VSCO Preppy Style Guide for a Youthful but Traditional Look

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In the ever-evolving social media landscape, few trends have captured the zeitgeist like the VSCO phenomenon.

Originating as a photo and video editing app, VSCO transcended its initial purpose to become a cultural touchstone that gave rise to the “VSCO girl.”

Nowadays, “VSCO girl” describes a digital-native persona with a specific lifestyle, aesthetic, and way of dressing known as the VSCO Preppy style.

In this article, we’ll uncover the secrets of this unique fashion style and introduce you to the best clothes, footwear, and accessories to put together perfect VSCO Preppy Style outfits.

What is VSCO Preppy?

VSCO Preppy is a way of dressing that combines the laid-back, beachy aesthetic of the VSCO girl with garments and accessories representative of Preppy fashion.

This fusion results in a unique style that’s both casual and polished, depicting a youthful, modern, and traditional vibe.

VSCO Preppy Style

In comparison, original VSCO girls wear oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, and Birkenstocks, while VSCO Preppy fashionistas augment their outfits with pleated skirts, button-down shirts, and tailored suit jackets.

Also, the VSCO Preppy style relies on Old Money brands for recognizable garments and accessories that add a touch of luxury to the otherwise relaxed VSCO look.

VSCO Preppy Style Origin

VSCO Preppy style is a modern take on the broader VSCO dressing movement that gained popularity in 2019, driven by the high-quality filters of the VSCO photo-editing app.

Initially, pictures of VSCO girls wearing sun-kissed oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, and Hydro Flasks living eco-conscious lifestyles proliferated on Instagram and TikTok.

Over time, people began incorporating clothes and accessories with Preppy aesthetics into their VSCO-inspired wardrobes for an extra touch of traditional sophistication.

How to Dress VSCO Preppy?

Achieving a perfect VSCO Preppy style look requires mixing casual VSCO clothes and accessories with tailored garments typical of the Preppy style, be it Ivy League, Northern, or Southern variations.

Popular combinations comprise VSCO graphic tees with Ivy League Preppy pleated skirts, white sneakers, pearl necklaces, and designer handbags.


VSCO Preppy Style Clothes

1. White Pleated Frill Mini Skirts or Dresses

With roots in the classic Preppy style, white pleated frill mini skirts are quintessential in the VSCO Preppy wardrobe.

White lends a sense of purity, femininity, and versatility, pairing well with graphic tees or formal tops.

Recommended Brands: Amanda Uprichard, LoveShackFancy, Lovers & Friends.

LoveShackFancy Ruffle Mini Skirt Lovers & Friends Mini Dress

2. Neon Pink Dolphin Shorts

With roots in the casual, beachy VSCO aesthetic, neon pink dolphin shorts exude youthful energy and are the perfect counterpoint to the tailored Preppy garments.

Recommended Brands: Lululemon, 7 Days Active, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Lululemon Neon Pink Dolphin Shorts 7 Days Active Neon Pink Dolphin Shorts

3. White or Pink Slim-fit Jeans

White or pink slim-fit jeans are a versatile foundation to any VSCO Preppy style outfit.

The colors, white for purity and pink for youthful exuberance, complement collared shirts and pearl necklaces typical of the Preppy style.

Recommended Brands: Levi’s, Madewell, AG Jeans, Boden.

Boden Pink Slim-fit Jeans AG Jeans White Slim-fit Jeans

4. White and Pink Gingham Dresses

Gingham dresses in white and pink infuse a classic Preppy fashion pattern with a modern, youthful, and relaxed touch characteristic of the VSCO style.

Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Majorelle, Kate Spade.

Majorelle Gingham Dress Cider Gingham Dress

5. White Bodysuits

The white bodysuit in the VSCO Preppy style serves as a versatile base layer thanks to its monochromatic hue matching the Preppy style’s clean and simple aesthetic.

Recommended Brands: Aritzia, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Aritzia White Bodysuit CK White Bodysuit

6. Puff Sleeve Tops

Matching well with the Preppy style’s emphasis on structured garments, Puff sleeve tops add playfulness and vintage grace to the VSCO Preppy style.

Recommended Brands: Kate Spade, For Love & Lemons, Reformation.

For Love & Lemons Puff Sleeve Blouse Kate Spade Puff Sleeve Blouse

7. Floral Dresses

Incorporating VSCO’s love for nature, using floral dresses in VSCO Preppy style outfits delivers a feel of casual elegance and classic design.

Recommended Brands: Reformation, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade.

