10 Best Rave Clothing Stores For CUTE Rave Outfits (In 2022)

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From Plus Size Rave Clothes To Cheap EDC Festival Rave Outfit Ideas!

Rave outfits showcase uniqueness, expressiveness, and a style of total freedom.

Rave clothes, also known as rave gear or festival wear, are the fastest way to showcase the unique you.

That’s because rave outfits comprise stylistic details, fun prints, materials, and colors not found in a daily wardrobe.

However, since the attire of the rave subculture is so specific, you shop only from dedicated rave clothing stores.

From rave shorts to cut-out rave bodysuits, holographic rave clothes, and minimalistic rave wear, here are the best places to find CUTE rave outfits online.


10 Best Rave Clothing Stores

Best Rave Outfits for EDC

Best Plus-Size Rave Outfits

Best Rave Outfits for Winter

Best Simple Style Rave Outfits

The Cutest Rave Outfits

Baddie Style Rave Outfits

Best Neon Rave Outfits

Best Rave Outfits for Couples

Best Black Goth Style Rave Outfits

Best Affordable Rave Outfits


Best Rave Outfits For EDC Festivals

From $6.97

iHeartRaves EDC Rave Outfits
iHeartRaves EDC Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“With a wide selection of rave sets in multiple aesthetics, iHeartRaves is an all-in-one rave clothing source for EDC Festivals and affordable rave apparel.”

Shop Now

Founded in 2011 by a rave couple, iHeartRaves is an online rave clothing store specializing in popular rave clothing perfect for festivals.

From rave bikinis to rave bras and tank tops, iHeartRaves’ online clothing store carries hundreds of affordable rave outfits for men and women.

Moreover, not only iHeartRaves’ selection is trendy and affordable, but the brand’s rave outfits for women come in extra-large sizes for all body shapes.

You can also shop the website for rave shoes and accessories to complete your rave set.


Best Plus Size Rave Outfits

From $15

FREEDOM Plus Size Rave Outfits
FREEDOM Plus Size Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“Embracing inclusivity by featuring plus-size models, Freedom is an online rave boutique specializing in high-quality handcrafted pieces that can’t be found anywhere else.”

Shop Now

Freedom Rave Wear (FRW) is a rave clothing store founded in 2014 with the mission to create well-made sustainable clothing in the form of techno-style rave outfits.

A festival shop at its core, every rave wear style from the brand is made by hand in San Diego, California.

Rave culture is about being yourself and expressing your individuality, and FRW supports this message by offering everybody a line of plus-size rave outfits.


Best Rave Outfits for Winter

From $29.50

LARS Winter Rave Outfits
LARS Winter Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“Outwear that fits the rave scene won’t clash with your sexy rave outfits, so you can stay warm while you party all night.”

Shop Now

Rave festivals are held year-round, and you might attend a few that are too cold for your typical attire.

Not to worry, though; LASR‘s groovy rave selection is designed to make your outfit stay functional while still looking cute.

Sporting the hottest rave wear trends in 2022, you can choose from various dusters, jackets, and hoodies in fun prints and novel fabrics.

Nasty Gal

Best Simple Rave Outfits

from $7

Nasty Gal Simple Rave Outfits
Nasty Gal Simple Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“For ravers that seek low-key fashion, Nasty Gal has a wide selection of rave-ready outfits and accessories you can wear at a rave or for a night out in town with the girls.”

Shop Now

Nasty Gal has been a trendy retailer for over a decade, offering cute rave attire for girls seeking to express their style without paying a high price.

The brand’s selection of rave outfits features neon rave bodysuits, sequins, and fringe to spice up your raver wardrobe.

Nasty Gal also carries rave sets that include rave gloves, rave rompers, and rebellious fashion flared pants you can match with crop tops.

Dolls Kill

The Cutest Rave Outfits

From $9

Dolls Kill Cute Rave Outfits
Dolls Kill Cute Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“Designed for those who love to be different, Dolls Kill’s fashion gear and festival clothing pieces are all about standing out from mainstream fashion.”

Shop Now

Specialized in fun statement pieces, Dolls Kill is an online apparel company founded in San Francisco, California, in 2011.

Unlike other stores like Dolls Kill, The brand’s selection of rave wear is edgy and cute, resembling and matching aesthetic clothing from kawaii to streetwear.

