50+ Wolf Cut Haircuts & Hairstyles TRENDING (In 2022)

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Wolf Cut is the Most Popular Haircut of 2022!

Worn by celebs like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer, the Wolf Cut hairstyle is taking the internet by storm right now.

Described by the untrained eye as a choppy crop, the wolf cut style scored over 1.7 billion views on TikTok in 2022.

Moreover, with endless wolf cut style variations, you’ll undoubtedly find a look that works for you regardless of your vibe: chic, glam, edgy, or sensual.

If you’re new to wolf cut style or looking for wolf cut inspiration before committing to the look, this article is everything you need.

Short Wolf Cut

Short Wolf Cut
Short Wolf Cut – thevou.com

Compared to longer hair, where the short wolf haircut is less precise, the short wolf cut stands out, appearing extra choppy and layered.

However, the ‘undone appearance’ is effortlessly cool and will let you enjoy experimenting with different hair colors and effects.

Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut
Korean Wolf Cut – thevou.com

Thanks to the Netflix series Squid Game, the Korean wolf cut went viral in late 2021.

Defined by a natural essence with extra choppiness and texture, the Korean wolf cut is still super popular in 2022.

Framed by soft and graduate layers around the face, the Korean wolf cut is a favorite with US, UK, and Korean celebrities.

The Korean wolf cut style is shorter in the front and tapered in the back, like a mullet.

Long Wolf Cut Hair

Long Wolf Cut Hair
Long Wolf Cut Hair – thevou.com

The long wolf cut is a more stylish and creative version of a mullet.

Inspired by the choppy texture of a mullet, the long wolf cut follows a similar pattern and shape but has the softness and wearability of a shag cut.

The secret to a stylish-looking long-hair wolf cut is the layers – lots of choppy and chunky layers.

Curly Wolf Cut

Curly Wolf Cut
Curly Wolf Cut – thevou.com

Full of volume and movement, which complements the style’s layers, curly hair is ideal for wolf cuts.

The curly wolf cut creates a blended and subtle look, with the curls adding extra softness to your appearance.

With curly wolf cuts, you must let the bangs fall gently across your face while highlighting your best features.

You can also craft curls by stacking them on top and trimming them toward the bottom.

Layered Wolf Cut Hair

Layered Wolf Cut Hair
Layered Wolf Cut – thevou.com

The layered wolf cut hairstyle features choppy layers on top and longer layers around the sides of your head.

Inspired by the retro rock ‘n’ roll look popular throughout the 1970s fashion, the layered wolf cut concentrates volume on the top half of the head, becoming thinner toward the hair ends.

Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs
Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs – thevou.com

By default, the wolf cut uses short layers to frame the face.

As such, you’ll often see this style accompanied by longer curtain bangs.

The reason for using curtain bangs in company with the wolf cut is to create heaps of volume at the back of the head for a super polished look.

Wolf Cut Straight Hair

Wolf Cut Straight Hair
Wolf Cut Straight Hair – thevou.com

The wolf cut works exceptionally well on straight hair, particularly thin ones.

The wolf cut is designed for volume, so thin straight hair develops nicely with bunches of flattering, shaggy layers.

Moreover, straight hair allows the variable lengths of your cut to add body and style to the overall ensemble.

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Shaggy Wolf Cut
Shaggy Wolf Cut – thevou.com

The shaggy wolf cut is a creative hairstyle that blends a shag and a mullet cut.

The shaggy wolf cut style has short layers on the top of the head that blend into curtain bangs designed to frame the face.

And for a perfect result, ensure the longer lengths are wispy with soft, airy ends that flick out.

Wolf Cut Wavy Hair

Wolf Cut Wavy Hair
Wolf Cut Wavy Hair – thevou.com

Wavy hair wolf cuts are the chop that creates extra volume and body while enhancing the hair’s natural texture.

As it works best with natural texture and the right hair products to support the style, the wavy hair wolf cut is low-maintenance.

