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With delicate peasant dresses in floral patterns and earthy colors, the Cottagecore fashion style is the pinnacle of 2023.

From a fleeting TikTok fashion trend to a way of dressing that’s taking the world by storm, Cottagecore fashion comprises hand-made, authentic clothing for any budget and taste.

To all fashionistas seeking rural clothing or variations of cottagecore fashion with preppy, hippie, and boho styles, this article has the 24 most representative Cottagecore fashion brands in 2023.

Hill House Home

Best for Cottagecore Nap Dresses

Hill House Home cottagecore dresses

Those of you into Cottagecore aesthetics must know by now about Hill House Home’s famous Nap dresses.

Hill House Home Cottagecore fashion

Get one in any silhouette, and you’ll feel like you’re in your Bridgerton episode.

The Ellie Nap Dress The Louisa Nap Dress

Love Shack Fancy

Best for Victorian-inspired Cottagecore Dresses

Love Shack Fancy cottagecore fashion collection

Love Shack Fancy is renowned for its upscale Victorian-inspired Cottagecore dresses, tops, and bottoms.

Love Shack Fancy Cottagecore clothing

The brand’s Cottagecore dresses and garments are affordable and low-key.

Yet, if you dig deep, you find rare Cottagecore outfits and dresses for special events.

Peggy Cardigan Compass Top

Petal + Pup

Best for Plus-Size Floral Cottagecore Dresses

Petal + Pup cottagecore clothes

Petal and Pup is a trendy women’s clothing boutique and retail shop from Australia, with excellent Cottagecore floral dresses in large and extra-large sizes.


 PETAL + PUP cottagecore clothing online store

The brand’s offering is also great for modern romantics with a penchant for timeless feminine threads and wares that evoke bygone eras.

Zephyr Top Annie Dress


Best for Cottagecore Overalls and Jumpsuits

Wrangler Cottagecore Clothing

Wrangler’s overalls and jumpsuits – crafted from organic cotton and sustainable dyes – capture the essence of rural life and rustic charm.

Synonymous with durable and high-quality denim, the brand’s latest cottagecore aesthetic collection evokes nostalgia by blending pastoral patterns with modern functionality.

Wrangler Cottagecore Clothing

Fun, trendy, and empowering, Wrangler’s line of overalls is an excellent choice for young fashionistas looking to explore the cottagecore fashion style.


Cotton On

Best for French-vibe Cottagecore Clothes

Cotton On Cottagecore dresses & overalls

Cotton On brand is ideal for Cottagecore clothes and accessories in modern cuts but at affordable costs.

Cotton on Cottagecore fashion

I like the store’s French-vibe Cottagecore clothes, which focus on the romantic and feminine.

Utility Denim Long Overall Peyton Babydoll Mini Dress


Best for Artisanal Cottagecore Clothes

Etsy Cottagecore fashion

Etsy is an online marketplace for unique Cottagecore garments created by local artisans in the comfort of their homes.

cottagecore fashion etsy

With a unique offering of handcrafted Cottagecore garments in modern cuts and vintage rural treasures, I recommend Etsy as one of the best online clothing stores.

Boho Bridgerton Dress Floral Embroidery Lace Bow Vest


Best for Vintage Cottagecore Garments

Reformation cottagecore dresses

Reformation began selling vintage clothing from a small Los Angeles storefront in 2009.

Nowadays, the American label’s offering of Cottagecore is ideal for garments that celebrate the feminine figure.

Reformation Cottagecore dresses

Also, as a pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement, Reformation focuses on people and the environment each step of the way.

Agathea Chunky Loafer Tagliatelle Linen Dress

Urban Outfitters

Best for a Boho-inspired Cottagecore Style

Urban Outfitters Cottagecore dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits

Inspired by Boho and Gispy designs of past decades, Urban Outfitters’s Cottagecore offering is a bonanza of rural and farm lifestyle dresses.

24 Best Cottagecore Fashion Brands and Online Stores

The offers are affordable, comfortable, and designed for young fashionistas seeking to explore cottagecore style.

Out From Under Modern Love Corset UO Carmella Ruffle Knit Tank Top

Free People

Best for Boho-Style Cottagecore Fashion

Free People Cottagecore outfits

Famous for bohemian-style clothing, Free People spreads Cottagecore romantics and free spirits with confidence and freedom.

