Women’s Shapewear ULTIMATE Guide For Waist & Tummy Control (In 2022)

The Must-Have Undergarments For Every Woman With Any Body Shape

Shapewear solves a problem most women have, and here’s why you need to have one, no matter how fit you are.

We all envy those perfect looks showcased on mannequins in fashion stores.

But clothes looking good on a mannequin does not necessarily mean it’ll look the same on you.

That’s because the human body has natural bulges here and there, and a bit of weight accentuates the issue.

Research shows that over 83% of women are concerned and dissatisfied with their body weight and shape, despite being at a healthy weight range.

Hitting the gym and improving your diet are the most surefire long-term solutions to perfecting your body shape.

The alternative, cheaper and less taxing on your body is to wear shapewear that’s make you look like a greek goddess once again.

But before you order your shapewear, let’s see what it is and how it works.

Without further ado, this is the best guide to women’s shapewear for 2022 and beyond.

What Is Shapewear?

What is Shapewear

Shapewear is tightly fitted undergarments designed to give selected parts of your body the requisite support and a flattering shape.

Back then, most shapewear was too tight and would push body fat in the wrong way, hence failing to achieve the goal of flattening bulges.

But designers have, so far, significantly improved their understanding of how these foundation garments work.

As of now, you can purchase extremely comfortable shapewear that perfectly fits your body size.

Wearing these underneath your cocktail dress, pencil skirt, office clothes, or jeans and t-shirt makes you look sleeker and slimmer.

6 Main Types Of Shapewear

There are several types of shapewear designed to sculpt various body parts.

Ladies are usually concerned about the look of their bottoms, thighs, torso, hips, bust, legs, and arms.

There’s a matching body shaper for all these parts, as outlined below:

Waist Cincher

Women's Waist Cincher Shapewear

A waist cincher is more of a wide belt worn around the torso. It’s usually firm enough to pull in the stomach, smooth out your tummy bulges, support your back, and help create an hourglass figure.

An hourglass body shape comprises a nipped-in waist and protruding bottoms and boobs.

It’s an attraction factor for men and, thus, an essential component of sex appeal.

Waist cinchers start right under the bust and extend to the waist or hips.

Some cover only the torso, while others extend to the nether regions, such that you won’t need to put on an additional panty.

You’d want to go for those with adjustable straps, which allow you to tighten the garment to your preferred degree of comfort.

Otherwise, you can also choose the zipped varieties or those with hooks and eyes.

Ecowalson Corset Cincher Body Shaper

ECOWALSON Corset Cincher Body Shaper

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Kimikal Tummy Control Torso Shapewear

KIMIKAL Tummy Control Torso Shapewear

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Shaping Panties

Shaping Panties Shapewear

Shaping panties double up as a cover for your intimate areas and a sculpting garment for the derriere and lower abdomen.

Their construction aids in defining and lifting your rear, making it look attractively firm under your tight dress or skirt.

It’s an excellent choice if you’re concerned about your sagging bottoms, especially for plus size.

Additionally, shaping panties help hide your lower abdomen contours.

This way, your waist-area curves flow smoothly from the hips, across the torso, and up to the bust.

Knix-High Rise Shaper Brief

Knix High Rise Shaper Brief

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Knix-High Rise Shaper Brief

Knix High Rise Shaper Panties

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Bodysuits shapewear

Bodysuits target the area from the bust to the hip.

They eliminate the need to have separate panties, torso shapewear, and bras.

You’ll surely enjoy the all-in-one shapewear solution.

Wearing bodysuits is now a popular fashion trend among top celebrities across the world.

The more daring ones step out in such shapewear with minimal additional outfits. Perhaps only a pair of denim shorts or an oversized sheer top.

You’d want to mimic your favorite icons and step out in similar fashionable outfits.

Spotlight Lace Satin Thong Bodysuit

Spanx Spotlight On Thong Bodysuit

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OnCore Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Spanx OnCore Open-Bust Bodysuit

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Shaping Shorts

Shaping Shorts Shapewear

These are somewhat similar to shaping panties, only that they extend to the mid-thighs instead of the bum cheeks.

Their upper section also reaches the bottom lining of the bust.

Thus, they tighten the upper thighs, bum, and lower abdomen.

They’re an excellent undergarment choice for everyday clothing, such as skirts, dresses, shorts, and jeans trousers.

You can also wear the padded ones if your buttocks aren’t as shapely, enhanced, and rounded as you’d want them to be.

And you’re guaranteed to acquire a fancy look similar to the attractive divas you see on the screen.

Skims Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short

Skims Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short

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Skims Sculpting Mid Thigh Gusset

Skims Sculpting Mid Thigh Gusset

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Shapewear Camisoles

Shapewear Camisoles

These have a more intricate construction than your average camisoles.

They give a flawless shape to your upper body, smoothing out any extra lumps.

You can wear them over your regular bras and panties to camouflage any straps and hemlines.

They also help render a sleek and slim silhouette underneath your flowing dresses

Classic Socialight Camisoles

Classic Socialight Camisoles

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Suit Your Fancy Open-Bust Cami

Suit Your Fancy Open-Bust Cami

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Arm Shapers

Arm Shapers Shapewear

If you fancy leaner-looking arms, as numerous other women do, wear arm shapers.

They admirably hide the excess layers of skin on your arms.

Furthermore, they aid in pulling your shoulders into a more natural position as your work behind your desk.

This is a shrewd and effortless way of correcting poor posture, which is prevalent among many office workers.

LEONISA Invisible ¾ Sleeve Arm Shaper

LEONISA Invisible Arm Shaper

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LEONISA Smoothing ¾ Sleeve Arm Shaper

LEONISA Smoothing Arm Shaper

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How To Choose Shapewear (4 Steps)

When you use shapewear to enhance your body shape, be careful not to interfere with the natural functioning of your body organs.

Here are 4 practical tips you should follow when choosing the best shapewear for you:

1. Go for a perfect fit

Some women have the misconception that it’s best to go for one size under to achieve maximum compression.

Doing this only makes you uncomfortable, so you won’t feel free moving around and handling your daily chores.

Tight shapewear can also excessively push your body fat and create unsightly bulges instead of covering them up.

So, make a point of choosing the perfect fit for your body size.

2. Wear shapewear during a dress fitting

If you’re having your dresses made by a tailor, wear your shapewear to enable them to fit your apparel with the proper dimensions and contour in place.

The result will be more appealing than if you hadn’t gone with your shapewear.

3. Choose light colors

Light colors are the best for shapewear.

So, limit your options to creams, whites, off-whites, and flesh-colored ones.

Bolder colors, like black and red, may not look appealing under light-colored outfits.

But if you’re putting on shapewear for a romantic night with your partner, feel free to explore the red and black ones.

4. Consider breathability

Nylon and spandex are the preferred material for shapewear because of their compression characteristics.

But note that these are synthetic materials that don’t breathe.

This increases your risk of trapping moisture and getting a yeast or bacterial infection.

Therefore, you’d want to limit their use to the colder months.

For hotter seasons, go for cotton shapewear, as they’re more breathable.


Thus far, you have a solid grasp of the different types of shapewear you can put on to enhance your body curves and hide the flaws.

Also, you know the primary factors to consider when shopping for shapewear.

Use this knowledge to buy the perfect shapewear for your body size and type.

This way, you’ll significantly boost your confidence with your flawless and admirable body.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these shapewear types are you going to try first?

Are there any other types of shapewear you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Comments below, please!

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