Dress Like 90s Fashion in 85 Iconic Looks Still Trending High

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At the confluence of analog with digital, portable CD players, game consoles, cell phones, the internet, and MTV, the 90s are still regarded as the ‘Golden Era’ of fashion.

Popularized by celebs like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Nirvana, Juice, SNICK, TGIF, Wayne’s World, Lady Diana, Andre Agassi, La Toya Jackson, Run-DMC, and Spice Girls, the decade was a bonanza of fashion trends.

90s fashion
The 90s decade is considered the “Golden Era” of fashion.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 85 most popular stylistic trends of the 90s you can shop and wear right now.

From headbands to scrunchies, tube tops, capri pants, spiky and dyed hair, and chained wallets, these are the 85 most iconic looks of the 90s.

1. Rayon Shirts

Rayon Shirts 90s Fashion - 1990s rayon shirts, nineties rayon shirt style, 90 fashion decade
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tre Styles in Boyz N The Hood; Will Smith ‘The Fresh Prince’; Nicholas Cage; Bell Biv Devoe.

A byproduct of 19th-century army materials manufacturing, rayon shirts were among the coolest things of the 90s.

Soft, light, and spongy, the material became popular in hot countries, hence its initial adoption by South American drug dealers.

Eventually, the rayon shirts reached Holywood via LA’s wealthy socialites and became part of the popular culture offered by iconic names such as Versace, Gap, and Fioriccu.

2. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats 90s fashion - nineties bucket hat - 1990 bucket hat
LL Cool J Kangol bucket hat; Tyra Banks 90s bucket hat; Jennifer Aniston denim bucket hat; Will Smith Fresh Prince bucket hat.

Popular in the late ’80s, thanks to 80s hip-hop fashion icons, such as Jam Master Jay and LL Cool J, the bucket hat continued into the nineties as a hip-hop accessory.

Popularized by Dennis Rodman, Ghostface Killah, and Rakim in the 90s, the bucket hats were streetwear style staples.

Key bucket hat brands during that decade were Kangol, Lacoste, and Burberry.

The trend is returning thanks to Rihanna, All Saints, Justin Bieber, and Naomi Campbell.

3. Bike Shorts

90s bike shorts lady Diana - nineties bike shorts style - 1990 bike style pants - 90 styles
Princess Diana’s 90s bike shorts from De Marchi; In Living Color bike-style shorts; Sarah Jesicca Parker’s L. A. Story showcasing stripe bike shorts.

Introduced by celebrities like Madonna and Jane Fonda, spandex bike shorts were worn in and out of the gym.

The highest moment of the bike shorts was when Princess Diana let go of her Sloane Ranger attire to wear her De Marchi orange biker shorts in the park.

The royal matched the orange shorts with a navy blue oversized sweatshirt branded by Virgin Atlantic, gifted to her by Sir Richard Branson.

Key fashion brands for bike shorts in the 90s were Giordana, Castelli, and De Marchi.

Today, biker shorts are essential to late-90s-inspired styles such as Baddie and McBling.

4. Neon Windbreakers

Neon Windbreakers 90s fashion - 1990s neon windbreaker, nineties windbreaker, 90 fashion decade
Neon Windbreakers appeared on 90s TV shows and became part of the school culture, worn by the coolest kids ‘on the block.’

The brighter, the better! Neon windbreakers were hot in the 90s among kids and parents alike.

The look emerged in the 80s and matured in the 90s, thanks to TV shows and popular school culture.

The look is also seen in the British Chav-chic and Blokecore styles.

Key fashion brands for neon windbreakers in the 90s were Ocean Pacific, Reebok, and Nike.

5. Sweaters with Stipes

Striped Sweaters 90s fashion - 1990s sweater, nineties stripes sweater, 90 fashion decade
Kurt Cobain oversized striped sweater; Leonardo DiCaprio; 90s Friends TV show co-stars Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

From Kurt Cobain to Freddie Krueger, stripe sweaters were a prevalent clothing choice in the 90s.

The look was inspired by Grunge music bands, Friends, and shows like Nightmare on Elm Street.

6. Bandannas

Bandannas 90s fashion trends - 1990s bandana, nineties bandana, 90 fashion decade
Christina Aguilera; Justin Timberland; Gwen Stefani; Tupac

Tied around the head to showcase which rapper you were siding with, bandannas were a trendy head accessory in the 90s.

Later on, the meaning of wearing bandannas shifted from ‘gang-related’ to signalling sexual inclusivity – see the Handkerchief Code for more info.

7. Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets 90s trends - 1990s slap bracelets, nineties slap bracelets, 90 fashion decade
Slap Wrap (slap bracelets or snap bracelets) in the 1990s.

Slap bracelets (or snap bracelets) were invented by Wisconsin teacher Stuart Anders in 1983 and sold under the name ‘Slap Wrap.’

Made from flexible stainless steel covered with silicone in all the craziest prints and colors, wrist-slapping bracelets were all the rage in the 90s and used to showcase one’s tastes in movies, music, etc.

8. Bike Caps

Bike Caps 90s fashion - 1990s bike caps, nineties cyclist caps, 90 fashion decade
Will Smith, Spike Lee, Roger De Vlaeminck, Sidney Deane

Launched as a casquette by Colnago (cap in French, describing a peaked cotton hat worn by road cyclists), the accessory was tweaked by Brooklyn hip-hop celebrities in the 90s.

The brim was flipped up to create a unique look that eventually took over the pop culture of those times.

