20 Best Period Panties That ACTUALLY Work In 2022 (For All Flows)

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Most Comfortable Period Underwear For A Leak-Free Experience Regardless Of The Flow!

Period panties are such a big deal right now, and for a very good reason.

Taking over from disposable menstrual supplies such as pads, tampons, and liners, period underwear is cheaper, safer, and more comfortable.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the best period underwear and feminine hygiene products for a leak-free experience regardless of the ‘flows conditions.’

Top 5 Period Underwear
(Editor’s Pick)

  1. KNIX – Best Period Panties Overall
  2. BAMBODY– Best Affordable Period Panties
  3. PURE ROSY – Best Sustainable Period Panties
  4. VICTORIA’S SECRET – Best Teens Period Panties
  5. AISLE – Best Plus Size Period Underwear

Let’s start by looking at the most popular period underwear styles in 2022 – with great reviews from women from all over the world.

All period underwear in this article were checked for absorbency, comfort, leaks, price, quality, to a total of 21 data points.

Without further ado, these are the best period panties you can wear as alternatives to tampons and pads right now.

Best Period Panties Overall

Dream Short Period Panties

Dream short period panties for sleep by Knix


“Designed specifically for sleeping and overnight use in a wide range of styles.”

Shop at KNIX

= 3 Regular Tampons

Made by Knix, these super cute, full-coverage shorts are providing excellent sleeping comfort during your period.

There are many great period shorts created by Knix, part of the brand’s Leakproof collection.

However, thanks to the built-in pad, the Dream Knix period panties have the best protection against prolonged leaks.

Our testers say that you can wear them either alone or as a pajama bottom thanks to the snug fit.

Best Affordable Period Panties

Absorbent Hipster Period Panties

Period Panties Bambody Absorbent Hipster


“For such great quality, these period panties are very affordable. Plus, if you base your decision on other people’s experience, the reviews on amazon are excellent.”

Shop at AMAZON


= 2 Regular Tampons

While most period panties are on the expensive side, Bambody’s period panties are affordable and a popular choice on Amazon.

Buyers of Bambody’s light flow period panties rave all over Amazon about how comfortable they feel.

Made from rayon, a type of bamboo fabric, these period undies have an excellent absorbency level.

Plus, each pair has an extra leakproof barrier that extends from the front through the back.

Best Sustainable Period Panties

Branded Leak Protection Brief

PURE ROSY Comfortable Period Underwear


“Pure Rosy is a body-positive, sustainable, and fashionably styled period underwear brand that you’ll want to wear every day of the month.”


= 3 Regular Tampons

Pure Rosy period panties are made from hyper-absorbent fabrics, machine washable, ultra-thin, and perfect no matter what day you’re on.

Woman-owned and run, Pure Rosy aims to reduce the carbon footprint of both the brand and the wearer.

Made from high quality recycled fabrics, Pure Rosy’s underwear is luxurious, buttery soft, stretchy, and super comfortable to wear.

Pure Rosy offers three fashionable colorways and styles in Lacy V Bikini, Classic Hipster, and Banded Brief.

A size-inclusive brand, you’ll find sizes from XS to 1X perfect for everyone; these ultra-thin and absorbent panties are underwear that you will love to wear, not just because you are on your period.

Best Pink Period Panties

Pink Period Panty Shorty

Victoria Secret Pink Period Panties


“Love Victoria’s Secret new PINK period panties collection; super stylish, of amazing quality, and really comfortable.”

Shop at VS

= 3 Regular Tampons

Victoria’s Secret has recently introduced two new styles of PINK Period Panties, with three different absorbency levels.

We’ve reviewed these period panties for absorbency, comfort, and style.

They are super stylish, of fantastic quality, and comfortable.

Regarding absorbency, think of these Victoria’s Secret period panties as your first line of defense on light days.

More like a support for your moderate flow days, and leak protection on your heavy days.

Imagine all the tampons and money you could potentially save!

Best Period Panties For Youth

Shorty Panties Teens & Tweens

Shorty Panties teens and tweens period panties by Thinx BTWN


“Teen period underwear, designed with young women and teenagers in mind. A bit limited regarding the range and variety of styles, though.”


Shop at AMAZON

= 5 Regular Tampons

Here’s another excellent menstrual underwear from Thinx.

The colors, sizes, and styles of the Thinx BTWN collection are explicitly devised for younger women.

