3 Authentic Ways to Dress Like a 70s Rock Star

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From the glam of David Bowie to the raw energy of Mick Jagger, the 70s Rock style left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey back in time and show you how to capture the essence of a 70s Rock celebrity with 3 authentic outfit ideas.

70s rock webp

Whether you’re hitting the stage, need an outfit for a 70s Rock theme party, or want to infuse Rock ‘n’ roll into your everyday look, we’ve got you covered.

1. 70s Glam Rock

70s Glam Rock style

Start your flamboyant 70s Glam Rock style outfit with a Marc Bolan-inspired sequin and glitter jacket from Leslie Faye and a white Lavalliere blouse in androgynous silhouettes.

Marc Bolan 70s Glam Rock style sequin jacket
Marc Bolan’s 70s Glam Rock style sequin jacket

Lavalliere blouses with a pussy bows or ties were popular during the 70s for both men and women, aligning with the Glam Rock’s disregard for traditional gender norms in fashion.

Match it with flared leather bell bottoms, a leather belt to shape the flowy Lavalliere blouse, sequins platform shoes to match the jacket, and a shaggy hairstyle to complete the look.

2. 70s Hard Rock

70s Hard Rock style

Channel the rebellious spirit of ’70s Hard Rock with an outfit that pays homage to icons like Joan Jett and Jimmy Page.

Start your look with an oversized shoulder pad leather jacket as an assertion of the larger-than-life, defiant attitude characteristic of Hard Rock fashion stars.

Joan Jett the runaways 70s Hard Rock fashion style
Joan Jett of The Runaways 70s Hard Rock fashion style

Underneath, don the essence of Rock ‘n’ roll nonconformity with a patterned sheer shirt that reveals and conceals, speaking of the sensual aesthetic of the time.

Match it with sleek leather pants, a staple of the Rock wardrobe that hugs every curve like the growl of a bass guitar, a studded leather belt, and heeled boots, the final note in this sartorial symphony like the drumbeat to every step.

3. 70s Funk Rock

70s Funk Rock fashion style

the 70s Funk Rock with a look pays homage to the era’s female powerhouses, like Chaka Khan and Betty Davis, whose outfits were as stylish as their music.

Start with an African pattern shirt in celebration of the vibrant pulse of Funk, and layer with a sleek leather vest, drawing inspiration from the fearless stage personas of icons like Grace Jones and Tina Turner.

Grace Jones 70s Funk Rock fashion style
Grace Jones’s 70s Funk Rock fashion style with the Chambers Brothers

Cinch the waist with a round buckle leather belt in a seamless fusion of expressive prints and tough, smooth leather, much like Funk Rock marries raw rhythms with sharp riffs and flared leather bell bottoms, a nod to the looks of Gloria Gaynor.

Complement this with disco platform shoes that lift you physically while elevating the soul, and complete with a Donna Summer-inspired Afro hairstyle that resonates with the rhythm and style of the music.

This outfit isn’t just a collection of items; it’s a celebration of the female trailblazers of ’70s Funk Rock, whose influence pulsed through their music and resonated in their fashion, inspiring future generations.

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Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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