12 Best Print-On-Demand Companies for Shirts, Books, Art, and more

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The print-on-demand approach requires zero investment while giving you complete control over the product design, sales, and even revenue.

By design, print-on-demand companies let users create and dropship custom-made products only when orders are placed.

The business model works great for any product, but t-shirts and books are two of the most ordered goods right now.

So, if you run a fashion business and want to know how to take your brand to the next level, I recommend you the print-on-demand model.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 12 print-on-demand companies you can use to create tons of products, gain access to millions of customers worldwide, and earn great affiliate commissions.

What is Print-On-Demand?

Print on demand is an all-including business model that comprises dedicated mock-up and design software services, printing and manufacturing, and in some cases, dedicated online marketplaces with millions of customers.

The services offered by print-on-demand companies depend on the industry they target, but in the case of fashion, some of the most popular POD services are garment design, branding, labeling, printing, coloring, manufacturing, delivery, and even customer reviews.

How Does Print-On-Demand Work?

All POD companies rely on custom-made and built-in software services that allow the users to set up a no upfront costs business of designing and printing products.

1. Print-on-demand Companies

Print-on-demand e-commerce platforms

Once you create an account with a print-on-demand company, you have access to a world of business tools.

Print-on-demand software infrastructure, full rights to product photos, independent artists’ labels, creative design, graphic designs, custom apparel, and even custom frames.

Moreover, the software platform integrates swiftly with a wide range of POD services – care of manufacturing, drop shipping services, and fulfillment models – to help you design and sell custom or private label products.

2. Print-on-demand Service

Print-on-demand suppliers & services

In the past, print-on-demand companies were simple service providers that could manufacture on-demand products for customers.

Nowadays, leading print-of-demand companies (like those I discuss in this article) provide users with dedicated mockup generators that can be used to design custom products.

In many ways, these companies go the extra mile by giving you several other related services, such as access to artist shops to get inspired.

Or, access to e-commerce marketplaces to sync and sell your final products – be that on-demand books or t-shirt mockups.

You can also sync with your own online store and import products, add shipping options, shipping costs, shipping times, shipping rates, and so on.

The print-on-demand service provider is also responsible for quality control and customer service, not just the fulfillment of your orders – at retail price.

3. Print-on-demand Marketplaces

Print-on-demand Marketplaces

Print-on-demand marketplaces are a new addition to the business model and grant customers the ability to sell products on dedicated marketplaces with millions of users and reviews.

The upside is that you don’t have to advertise your products or spend money on marketing since the marketplace already has a pre-existing audience set.

On the downside, you will only have a fixed fee as profit, and also, the print-on-demand marketplace will ultimately own the rights to your online shop – as hosted and maintained on their site.

12 Best Print-On-Demand Companies

1. WIX

WIX Print-on-demand

Wix Print on Demand is for those who want to have complete control over their business.

At Wix, you can easily create and sell unique print-on-demand products thanks to several third-party integrations.

The platform works hand in hand with top suppliers and will allow you to set up a fully automated fashion business with minimal costs, if any at all.

Plus, the site offers multiple pre-built templates, art prints, popular prints, and original designs, all printed on demand and ready to turn into physical products.

Finally, you can edit these templates using a simple drag-and-drop editor or even design your online store from scratch if you want.


GOOTEN Print-on-demand

Gooten is a print-on-demand company that focuses on supplying unique products – be that flip-flops, framed prints, or apparel products.

To start with, the company will provide you with a free mockup generator for designing your aesthetic clothing line.

Once you’ve designed your products, you can sell them on any independent eCommerce platform or online marketplace of your choice.

In any case, Gooten swiftly integrates and provides a semi-automated online business that you can operate from the comfort of your home.

The company also offers custom artwork and custom designs in several categories, such as home and lifestyle, wall art, books, and many more.

I like this print-of-demand company not only for its great digital printing techniques and custom print products but also for the custom packing slips that always impress customers.

In short, once you have designed the product you wish to sell – be that fashion apparel or books, the company will create it and fulfill the order for you.


PRINTFUL print-on-demand

Printful is a great print-on-demand supplier that integrates with top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces for fast manufacturing and shipping products to customers for a good profit.

The company offers base prices for most customizable products.

