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From bold designs in bright shades to chic styles in muted colors, these are the best nail ideas of 2024

Moving on from ombre styles and neon manicures, this year’s best nail art ideas comprise unique aesthetic elements unheard of before.

Time to explore over 120 nail pics curated by length, design, nail tip style, color, season, and occasion to inspire your next look.

Nail Ideas by Length (Short, Medium, Long)

The length of the nails will always dictate the most suitable design.

Short nails should avoid specific shapes and styles (to prevent looking even shorter), while medium and longer nails should focus a lot on the overall matching style.

Short Nail Ideas

Short Nail Ideas
Short Nail Ideas – thevou.com

In the case of short nails, the shape is critical to creating the illusion of longer nails.

The best choice is tapered oval and square shapes while avoiding flat square nails – making your nails look shorter.

In terms of nail designs for short nails, avoid French tips, as they’ll make your short nails look even shorter, and opt for a daintier, curved tip.

Negative space nails work wonders for shorter nails, and a clean sheer base minimizes the attention on the nail and focuses on the art.

Medium Nail Ideas

Medium Nail Ideas
Medium Nail Ideas – thevou.com

In a perfect blend of style and function, medium-length nails are easy to wear, won’t get in the way, and provide plenty of space to design.

Design ideas for medium-length nails range from simple and understated to bold and eye-catching.

This year, the subtle stripes and pretty petals are deemed the most popular design ideas for medium-size nails.

Long Acrylic Nail Ideas

Long Acrylic Nail Ideas
Long Acrylic Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Long acrylic nails remain the most popular choice among all artificial nails.

Long acrylic nails provide your mani with enhancements natural nails can do, such as extreme nail length and unique shapes.

The design and style choices here are endless; it all depends on the overall fashion choice and attire you will wear.

Nail Ideas by Design

This year’s most popular nail designs revolve around twists on the classic French manicure, rainbow nails, and velvet nails.

But, with so many nail shapes, there’s something for every vibe, mood, and style.

Cute Nail Designs

Cute Nail Ideas
Cute Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Popularized as the cutest nail styles and ideas of 2024, abstract nail designs are taking over Instagram and TikTok.

But, if you prefer the classic French manicure and want to add a layer of cuteness, pair it with two shades of pink.

Thin lines also look super cute on shorter nails, while thicker tips also give acrylic nails a subtle touch of cuteness.

Simple Nail Designs

Simple Nail Ideas
Simple Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Simple nails have a pleasant and relaxing feel.

Sometimes, the most fabulous nail art isn’t an elaborate decal or a mix of bright colors but pure, simple bliss.

Think negative space, small dots, French tips, fresh colors, glitter accents, etc.

Classy Nail Designs

Classy Nail Ideas
Classy Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Classy nails are non-negotiable for weddings, cocktail parties, dinners, and fancy events.

There’s a place and time for wild and crazy nails, but choose the classy nail look for more informal events.

If you love to do your nails, press-on nail kits are huge right now!

Coffin Nail Designs

Coffin Nail Ideas
Coffin Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Until recently, there were only two popular nail shapes: round and square.

While the coffin nail shape has been around for decades, it hasn’t received much attention until now.

The name is weird, but the look is super stylish, loved, and sported by superstars and style icons worldwide.

Bold, stylish, and versatile, coffin nails are the most popular choice.

French Tip Nail Designs

French Tip Nail Ideas
French Tip Nail Ideas – thevou.com

The French tip nail style fell out of favor for a while because of the need for more creativity.

However, the French manicure remains one of the most loved styles, with undeniable celebrity power.

The French tip nail is back with a fresh take, exploring colorful designs with the same timeless DNA: arcs of color along the tips of nails.

Pairing it is also critical, as it will dictate the nail color, shape, width, and pattern.

Almond Nail Designs

Almond Nail Ideas
Almond Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Choosing the right nail shape is critical when setting the correct mani’s vibe concerning the event you’re about to attend.

Round-shaped nails are for classic events, square nails act as statement-making, and stiletto nails are for daring and sensual times.

But, the almond-shaped nails, with their oval silhouette, comprise the best of all three nail shapes.

Stylish and modern, almond nails have an edgy touch thanks to the slightly pointed tip.

Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter Nail Ideas
Glitter Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Glitter nail designs remain an all-time favorite.

The glitter brightens the nails and confers an edgy look with sparkles and shine.

Glitter nails are an excellent choice in the summer, paired with relaxed and casual outfits.

Ombre Nail Designs

Ombre Nail Ideas
Ombre Nail Ideas. -thevou.com

Why settle for a single nail shade when you can choose ombre nail designs that instantly elevate your looks to brilliance?

With a whimsical gradient of tones – from shadow to light – ombre nails take the beauty and fashion landscapes by storm.

