10 Sloane Ranger Brands for a Genuine Upper-class British Look

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Reflecting Britain’s upper-class traditions and lifestyle, the Sloane Ranger style has an air of silent luxury and casual elegance.

With quilted jackets, wellies, and tartan accessories expressing the style’s roots in the British countryside and London social clubs, only a few clothing brands cater to this distinctive look.

In this article, I’ll present the 10 best Sloane Ranger brands renowned for shaping, defining, and representing this unique fashion style.

1. Purdey

Best for tweed jackets and leather bags

Purdey Sloane Ranger style clothing

Founded in 1814, this British clothing brand is associated with the finest shotguns and rifles but also clothing and accessories that epitomize British countryside refinement.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Purdey’s tweed jackets, leather boots, and shooting accessories are a cornerstone in the Sloane Ranger style, depicting the leisure activities of the British upper class.

Best for
Tweed jackets, leather bags, and hunting-style accessories prised by the Sloane Ranger style connaiseurs.

Tweed Raglan Field Coat In Macaterick Leather Backpack Ghillie In Dark Brown

2. Barbour

Best for Waxed cotton jackets and quilted vests

Barbour Sloane Ranger style clothing

Founded in 1894 in South Shields, England, Barbour’s history spans over a century as one of the oldest British clothing brands that has outfitted everyone from fishermen to royalty.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Barbour’s garments are not just about fashion but a lifestyle statement showcasing Sloane’s love for the countryside.

Best for
Waxed cotton jackets, quilted vests, and tartan accessories.

Barbour Acorn Waxed Cotton Jacket Barbour Innenfutter Fleece Betty

3. Boden

Best for Breton-striped dresses and cashmere crewneck sweaters

Boden Sloane Ranger style fashion

Established in 1991 in London, Boden is a British brand synonymous with family-friendly fashion that exudes British charm.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Boden’s clothing in traditional British patterns, plaids, and florals captures the Sloane Ranger’s preference for understated countryside elegance.

Best for
Breton-striped dresses, high-waisted chinos, and cashmere crewneck sweaters are quintessential to any Sloane Ranger outfit.

Westbourne Wide-Leg Pants Eva Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

4. Grenson

Best for brogues and Chelsea boots

Grenson Sloane Ranger style footwear

Founded in 1866 in Northamptonshire, England, Grenson is a heritage brand specializing in high-quality footwear.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Grenson resonates with the Sloane Ranger ethos of valuing quality and tradition in fashion, particularly footwear.

Best for
Brogue shoes and Chelsea boots, ideal for a polished and genuine Sloane Ranger look.

women's wingtip brogue boots Carina captoe chelsea boots

5. Crockett & Jones

Best for wingtip boots and suede chukkas

Crockett & Jones Ranger style boots

Founded in 1879 in Northampton, England, a region renowned for its high-quality footwear, Crockett & Jones is a stalwart in artisanal English shoemaking.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Crockett & Jones’s designer footwear captures Sloane Ranger’s love for British heritage, craftsmanship, and quiet sophistication.

Best for
Handcrafted leather wingtip boots, Goodyear-welted loafers, and suede chukka boots, indispensable for an authentic Sloane Ranger look.

Grace gutsy full brogue derby boots Lucy penny style loafers

6. Lock & Co.

Best for felt fedoras and Panama hats

Lock & Co. Sloane Ranger style hats

Founded in 1676, Lock & Co. is the world’s oldest hat shop and holds two Royal Warrants. Located in London, the brand has been a purveyor of fine headwear for centuries.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Lock & Co. is a testament to the Sloane Ranger’s affinity for heritage, tradition, and accessories that confer the style such a unique look.

Best for
Countryside-style felt fedoras and Panama hats, ideal for summer social events.

Liza Fedora Highgrove Panama

7. Hunter

Best for Wellington boots and raincoats

Hunter Sloane Ranger style wellies and boots

Established in 1856, Hunter is a British brand with a rich history in weather-resistant footwear and apparel.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Hunter’s iconic Wellington boots and weatherproof outerwear align with Sloane Ranger’s need for outdoor apparel depicting pure British heritage.

Best for
Rubber Wellington boots, weather-resistant jackets, and umbrellas.

Women's Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots Rubberised Mac Jacket Womens

8. Clarks

Best for classic loafers and casual slip-ons

Clarks Sloane Ranger style boots and shoes

Founded in 1825 in Somerset, England, Clarks is a British-based international shoe manufacturer and retailer celebrated for excellent craftsmanship and comfort.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
Clarks’ footwear aligns with Sloane Ranger’s need for elegant shoes that allow the wearer to transition from city streets to country estates.

Best for
Desert boots, classic loafers, and casual slip-ons, perfect for urban jaunts and countryside retreats.

Orianna Loafer Burgundy Leather Clarkspro Gem Black Patent

9. L.K. Bennett

Best for pointed-toe pumps and silk sheath dresses

L.K. Bennett Sloane Ranger style dresses

Established in 1990, L.K. Bennett is a British clothing label specializing in women’s luxury footwear and formal attire.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
L.K. Bennett’s understated British luxury and sophistication is a sartorial beacon valued in Sloane Ranger circles.

Best for
Premium leather pointed-toe pumps, knee-high boots, and sheath dresses from silk and wool.

Pandora Black Suede Asymmetric Strap Flats Marlowe Black Stretch Vegan Leather Knee-High Boots

10. Fairfax & Favor

Best for suede Chelsea boots and tassel loafers

Fairfax & Favor Sloane Ranger style boots and bags

Founded in 2013, Fairfax & Favor is a British fashion brand that has quickly gained a reputation for luxurious leather goods and footwear.

Why it is Sloane Ranger
The brand’s products – focusing on British craftsmanship and high-quality materials – are perfect for Sloane Ranger’s love of artisanal quality and timeless design.

Best for
Chelsea boots (leather or suede), tassel loafers, and handcrafted leather handbags.

The Brogued Chelsea The Tetbury Crescent Bag - Tan

3 Key Takeaways

  • British Heritage: These clothing brands are steeped in British history and craftsmanship, offering garments and accessories quintessential to the Sloane Ranger style.
  • Understated Elegance: The labels on this list capture the Sloane Ranger’s preference for subtlety over ostentation, offering the perfect balance of sophistication and casual comfort.
  • Excellent Quality: From Goodyear-welted loafers to cashmere crewneck sweaters, every garment, footwear, or accessory made by these brands is made from high-quality materials by British artisans.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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