Momcozy Launches High-Reward Challenge to Celebrate Working Mums

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In the whirlwind of motherhood, the challenges working mothers face daily are complex and often underestimated.

Caring for little ones while juggling a career is demanding, costly, and stressful; finally, mothers worldwide have an ally they can trust, ready to help.

By offering support, products, and a platform for other mothers’ stories to be heard, the company stands alongside breastfeeding mothers worldwide.

Who’s Momcozy?

Launched in 2017, Momcozy is a leader in motherhood and fertility products favored by over two million moms worldwide for incorporating their feedback into the design process.


About the #WorkingCozyMom Campaign

Momcozy’s #WorkingCozyMom campaign acknowledges the efforts and commitment of all working mothers who balance careers and family.

Launched in honor of ‘Working Parents Day’ on September 16, the #WorkingCozyMom Momcozy campaign comprises thoughtful gifts to make working moms’ lives easier.

The highlight product of the #WorkingCozyMom campaign is the V1 Hands-Free Breast Pump.

V1 pump is a marvel of innovation for mothers yearning for flexibility, freedom, and the power to embrace their roles without sacrificing autonomy.

Momcozy V1 pump

Innovative, convenient, and comfortable, the V1 prevents spills, allowing pumping moms to multitask everywhere, at work or home, without needing a wall outlet.

The pump enhances efficiency and increases production by featuring micro-vibration technology to stimulate milk flow. The gentle massaging function ensures a painless, deep lactation experience, maximizing milk output.

Powered by two included batteries, the pump weighs 2.38 pounds, offering a hassle-free pumping experience.

The pump is BPA-free and made from food-grade silicone, so it is safe for both mom and baby.

The pump’s one fast charging session of 1.5 hours provides up to six pumping sessions.

With three modes and nine intensity levels easily adjusted via an intelligent display, the pump imitates the natural suckling position of a baby to minimize nipple pain and discomfort.

Over 20 Exciting Rewards

The #WorkingCozyMom campaign comprises 20 rewards in money and products, carefully curated to help working mothers immediately!

  • Top 1 Prize: $1000 Amazon gift card + Momcozy V1 Hands-free Breastpump(worth $199.99)
  • 2nd-4th Prizes: $500 Amazon gift card + Momcozy V1 Hands-free Breastpump(worth $199.99)
  • 5th-20th Prizes: $200 Momcozy gift card

How to Enter the #WorkingCozyMom Challenge

Let’s use the power of storytelling to make a positive impact and contribute to a more inclusive representation of breastfeeding experiences.

Participating in the Momcozy #WorkingCozyMom challenge is straightforward – share your working mom stories and use the hashtag #WorkingCozyMom.

However, you can increase your winning chances by commenting on @momcozy’s post and by tagging @momcozy and other moms.

Momcozy instagram

The campaign is an opportunity to unite working mothers’ voices as a community of strength, support, and success!

So whether you work in nursing, entrepreneurship, education, creativity, or media, share your story to inspire and uplift others like you on this remarkable motherhood journey.

Follow Momcozy on social media, join the Momcozy Challenge, and capture every moment with the #WorkingCozyMom hashtag across all platforms:

  • Instagram: @momcozy
  • Facebook:@momcozy
  • YouTube:@momcozy
  • Official website:

While there is much work to be done, campaigns like this can create the meaningful changes needed to allow mothers to feel comfortable and confident nourishing their children.

Campaign Extras

As part of the #WorkingCozyMom campaign, Momcozy has a dedicated page on its official site with over 25% discounts on pumps, accessories, pumping bras, and other maternity-inspired products to support working parents.

Under the motto “Make a Difference for Working Moms,” the page with special offers is available here.

“Our goal has always been to support mothers in their parenting journey. So whether it’s a wearable breast pump or a pumping bra, each product we develop is according to their invaluable input,” said Ella, Marketing Manager of Momcozy.

Is this Momcozy’s first attempt of this kind?

Momcozy has long advocated for moms’ well-being and provided high-quality products for many years.

Since 2021, Momcozy has been actively supporting mothers by annually organizing events during World Breastfeeding Week. In 2023, Momcozy is launching a Breastfeeding Support Program as part of a global initiative to uplift working parents.

The program includes a Lactation Consultant Scholarship Fund, covering full exam fees for moms who pass the IBCLC exam. This is Momcozy’s first step towards promoting breastfeeding by alleviating financial burdens.

With the continued commitment to moms and their families, Momcozy is more than just a brand but a valuable ally to mothers from around the globe.

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