Free People Cottagecore

Free People’s clothing and accessories are ideal for stylish romantics who seek to showcase a traditional, rural lifestyle look.

Amelia Scalloped Crochet Sun Hat Jen's Pirate Booty Meadow Circle Skirt

Christy Dawn

Best for Sustainable Cottagecore Fashion

Christy Dawn Cottagecore maxi dresses

One of my favorite Cottagecore clothing brands in this article, Christy Dawn’s offering honors the planet and its people.

Cottagecore Fashion

Made from natural materials, Christy Dawn’s Cottagecore dresses’ include styles that range from farmer to library queen.

The Emerson Dress The Alice Blouse


Best for Modern-Rustic Clothing

SEA Cottagecore clothing collection

Launched in 2017 by designers and childhood friends Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini, Sea is a Cottagecore label of a modern-rustic style.

SEA cottagecore clothing

With rare combinations of sculptural prairie-inspired cuts, ruffly-sleeved dresses, eyelet-trimmed coats, and dark Cottagecore, the brand belongs in every contemporary wardrobe.

Norah Top Kaia Skirt

White House Black Market

Best for Boutique-Rural Clothing

White House Black Market Cottagecore evening dresses

Since launching in 1985, ‘The White House’ is famous for blending boutique and rural aesthetics into fabulous Cottagecore style.

White House Black Market cottagecore fashion

The brand’s rich looks are appreciated by minimalist style fashionistas and Cottagecore clothing connoisseurs alike.

Goldtone & Black Pendant Necklace Smocked Blouson Dress


Best for Australian Cottagecore Clothing

Stelly Cottagecore dresses

Stelly is a clothing boutique specializing in Cottagecore outfits with an Australian rural take.

Stelly cottagecore dresses

While retaining the cottagecore style, most clothes and accessories are modern, fresh, and sensual.

Azores Top Lilac Julianna Dress White


Best for Floral Cottagecore Dresses

ShopBop Cottagecore fashion collection

While not a Cottagecore clothing store per se, ShopBop’s flowery dresses are a must for Cottagecore fashionistas.

ShopBop Cottagecore fashion collection

Cute and stylish, the bran’s Cottagecore dresses are fabulous for summer and autumn.

Sea Leona Pants Zimmermann Pleated Midi Dress

Faithful The Brand

Best for American Cottagecore Outfits

Faithful The Brand cottagecore fashion collection

Faithful’s Cottagecore clothes and accessories are designed with the modern traveler in mind.

Faithful The Brand Cottagecore fashion

The label’s easy-to-wear offering of American Cottagecore-inspired outfits allows you to feel confident and stylish in the most effortless way.

Vivica Top Eggshell Raphaela Midi Dress Tiare Floral Print


Best for Affordable Cottagecore Sets

Shein Cottagecore clothes & accessories

Shein is an online store packed with affordable Cottagecore styles where you can put together a complete Cottagecore outfit for under $50.

Shein cottagecore clothes

The store is ideal for floral Cottagecore dresses and matching headbands, bracelets, and earrings.

Floral Print Ruffle Hem Dress  Floral Embroidery Flounce Sleeve Blouse

ASTR The Label

ASTR The Label Cottagecore dresses

While I adore all ASTR The Label Cottagecore pieces, the label can be pricey.

I typically shop at ASTR The Label for floral peasant tops occasionally when on sale.

ASTR The Label Cottagecore fashion

ASTR also has cute Cottagecore bottoms on sale, but unlike other Cottagecore boutiques, try not to buy the latest arrivals, or you’ll pay the full price.

Marissa Floral Sweater Kammy Floral Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Princess Highway

Princess Highway Cottagecore clothing collection

I love Princess Highway’s vintage-inspired clothing and accessories, designed in timeless styles but with a youthful approach.

Princess Highway Cottagecore clothing

Princess Highway takes inspiration from 60s mod fashion, 70s glamour, and 90s grunge to create chic Cottagecore looks for the modern woman.

I also like the brand’s knitwear, plaid blazers, coats, retro headwear, jewelry, scarves, and handbags complementing any Cottagecore look.

Renee Embroidered Overall Julia Floral Jumpsuit


Boohoo Cottagecore clothing collection

Boohoo is the cheapest Cottagecore clothing store on my list.