Dressing from top to toe means close attention to all details, and ombre nails are the fastest way to create the perfect you.

Nail Ideas by Color

Nowadays, there are nail colors for all possible moments and occasions.

There are nail colors and shades for those juggling demanding careers, running households, or spending time with family and friends.

Nail Colour Ideas

Nail Colour Ideas
Nail Colour Ideas – thevou.com

For those time-constrained, the easiest solution is to select nail colors that go with everything, such as olive green – trending now – or subtle orange shades.

Black Nail Ideas

Black Nail Ideas
Black Nail Ideas – thevou.com

A touch of black is the easiest way to create a sophisticated look, primarily via black nail polish.

While in the past, people avoided black nails as they were associated with looking too gothic, this year, black nails reign supreme.

Applied to shorter nails, black shades deliver the right balance of edgy and stylish.

White Nail Ideas

White Nail Ideas
White Nail Ideas – thevou.com

The first manicure that comes to mind when mentioning white nails has to be the beautiful and famous ‘French manicure.’

Whether applied to fingers or toes, white nails carry a calming, classic vibe that suits any outfit or occasion.

Also perfect for all skin tones, white nails are versatile, allowing delicate nail art such as color-matching think lines with your outfit.

Pink Nail Ideas

Pink Nail Ideas
Pink Nail Ideas – thevou.com

A natural follow-on from beige, nails in shades of pink perfectly match those with lighter skin.

You can choose from bubblegum pink nail polish to the most discreet, subtle, and subdued shades of light pink, as this color easily matches everything.

Blue Nail Ideas

Blue Nail Ideas
Blue Nail Ideas – thevou.com

From navy blue nail colors – ideal for smart casual outfits – to sky blue nails that work with pretty much anything, blue nails are the wonder of 2024.

However, the key to stylish blue nails (regardless of the shade) is to keep the nails medium-short and avoid excessive nail art.

Nude Nail Ideas

Nude Nail Ideas
Nude Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Like shades of grey, beige and nude tones are the most versatile when applied as nail art.

Moreover, all year round, nude nails can be worn on any occasion.

The ideal shade of nude nail polish depends on your skin tone.

Medium and darker complexions suit any shade of nude nail polish, while those with lighter skin should opt for lighter shades.

Green Nail Ideas

Green Nail Ideas
Green Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Olive green nails are another growing trend right now.

However, while olive green nails are very well suited for relaxed garden brunches, avoid the color at a ballroom event or in the board room – unless you’re the boss.

Nail Ideas by Season

There’s no better mood enhancer than a well-done manicure.

With so much time spent tapping on our devices, it only makes sense that nail art should be a priority, regardless of the season.

However, not mixing nail design ideas and respecting seasonal styles is essential.

Spring Nail Ideas

Spring Nail Ideas
Spring Nail Ideas- thevou.com

Some of the most popular spring nail ideas include daisy manicures.

Whether colorful or nude, start with a light base coat color that helps you embrace the spring season, and then use a nail pen to add white daisy petals and a colored center dot.

Another excellent spring nail idea is the floral details in a pale pink base with colorful details near your nail beds and at the tip of your nails.

Nail Ideas for Fall

Nail Ideas for Fall
Nail Ideas for Fall -thevou.com

In the fall, nail design simplicity can go a long way.

Choose an assortment of fall colors and use them in a pattern on each nail.

Adding a dash of black to any mix of nail ideas for the autumn always makes a fantastic visual impact.

If you want to go extreme, add leaves and branches in red, yellow, orange, and brown tones.

Nail Ideas for Summer

Nail Ideas for Summer
Nail Ideas for Summer – thevou.com

The geode aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular with nail artists, and it’s poised to become a megatrend in the summer of this year.

If you DIY, begin with a white base coat and then use nail art pens or polish on a detail brush to outline the shape of the geode across each nail.

Once that outline dries, you can add flecks of gold or silver polish for extra effect.

Nail Ideas for Winter

Nail Ideas for Winter
Nail Ideas for Winter – thevou.com

One of the best mani ideas for winter is the snowflake style.

While the final look is sophisticated, putting it together is simple and starts with a pale blue base coat.

Once the blue polish has dried, use a thin brush to create simple snowflake drawings on each nail.

To increase the WOW factor, use nail glue to adhere white and silver sequins to the nails’ surface.

Nail Ideas by Occasion

There are classic nail ideas for conservative occasions and wild nail styles for crazy-ass parties and special events.

For classic events, you can always go for a full French manicure.

For special occasions, you can recourse to glitter or rhinestones in wild and stunning colors.

Christmas Nail Ideas

Christmas Nail Ideas
Christmas Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Painting candy canes on your Christmas nails is equally stylish and fun.

Another great Christmas nail idea is a silver squiggle with a red star on top, almost like a Christmas tree on your nails.