Wolf Cut Medium Hair

Wolf Cut Medium Hair
Wolf Cut Medium Hair – thevou.com

The medium wolf cut is a hybrid cut, combining the choppy layers of a shag with the length and texture of a mullet on medium-length hair.

The wolf cut looks stunning on medium-length hair, as the choppy layers create a movement around the chin and jawline while softening round face features.

Mullet Wolf Cut

Mullet Wolf Cut
Mullet Wolf Cut – thevou.com

Most people confuse or assume that the mullet cut is the same as the wolf cut.

Yet, wolf cuts are different from mullets.

While both feature short, heavily layered hair in the front, there’s a big difference between them due to how they’re layered.

The wolf cut is more like a shag cut than a mullet.

Wolf Cut Without Bangs

Wolf Cut Without Bangs
Wolf Cut Without Bangs – thevou.com

The general gist of a proper wolf cut is to showcase the right amount of feral and retain a relaxed, cool-girl feel.

Moreover, if you’re not into bangs, you can choose several wolf-cut styles: swooshy girl-next-door with curtain fringes, heavy rocker wolf-cut, and even elfin micro fringes.

Blonde Wolf Cut

Blonde Wolf Cut
Blonde Wolf Cut – thevou.com

The blonde wolf cut is a modernized version of the mullet but with extra volume to the roots for a softer, shaggy effect and face-framing layers that fall in graduating levels.

Ticking all the style requirements of the 70s and 80s looks, the blonde wolf cut can be created easily with hair products that encourage a messy, shaggy style.

Wolf Cut FAQs

What is a Wolf Cut?

Wolf cut is a mix of two of the most drastic cuts trending in 2022: the 70s shag hairstyle, and the 80s mullet cut, in a modern reinterpretation.

A wolf haircut is a mix of a shag haircut and a mullet, commonly created on longer hair.

It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back.

What Should You Know Before Getting a Wolf Cut?

Full disclaimer, it is a commitment, especially if you’re taking the layers relatively short around the crown, so it can take a while to grow out.

But, it promises months of enviable volume. Or you can create a softer wolf cut with longer layers if you reckon you’ll want to switch it out again before the year’s out.

How to Style a Wolf Cut?

These are four ways to style a wolf cut:

  • Wolf cut with bangs, a signature feature of the wolf cut – requires hot tools.
  • Wolf cut with extra layers – requires dry hair products.
  • Deep textured wolf cut – requires wet and molding paste hair products.
  • Curly wolf cut – requires hot tools and texturizers.

Is a Wolf Cut Easy to Maintain?

One of the best things about the wolf cut is its low-maintenance needs.

The wolf cut is easy to style – just run your fingers through your hair, and you’re good to go.

If you want to add a little more volume or texture, you can use a sea salt spray or texturizing product.


As the name suggests, the wolf cut is a little wild, thanks to the shaggy, wavy, and disconnected layers that nod to a slight mullet shape.

The shorter layers around the crown create a lot of volumes, with longer layers in the back.

The wolf cut can be as extreme as you like, depending on how short or soft you decide to go with the layers and how mussy you style it.

The general gist is to look just the right amount of feral to give the style a relaxed, cool-girl feel without going so radical that it’s impossible to style.

But we’ve seen it taken in different directions with swooshy girl-next-door curtain fringes, heavy rocker bangs, and elfin micro fringes.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these Wolf Cut haircuts will you try next and why?

Which Wolf Cut hairstyles do you think we’ve missed and should include in our next article update?

Please leave your comments below; we always appreciate your comments and use them to learn, improve, and update these articles.

Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn
Hailing from Miami Beach, Sean Flynn is a NY-based celebrity pro-hairstylist specializing in fun, custom colors. Drawing on a lifetime of hair salon moments of combining fashion, art, and style, Sean is often featured in prestigious magazines, including GQ, Forbes, New York Times, and of course, The VOU magazine.

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