Personally, I find their demand platform well-designed and easy to use, especially if you’re into demand dropshipping or demand sales.

Moreover, you can get a 20% discount on bulk printing orders as the company offers multiple print methods, including DTG, sublimation, and much more.

You can also expect fast International shipping since they have worldwide fulfillment centers.


RUSH print on demand

Rush Order Tees is unique amongst print-on-demand companies thanks to its free shipment tracking system, created to allow customers to track any product, anywhere, at any time.

I also recommend Rush as a unique place for artist shops – ex: independent artists that offer personalized t-shirt mockups.

The site is also suitable for those searching for individual print-on-demand models, as the brand offers upselling and custom branding with a quick turnaround time.

Moreover, the company’s fulfillment model and care of manufacturing are out of this world.


TEESPRING print on demand

Teespring is an independent print-on-demand marketplace with a fixed commission for designing and selling unique clothing styles.

You can design T-shirts and apparel, and they will take care of printing and fulfillment.

You just create and list your products, and there are no monthly subscription fees.

Of course, Teespring provides you with a fixed profit margin, but you won’t have complete control over your business.

However, if you want to earn some additional cash with zero investment or costs, Teespring is an excellent place to start.


SPOD print on demand

SPOD is a printing supplier managed by Spreadshirt, a company with over 20 years of experience in designing custom products.

You can use SPOD along with an eCommerce platform to offer your clients a complete interface for designing and selling their own products.

While SPOD has fulfillment centers in Europe and the USA, I recommend you use Rush’s print-on-demand friendly shipment solution and allow your customers to track their orders.


CUSTOMCAT print on demand

CustomCat is a print-on-demand company more suitable for high-volume fashion businesses.

Yet, not many people know that CustomCat is open to all designs and selling services, as low as 1 unit, provided you pay the asked price.

In addition, the company acts as a reliable service dropshipping supplier for any custom products, such as hoodies, mugs, photo frames, custom sneakers, and many more.


BOUTIQUESETUP print on demand

BoutiqueSetup is not a print-on-demand company but a free resource for learning everything about print-on-demand and dropshipping business.

Here, you can also learn how to launch your online boutique and market your eCommerce business.

Moreover, the company verifies and handpicks top print-on-demand companies as trustworthy service suppliers from across the globe.


PRINTIFY print on demand

This print-on-demand company is one of the few independent print providers from all providers on my list.

Unlike Gooten or other platforms that work with high-quality print factories, Printify relies on local providers to fulfill their orders.

That said, Printify does offer some unique printing services for fashion products so it is worth exploring their eCommerce store services.


TEELAUNCH print on demand

Teelaunch is another great print-on-demand service with multiple production facilities around the globe.

The uniqueness of this company is that it integrates with online marketplaces like Etsy to offer fast shipments all over the world.

Moreover, the company has products in multiple categories, including accessories, apparel, dinnerware, drinkware, home goods, office, art, and even electronics.


SPREADSHIRT print on demand

Spreadshirt is a print-on-demand company with over 20+ years of experience and selling custom t-shirts and clothing.

The business model works by letting you design, advertise and sell products on their marketplace for a small commission percentage on every fulfilled order.

Not only do they take care of the printing and fulfillment but also the payment and customer reviews, so this is a great place to start if you have no customers or a brand name.


REDBUBBLE print on demand

The last on our list is Redbubble, a custom printing marketplace with a significant profit margin.

Here, you can design and sell all kinds of products, including clothing, masks, phone cases, t-shirts, shoes, bags, jackets, and many more.

A great platform with competitive prices for business printing services, Redbubble’s integration access, creative Control, and cost of manufacturing make it one of the best e-commerce solutions right now.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!


Hope you enjoyed my take on print-on-demand companies, business model, and leading websites.

The key with print-on-demand is to start small by designing and selling products on associated marketplaces with millions of customers.

Yet, remember that your success depends on several other factors, such as consumer demand, product quality, manufacturing costs, and above all, your profit.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried any of these print-on-demand companies?

If so, which one is your favorite and why?

Are there any other great print-on-demand companies you feel I should add to my list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your experience and knowledge.

Growing up in western PEI, Bruce Knox blends his extensive public health, non-profit, and public sector background with a deep love for innovative technologies to bring people together in healthier communities and environments.

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