Thinx BTWN period panties possess the same functionality as the originals.

Moreover, to help teenagers and young women, the brand has launched a Fresh Start Period Kit at $59.

One of the best period underwear for girls, the kit includes three pairs in different styles.

Best Period Panties For Swiming

Menstrual Leakproof Period Swimwear

Savvi Wear Period Panties


“Three layers of technology, Savvy Wear offers the best leak-proof swimwear that provides extra comfort and security for all women.”

Shop at AMAZON

= 3 Regular Tampons

Savvy Wear is one of the first brands that introduced leak-proof swimwear to provide extra comfort and security for all women.

This quality waterproof swimwear has three layers of technology that wicks away moisture, absorbs, and stops leaks.

Savvy Wear’s period swimwear is environmentally friendly – thanks to the use of bamboo fabrics – easy to care for, and it is an excellent alternative to other disposable products used for swimming.

Most Comfortable Period Underwear

Leakproof Brief Period Underwear

Leakproof Brief period underwearby Proof


“Super comfortable, thanks to its soft fabrics and versatile design, with different levels of absorption ranging from super light to super heavy-duty.”

Shop at PROOF

= 3 Regular Tampons

Proof is a newer period underwear brand with styles ranging from light to heavy-duty.

Our testers said that the materials of these menstruation panties feel smooth, thanks to the lightweight fabric.

Great underwear to wear at the gym, I often wear them under my squat-proof leggings without any incidents.

Best Removal Pads Period Panties

Maia Hipster Panties with removable pads

Maia Hipster Panties by Lunapads


“With excellent absorbency, this period underwear has detachable inserts that you can remove.”

Shop at AISLE

= 4 Regular Tampons

Aisle’s (AKA Lunapads) period underwear is a bit different than the other period panties on this list.

The brand has created removable inserts that absorb your period (along with an absorbent liner).

Without the entire protection built-in, the insertable part feels like using a reusable pad inside your underwear.

Not all of our testers liked the concept but these period panties absorbed faster than all tested products, faster than even Thinx!

Best Stylish Period Panties

Ada Hipster Mini Leak & Stain Resistant

Ada Hipster Mini leak & stain resistant by Dear Kate


“These light period undies have an attractive lace design in sizes up to 3X. The undies are leak resistant, stain releasing, and moisture-wicking; though, not recommended for heavy days or overnight use.”


= 1 Regular Tampons

Lined with three layers of fabric and pretty lace trims, Dear Kate’s period panties are in demand right now.

‘Dear Kate’ menstrual undies are available in two different absorbencies: mini and full and a wide range of sizes (XS to 3X).

In several budget-friendly options, these panties are ideal period briefs for lighter flow days.

Best Period Thong Underwear

Leakproof Thong

Leakproof Thong by Knix


“Knix period thongs are ideal for light days, but not recommended for heavy days or overnight use.”

Shop at KNIX

= 1 Regular Tampons

To most of us here, thongs are our go-to undies of choice.

However, so far, period thongs were out of the question during that time of the month.

Until now; this pair of Knix period undies changes all that.

Not only super absorbent, but the Leakproof Thong by Knix has a fabric that dries two to three times faster than regular cotton.

As the product name implies, Knix period underwear/period thongs are made for working out, on light flow days.

Nevertheless, you can wear Knix leakproof underwear anytime you need leak protection with no compromise on your comfort and look.

Best Boyshort Period Underwear

Vegan Boyshort Period panties

Vegan Boyshort period panties by Modibodi


“This girls’ period underwear is excellent for moderate to heavy periods, with a wide range including plus-size period panties.”


= 4 Regular Tampons

If you’re not a period bikini or hiphugger fan, but mad about medical accuracy, you’ve got to try this.

Designed to stand out from Modibodi sensual hi-waist bikini line, this ‘boyshort’ period panty was designed to replace any normal underwear.

One of my favorite pairs, I find it an excellent underwear panty if you have a heavy period, lots of leaks, or even discharge days (yes, we all have them!).

Best Leak-proof Bikinis For Leggings

Bliss Seamless Bikini Period Underwear
$24.99 $19.99

Bliss Seamless bikini period underwear


“With a stitch-free design, this leak-proof underwear is excellent for wearing under the leggings during light days.”

RUBY LOVE | $19.99

WALMART | $21.00

= 1 Regular Tampons

For women on their period that want to wear leggings, these are the best panties out there.