Reformation Floral Dress Ralph Lauren Floral Dress

8. Pastel Crewneck Sweaters

Pastel crewneck sweaters align with VSCO’s choice of understated colors and contribute to the VSCO Preppy style by delivering a classy appearance.

Recommended Brands: American Eagle, Paul Smith, Abercrombie & Fitch.

American Eagle Pastel Crewneck Sweater Paul Smith Pastel Crewneck Sweater

9. Pink Quilted Jackets

Pink quilted jackets offer a unique twist to a cornerstone garment in Country Club, Old Money, Sloane Ranger, and French BCBG styles.

Traditionally in earthy colors, pink contemporizes the jacket, making it a perfect fit for the VSCO Preppy style.

Recommended Brands: Moncler, Barbour, Paul Smith.

Paul Smith Quilted Jacket Barbour Paul Smith Quilted Jacket

10. Animal Print Pijama Sets

While animal prints are associated with luxury and exclusivity, incorporating them into pajama sets grants the VSCO Preppy style a unique feel of formal casualness.

Recommended Brands: Roller Rabbit, Desmond & Dempsey.

Desmond & Dempsey Monkey Print Pajamas Roller Rabbit monkey print pajamas

VSCO Preppy Style Shoes

1. White Super-Star Sneakers

White Super-Star sneakers harmonize well with VSCO-style graphic tees and structured Preppy pleated skirts for a perfect hybrid style.

Recommended Brands: Golden Goose, Converse Chuck Taylor.

Golden Goose White Super Star Sneakers Converse Chuck Taylor White Super-Star Sneakers

2. Birkenstock Sandals

Originating from the German ‘health shoe’ tradition, Birkenstock sandals symbolize eco-conscious living, aligning well with VSCO’s ethos.

Recommended Brands: Birkenstock.

Birkenstock Slippers Birkenstock Slippers

3. Smiley Face Slippers

Originating from the casual loungewear trend, smiley face slippers inject a dose of youthful exuberance into the VSCO Preppy style, acting as a relaxed counterpoint to any structured Preppy clothes.

Recommended Brands: UGG, Happy Feet, Steve Madden.

Smiley Face Slippers Smiley Face Slippers

VSCO Preppy Style Accessories

1. Neon Pink Baseball Caps

Neon pink baseball caps complement Preppy’s earthy colors by providing a pop of color and youthful energy.

Recommended Brands: Lululemon, Polo Ralph Lauren, New Era.

lululemon Neon Pink Baseball Cap Ralph Lauren Neon Pink Baseball Cap

2. Pink Cowboy Hats

Pink cowboy hats are an unconventional but very fitting addition to the VSCO Preppy style, disrupting the formality of Old Money looks with a youthful and adventurous flair.

Recommended Brands: Stetson, Resistol.

Pink Cowboy Hats Pink Cowboy Hats

3. Designer Handbags

Designer handbags, particularly from Louis Vuitton, confer any VSCO Preppy style outfits a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Recommended Brands: Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Kate Spade.

Louis Vuitton Designer Bags Tory Burch Shoulder Bag

4. Pinky Love Rings in Gold

Associated with refinement and sophistication, gold pinky love rings incorporate the elegance of Preppy fashion into the relaxed vibe of VSCO style.

Recommended Brands: Cartier, David Yurman.

Cartier Pinky Ring David Yurman Love Pinky Ring

5. Pearl and Gold Necklaces

The natural origin of pearl and gold necklaces resonates with VSCO’s eco-conscious ethos and Preppy style’s demand for timeless luxury and sophistication.

Recommended Brands: Tiffany & Co., Mikimoto.

Mikimoto Pearl and Gold Necklaces Tiffany Pearl and Gold Necklaces

6. Pink Scrunchies

Pink scrunchies are a unifying accessory in the VSCO Preppy style. Pink encapsulates the youthful VSCO aesthetic, while the functional design aligns with the Preppy style’s emphasis on practical accessories.

Recommended Brands: Scunci, Goody, Kitsch.

Pink Hair Scrunchie Pink Hair Scrunchie

3 Main Takeaways

  1. VSCO Preppy look is a hybrid fashion style that combines VSCO-inspired youthful clothing and accessories with classic traditional aesthetics from Preppy fashion.
  2. Achieving a perfect VSCO Preppy look involves a curated selection of garments and accessories, ranging from white pleated frill mini skirts to neon pink baseball caps, each contributing specific aesthetics and patterns to the overall style.
  3. Shop relevant brands like J.Crew, Lululemon, and Scunci, which offer products that align well with the VSCO Preppy style.

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