If you’re unsure you want to spend a fortune discovering your inner rural goddess, boohoo’s latest edit of Cottagecore clothing is an excellent chance.

Boohoo Cottagecore fashion collection

From floaty Cottagecore dresses to puff sleeve tops, the store’s collection of Cottagecore outfits is begging to be worn to a countryside picnic in the sun.

Think floral prints, floaty fabrics, and ruffles everywhere (yes, everywhere).

Gingham Puff Sleeve Midi Dress Eyelet Button Puff Sleeve Top


Revolve Cottagecore fashion collection

Revolve is an online store that hosts great Cottagecore clothing brands.

And, if you’re looking for more than just dresses, I recommend Love & Lemons’ blouses; they’re gorgeous!

Revolve Cottagecore fashion collection

The store also stocks a lot of event Cottagecore outfits at excellent prices.

Find here a wide range of Cottagecore tops you can pair with jeans, heels, or booties.

Golden Hour Maxi Dress Laguna Bootie

Campo Collection

Campo Collection Cottagecore vintage clothing

Campo Collection is a fashion label that creates vintage Cottagecore-inspired nightgowns manufactured on the slow-fashion concept.

Campo Collection Cottagecore vintage clothing

All raw materials are obtained sustainably, while the garments are handcrafted by local artisan groups of women in Brazil.

Lydia Gown Claudia Dress


Sleeper Cottagecore vintage nightgowns

If you need that chic village nightgown look, Sleeper is the brand for you.

Sleeper Cottagecore fashion

The label’s linen dresses and off-the-shoulder silhouettes are cozy and super stylish, whether you wear them in or out of bed.

Atlanta Linen Dress in Daisies Marquise Linen Dress in Pink Vichy


Batsheva Cottagecore vintage fashion

Batsheva is the store where you’ll find that “Little House on the Prairie” style but with a touch of high fashion.

Batsheva cottagecore fashion

With florals and ruffled sleeves, you might recognize Batsheva as the Cottagecore brand Ella Emhoff wore to the presidential inauguration.

Dress in Blue Manafon Grace Blouse in Strawberry Field


Amazon Cottagecore clothing

Lastly, Amazon’s Cottagecore offering has everything, from clothing to wallpapers, bedroom decor, and kitchen accessories.

Just type in ‘Cottagecore clothing’ or ‘Cottagecore style’ to discover a hidden world of Cottagecore treasures.

Amazon Cottagecore clothing

Moreover, most of these Cottagecore dresses and accessories are sold for double the price at their official boutiques (even though the dress is the same).

And on top of that, you’ll get free shipping and returns if you’re an Amazon Prime customer.

For this reason alone, I always recommend you check Amazon first!

Floral Hair Scarf Headbands Summer Vintage Victorian Midi Dress

Final Takeaway

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the best Cottagecore fashion brands.

I have intentionally included affordable Cottagecore brands, at $15-$20 per item, and pricier brands selling high-end Cottagecore outfits for those with a larger budget.

The Cottagecore style is all about quality; thus, even the most affordable Cottagecore stores in my article were selected for reasonable prices and good quality.

I have also included a selection of my favorite Cottagecore pieces to help you shop confidently.

Finally, if you’re a Cottagecore beginner, check out our complete style guide on how to dress Cottagecore.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which Cottagecore clothing brand in this article is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great Cottagecore fashion brands you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

How do you match your Cottagecore outfits, and what is your favorite style?

Comments below, please!

A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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  1. Thank you for this follow-up article! The first one you wrote helped me get a good sense of the cottagecore aesthetic, and you introduced me to Doen and Amantine boutique. Both turned out to be great to shop from! I’ll definitely check out these new brands you recommend in this article, especially the smaller ones to shop small. Thank you!

  2. I am more into property development and as such, have to wear mostly suits and other kinds of classic apparel. But, that doesn’t mean that I or my partner doesn’t love cottagecore fashion brands. We do and we wear them a lot, here are some of the cottagecore fashion brands we know and trust, maybe you can add them to your curation: JessaKae, SZ Blockprints, Doe and Deer Crochet, Lisa Says Gah!, Mirror Palais, For Love & Lemons, LoveShackFancy


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