Regardless of the Christmas nails idea chosen, apply glitter polish as well, as a must-go during the festive periods.

Valentine Nail Ideas

Valentine Nail Ideas
Valentine Nail Ideas – thevou.com

While red is a classic year-round color, when “love in the air” and hearts symbolize Valentine’s Day, the time has come to celebrate via a unique manicure.

Now, despite red being the Valentine’s Day main color for nails, you don’t have to wear the most solid shade.

Pink is the color of love – combined with heart shapes, French tips, kiss prints, and accessories like crystals, jelly polish, and gold foil.

Nail Ideas for Halloween

Nail Ideas for Halloween
Nail Ideas for Halloween – thevou.com

When it comes to preparing for the spooky season, it’s never too early to start.

Some of the most celebrated nail ideas for Halloween in 2023 were pumpkin orange with black lines and bloodied tips.

The best Halloween nail ideas included applicable mini accessories like bats, skeletons, and vampire teeth.

Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Thanksgiving Nail Ideas
Thanksgiving Nail Ideas – thevou.com

Thanksgiving is a big night for catching up and breaking bread — so you’ll want the hands that handle the fork to look fresh and ready for the official start of the holiday season.

Whether you prefer short nails in simple colors or long, shaped nails in the most outrageous seasonal shades, ensure you retain the Thanksgiving theme.

The best hues for your Thanksgiving mani are warm and earthy, associated with the autumn season.

Other great options are the intricately hand-painted illustrations, subtle ombré, and color-blocked designs.

Easter Nail Ideas

Easter Nail Ideas
Easter Nail Ideas – thevou.com

The most astounding easter nail ideas comprise easter egg decals, easter bunnies, and chocolate candy prints.

Apply them to festive spring colors and adorn them with jewel-toned nail stickers.

Shades of yellow and green are trendy now, like cute baby chicks and fresh-cut grass.

New Year Nail Ideas

New Year Nail Ideas
New Year Nail Ideas – thevou.com

In the past, popular New Year’s nail ideas revolved around traditional New Year’s sparkles, confetti parties, and shimmering stars.

But, we see many nail artists using stamps, stickers, wraps, chrome powders, and silver foils to bring new nail ideas to life.

I am talking about sparkly swirls, festive glazed donuts, rhinestone-laced nail art designs, and even on-trend aura nails with a colorful glitter twist.

Nail Ideas for Wedding

Nail Ideas for Wedding
Nail Ideas for Wedding – thevou.com

One of the little details that can make a big difference on your wedding day is your nails.

From pre-ceremony photos to the moment at the altar to the classic bouquet toss, there will be plenty of moments for the nails to shine.

Those who witness these romantic affairs will appreciate every little detail of the day, dashing manicure included.

In recent years, wedding traditions have made us partial to classic styles such as simple nudes, French manicures, and soft crème colors.

But, in recent years, more brides have believed in taking the non-traditional route.

Nail Ideas for Vacation

Nail Ideas for Vacation
Nail Ideas for Vacation – thevou.com

I could recommend many nail styles, colors, and cuts for vacation.

However, try nude colors and natural shades if you want nails that match more relaxed fashion styles like Boho-chic or Preppy.

Nude shades also pair well with any bathing suit you decide to wear at the beach, and that’s why we love to wear this color on a beach vacation.


What is the New Nail Trend for 2024?

The latest nail trend for 2024 is blending bold and bright shades with chic designs in muted colors. Neon manicures are another hot nail trend that exploded in the winter of 2023 and is still raging.

What Nails Are in Style Right Now?

The following five nail styles are very trendy right now:

  • Marble Nails
  • Rhinestones Nails
  • Gold Foil Nail Style
  • Pastel Nail Color
  • Pink Nail Color

What are the Five Nail Designs?

The most common five nail designs are:

  1. Square nail shape design
  2. Almond nail shape design
  3. Ballerina or coffin nail shape design
  4. Stilleto nail shape design
  5. Classic round nail shape design

What is the New Nail Color for 2024?

The top three new nail colors of 2024 are:

  1. Violet Byzantine – a dark plum shade with a dreamlike amethyst sheen.
  2. Deep Rouge – an exquisite dark red with hints of brown verging on burgundy.
  3. Eco Green – an intense tartan-green evoking Highland moors, lochs, and fairy-tale forests.


From French mani to accent nails and designer artistic nails, this article has all the latest nail trends and ideas to prepare you for 2024.

Also, these are the latest nail colors, from forest green to Oxford blue color palettes, ready for the spring and summer of this year, up to the creamiest hot chocolate and black nail designs of winter 2025.

Let’s not forget the upcoming nail patterns, from checkered nails to double-tipped nails and diamond-encrusted mani; this article is the home of epic nail inspo.

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