Made by Ruby Love, these leak-proof underwear briefs work wonders under your pair of leggings.

I personally have and wear these super comfy period bikinis, finding them ideal for home yoga sessions.

Very absorbent undies, I’d use them on light leaks or as a replacement to your disposable period products.

Best Plus Size Period Panties

Period Brief Underwear

AISLE Plus Size period panties


“Available in all sizes, including plus-size, these period panties are highly customizable with a bonus absorbency booster for heavy days.”

Shop at AISLE

= 4 Regular Tampons

Equipped with an insertable section and available in all sizes, these Aisle period panties are perfect for the curvy ones!

Aisle is known for its plus-size organic cotton underwear collections that are super comfortable.

These panties can hold up to two tampons’ or pads’ worth of blood, making them perfect to lounge or even sleep in.

Styled as boy-short or boxer-brief cuts, these undies are great for heavier flow days, away from bikinis and thongs.

Best Active Days Period Panties

Absorbent Boyshort Period Panties

Absorbant Boyshort period pants by Bambody


“Great period-proof underwear for the sporty ones!”

Shop at AMAZON

= 2 Regular Tampons

Though these Bambody menstrual panties look and feel sporty, they provide extra needed protection to those with high discharge.

That’s all achieved thanks to a special absorbent layer.

Our testers found them ideal as period protection under activewear, so feel free to wear these on a period gym day.

Best Period Panties For Beginners

Reusable Period Panty

Period underwear by EvaWear


“Highly absorbent and comfortable in stylish designs.”

Shop at AMAZON

= 3 Regular Tampons

Some of you reading this are still trying to get over the yuck factor.

I was one of these people, viewing panties as underwear for old women only.

But that’s so wrong and now I have lots of menstrual undies for different occasions.

Yet, to those new to period panties, you’ve to got to try these.

EvaWear period panties come with a great design that will make you feel very comfortable.

Also, made from a moisture-wicking fabric, these undies are highly absorbent and designed to keep you cool and dry even on your heaviest flow days.

Best Period Shorts

Period Training Shorts
$65.00 $45.50

THINX Period Boxer Short


“Comfortable menstruation panty with customizable inserts and washable period pads in just minutes; ideal for training.”

Shop at THINX

Shop at AMAZON

= 5 Regular Tampons

Another pair of menstrual undies from Thinx, these are, arguably, the most versatile absorbencies on the market right now.

Technically, these aren’t period panties but you’ll see why we’ve included them in our tests.

Impressive and necessary, these running shorts/panties have a super-flattering style.

Made of super-absorbent four-layer tech fabric to prevent leaks, these running briefs are a must-have to any active woman.

If you suffer from heavy period flow or constant bladder leaks, this is one of the best pairs of period panties out there right now.

Best Period Lingerie

Sensation Period Hipster

Lace lingerie style period panties by Intimate Portal


“Sexy looking design, with excellent period panties reviews on Amazon. However, the brand doesn’t offer plus-size panties.”

AMAZON | $24.99

= 2 Regular Tampons

These lacy mid-rise hiphuggers by Intimate Portal are the best period lingerie on the market right now.

Not only do they come in a variety of colors, but they also offer strong leak-proof layers to protect you during your period.

Moreover, apart from excellent protection from leaks, our testers found them very handy in cases of postpartum bleeding and incontinence.

Best Disposable Period Panties

Disposable Menstrual Underwear

Disposable period panties by Undiepads


“Vey convenient and highly absorbent with lots of positive reviews on Amazon.”

Shop at AMAZON

= 2 Regular Tampons

If you suffer from unpredictable leaks, these disposable menstrual absorbencies are ideal for you.

Cheap and effective, these panties are made with a built-in pad that absorbs up to three times the amount of a regular pad.

You can wear them as a normal pair of underwear, or mix them with other disposable products if needed.

Moreover, as they’re fully recyclable, you can just toss them away without regret of destroying the environment even further.

Best Period Panties For Heavy Flow

Proof Heavy Flow Collection

Proof Heavy Flow Period Panties


“These period panties are great for those with heavy menstrual cycles. Ideal for overnight use and backup protection.”

Shop at PROOF

= 5 Regular Tampons

These Proof super absorbent period panties are designed by healthcare professionals for both, those with a leaky bladder and those suffering from heavy flow days.

