earrings, and nails create the first color choice, the metallic grey.

The second color choice resides in the milky brown of the dress and the boots.

Finally, both colors are beautifully broken down by the blue denim jacket.

Silent Logos – No Branded Outfits

Kaia Gerber Streetwear Fashion Style

Kaia Gerber’s streetwear style in the pic above exemplifies best the ‘silent logo’ ethos.

When it comes to streetwear and brand logos, you have two choices.

Either go loud AF, a trend popular in Japanese streetwear, in particular Kyoto streetwear.

Or, go totally silent, with no logos at all, more popular in Europe and the USA.

Silent logos prime, so make sure you tune it down.

Also, for more inspiration, check out our best streetwear fashion brands of 2022.

Finally, if you’re on a tighter budget, here is a great list of cheap streetwear brands.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these streetwear styles is your favorite and why?

Are there any other tips you would like to add to this list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your expertise.

Mandy Meyer
Mandy Meyer
After years of managing hundreds of fashion brands from London's office of a global retailer, Mandy has ventured into freelancing. Connected with several fashion retailers and media platforms in the US, Australia, and the UK, Mandy uses her expertise to consult for emerging fashion brands create top-notch content as an editorial strategist for several online publications.

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