For ravers that want to try before buying, the company has two retail locations for in-person shopping in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Rave Wonderland

Best Baddie Rave Outfits

From $9.95

Rave Wonderland Baddie Rave Outfits
Rave Wonderland Baddie Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“Baddie ravers, look no further than Rave Wonderland for flattering rave fashion and essential items for women of all shapes and sizes.”

Shop Now

Rave Wonderland was launched because the label’s founder could never find rave pieces unique enough to fit her style.

Eventually, the designer took matters into her own hands and started making her outfits and selling them via a brand that became the home of fashion trendsetters.

Nowadays, Rave Wonderland is one of the top online clothing stores offering baddie rave clothing at affordable prices so you can save money for festival tickets.


Best Reflective Neon Rave Outfits

From $3.50

SheIn Neon Rave Outfits
SheIn Neon Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“If ‘all eyes on you’ is the goal, look no further than SHEIN’s digital items, expressive fashion, and eclectic reflective rave pieces.”

Shop Now

Shein‘s vast selection of innovative fashion and fun statement pieces comes at some of the lowest prices, so fill your raver closet with tons of rave outfit ideas and never run out of inspiration.

Everything goes at Shein, from psychedelic male festival fashion from fandom fashion brands to handmade pieces and must-have items like rave clothing corset tops and rhinestone bodysuits.

Above all, Shein’s reflective neon pieces are bright and emit an electric feel that fits EDM events.


Best Rave Outfits for Couples

From $25

Cyberdog Rave Outfits For Couples
Cyberdog Rave Outfits For Couples (thevou.com)


“With collections that fit assorted styles for couples rave outfits, Cyberdog’s ‘drive-in raves’ and ‘devil rave outfits’ makes the site a top choice for matching outfits.”

Shop Now

Ideal for rave couples who love to match at festivals, Cyberdog’s store is ideal for coordinating sets.

The Cyberdog brand is designed for adults and offers multiple collections for men and women, as well as gender-neutral clothing collections, including apparel, accessories, and even rave masks.

Attitude Clothing

Best Black Goth & Punk Rave Outfits

From $15.70

Attitude Clothing Gothic Rave Outfits
Attitude Clothing Gothic Rave Outfits (thevou.com)


“Blending far-east fashion with the goth appeal, Punk Rave offers a selection of colorful fashion that’s sure to be a standout at any festival.”

Shop Now

Fans of alternative clothing can fill their closets with a rare selection of black goth clothing, available only at Punk Rave.

The brand aims to stand out amongst other rave retailers and is committed to making clothing for the new generation of rave and punk lovers.

In plaid patterns, leather fabrics, black mesh pieces, and rave skirts with body chains, Punk Rave’s collection is for hardcore ravers.

Amazon Fashion

Best Rave Outfits For Guys

From $7.99

Amazon Fashion Rave Outfits For Guys
Amazon Fashion Rave Outfits For Guys (thevou.com)


“Available from the global online retailer where you can buy anything, Amazon’s rave clothing offering for women, men, and unisex is modern, eclectic, and affordable.”

Shop Now

Nowadays, Amazon is the world’s largest online clothing store, and the rave outfits category is no exception to the rule.

The company’s large number of warehouses allows for rapid delivery, even on standard shipping, to get your last-minute rave pieces ASAP.

In general, men’s rave clothing is harder to come by than women’s, but Amazon’s selection is excellent.

For example, you can put together a perfect rave outfit for men comprised of a stylish rave shirt, a colorful rave top, solid color rave bottoms, rave shoes, and a rave mask, all for under $50.


Garments have always been a way to express yourself.

Rave outfits, with unique designs and styles not seen in everyday fashion, are the best at doing that.

As the rave community grows and evolves, the number of dedicated rave clothing brands also grows.

The 10 rave clothing stores curated in this article have options for all ages, sexes, and body types.

From beginners who want to discover and try rave clothes to hardcore ravers looking for specialist rave outfits.

Many of these online rave shops carry collections that fit specific aesthetics like kawaii, goth, streetwear, plus size rave outfits, unisex rave apparel, and more cute outfits.

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Which one of these 10 rave clothing stores is your favorite and why?

Do you know of any top-quality rave clothing stores you want to add to this list?

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