Prood’s heavy flow collection offers additional protection when you need it the most.

Best Period Panties For Sleep

Hiphugger Period Underwear

Thinx Hiphugger Period Panties


“Lovely look and feel. The panties wash well even at low temperatures and it does not shrink. However, a bit expensive compared to similar products.”


Shop at TARGET

= 3 Regular Tampons

Thinx is one of the best period underwear brands on this list.

Thinx is so popular for two good reasons:

  1. All Thinx undies we’ve tried took our 21 point tests with flying colors.
  2. All of our testers loved Thinx’s period panties.

One participant said she was sure there are no stylish, comfortable, and functional period panties until she tried a pair of Thinx.

There’s no surprise that Thinx period panties score the highest in our tests.

On the negative, compared to a maxi pad, Thinx’s period panties take a bit longer to absorb liquids.


Since publishing this article, many of our readers have contacted us, pointing to potential PFAS contamination on Thinx underwear.

Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) molecules have been shown to accumulate in humans and cause several adverse health outcomes.

We have approached the Thinx for a statement on the issue, with no reply to date.

In our email, we asked Thinx for independent lab tests and third-party certifiers regarding the claims on their website.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

Buyer’s Guide To Shopping Period Panties

Now that you have great ideas of the best brands of period undies, it’s time to have a quick read on how to choose the best ones.

When shopping for period underwear, it’s important to consider the following three factors:


As you have read above, you can measure the absorbency of period underwear by checking the equivalent number of tampons the undie can absorb.

Ensure that the water-resistant layer is of high quality.

You’d want to ensure that you won’t have to wear additional pads anymore while using period underwear, since doing so defeats its purpose.


There are different styles of period underwear such as high-waist and low-waist undies.

Sexy or cheeky designs of period undies are also available, and you can buy them online from reputable stores, such as EBY and other undergarment stores.


Check the material of the period panties you’ll purchase.

The most durable ones are those made of cotton and bamboo fabric.

It also pays off buying period undies made of odor-eliminating fabric and ones that can wick off moisture.

Benefits of Using Period Panties

Most of them are reusable so you’re saving money and the environment at the same time.

Period panties are the most cost-effective choice if you want to cut back on waste.

However, to enjoy the benefits it is critical to find the most suitable period panty for you.

Chances are you will experience a leak or mishap even if you’re wearing tampons or pads.

Period undies can help, either as a backup or at the end of your period.

Moreover, it is much more comfortable to wear them than tampons or menstrual cups.

Period Panties FAQs

What Are Period Panties?

Period panties look and feel like regular underwear, with one big difference.

They are designed for that time of the month, with protective layers of fabric that prevent blood from leaking through.

Also, compared to disposables, period panties are much more economic and sustainable.

Most pads and regular tampons (we go through tens of thousands in a lifetime) end up in landfills or down the toilet, with serious consequences for the environment.

Is Wearing Period Underwear Safe?

Those of you used to pads, tampons, and menstrual cups might shake heads at the idea of wearing menstrual underwear.

But, trust me, investing in a pair will save your mental sanity and bedsheets.

Period panties are sanitary and are designed with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties to prevent odors.

However, to stay safe it is critical to choose the right period panty, based on your needs and how heavy your menstrual flow is.

If you’re nervous about using menstrual underwear for the first time, I recommend trying them on first.

Start by using them as extra protection against leaks on your light days.

You can also pair them with other disposable products, such as tampons or menstrual cups.

How Does Period Underwear Work?

Some menstrual panties are designed to be worn only as backups to a tampon or menstrual cup.

Others are built with multiple layers for more difficult periods and extra protection.

For example, Thinx underwear (a popular period panty label) has four different layers of protection:

  • moisture-wicking cotton
  • odor-trapping lining
  • super-absorbent fabric
  • leak-resistant barrier

Can I Wear Period Undies All Day?

Yes, if you follow the correct cleaning routine.

To keep your period undies clean, you must rinse them first under cold water.

Only after, you can put them in the washing machine.

You have to make sure you clean your period underwear properly as leftover blood can lead to bacterial growth.

Once properly cleaned, you can use them all day, feeling safe, secure, and sustainable.

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Now it’s your turn…

For those of you new to period panties, what took you so long?

Which one of these period underwear brands is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great brands of period panties you want to add to this list?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below so other women and girls can benefit from your expertise.


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