9. Coogi Knitwear

Coogi 90s fashion style - 1990s knitwear, nineties knitwear style coogi, 90 fashion decade
The Notorious B.I.G. is sporting Coogi, an Aussie brand known for unique, vibrant knits, Bill Cosby in Donatella Versace, and Snoop Dogg in Moschino.

It was in the 90s when rappers started endorsing designer brands in their songs.

Notorious B.I.G. mentioned Coogi in his lyrics, and the fans went wild. See “One More Chance – Stay with Me (Remix),” which launched in the summer of 1995.

10. Backward Caps

Backward Caps 90s fashion - 1990s basketball caps, nineties caps, 90 fashion decade
Tupac; Brad Pitt; Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston from Friends; Woody Harrelson in White Men Can’t Jump (1992).

Ken Griffey Jr., a famous baseball player of the 90s, started the trend of wearing hats backward.

The trend of wearing hats that way was adopted by music stars like Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., NAS, and Janet Jackson, spreading like fire throughout the 90s hip-hop community and beyond.

11. Starter Jackets

Starter Jacket 90s fashion - 1990s Starter jacket, nineties Starter jacket styles, 90 fashion decade
From Detroit Lions, Eagles, and Giants to Eddie Murphy’s iconic NY starter jacket.

Sported by anyone, from athletes to movie stars, Starter jackets were the apex of the 90s way of dressing.

Created by Starter, a premium athletic brand established in 1971, the jacket was designed to represent your favorite team.

Nowadays, the Starter jacket is seen as the masses’ first adoption of sports clothing.

12. Basketball Kicks

Basketball Kicks & Sneakers 90s fashion - 1990s basketballs sneakers, nineties basketball kicks, 90 fashion decade
Michael Jordan and Spike Lee wearing Air Jordan in the 90s; Larry Johnson on Converse adverts in 1992; MC Hammer for British Knights 90s high-top kicks.

From Air Jordan to Rebook and BK, basketball sneakers remain the most representative fashion moments of the 90s.

After Michael Jordan won his sixth basketball championship in the ’90s, everyone felt that wearing a pair of Air Jordans bestowed them with magic powers.

Each pair of Jordans kicks released during the 90s was an absolute banger, and every pop culture icon rocked a pair of basketball kicks.

13. Preppy Cardigans

Cardigans in 90s fashion - 1990s cardigan, nineties cardigans, 90 fashion decade
Cardigans everywhere – from TV shows like Jawbreaker, Fresh Prince, & Friends to Cameron Diaz’s iconic 90s moment on ‘There’s Something About Mary.’

From TV shows like Jawbreaker, Fresh Prince, and Friends to Cameron Diaz’s looks in ‘There’s Something About Mary,’ cardigans were everywhere in the 90s.

Nothing was more stylish than a cardigan thrown over your shoulders or on your spaghetti strap dress.

14. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans 90s fashion ideas and trends - 1990s ripped jeans, nineties ripped jeans, 90 fashion decade
Janet Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Cher, Courteney Cox

Seen as a political statement, ripped jeans were a staple of the Grunge fashion style of the 90s, mostly thanks to Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the Grunge band Nirvana.

The look became a symbol of anger towards society in the 90s.

Pop culture celebrities, such as Madonna, popularized the look, shifting it from a form of protest into a fashion trend that still reigns supreme.

15. Tennis Headbands

Thick Headbands 90s fashion - nineties headband style - 1990 headband with stripes, 90s tennis headband
La Toya Jackson’ Step Up’ workout outfit with headband; ‘Clueless; iconic thick headbands; Andre Agassi terrycloth Nike headbands; John McEnroe sporting a Sergio Tacchini tennis headband.

Popularized by the tennis stars of the 90s, thick headbands became a must-have hair accessory that’s still permeating the catwalk scene.

Headbands were everywhere: in Ivy League colleges, movies, and music clips on MTV.

16. Tracksuits

90s Tracksuits fashion - nineties tracksuits - 1990 track suits - UK tracksuit style
Run-DMC Adidas tracksuit, Gary Lineker’s England’s Umbro tracksuit, The Cheetah Girls’ iconic 90s tracksuits. Fila & Adidas’ 90s sportswear collections.

Affordable and comfortable, tracksuits became the de-facto outfit of the streets, so much so that it permeated into the realm of high fashion, topping the decades’ magazines and catwalks.

With tracksuits worn by everyone, from hip-hoppers to British footballers and grandpas, the trend signaled the emergence of the streetwear movement.

17. Baggy ‘Hip-Hop’ Jeans

90s Baggy Jeans Fashion - nineties hip-hop jeans - 1990 hip-hop baggy jeans styles
Aaliyah 90s jeans; The Notorious B.I.G.; Will Smith; Kriss Kross; Xscape; Wu-Tang Clan.

There is no discussion about the fashion of the 90s without talking about the hip-hop baggy jeans.

The baggier they were, the higher the prizes and respect.

Equally important was the brand name – it had to be recognized to be appreciated by your peers.

Launched by stars and hip-hoppers of those times, the trend was picked up by teenagers and worn at school, discos, and even home.

Baggy jeans had a big comeback in 2023 and are one of the trending jean styles of this year.

18. Straps Down Overalls

Overalls 90s Fashion - nineties overalls fashion - 1990 fashion overalls and dungarees.
Will Smith’s Fresh Prince 90s acid wash overalls, Aaliyah x Tommy Hilfiger 1996 campaign, and Guess iconic denim dungarees.

Showcased in movies, music clips, and on stage by supermodels, overalls were super popular in the nineties.

However, the classic overall garment was rocked with one strap or even both straps down, and without a shirt underneath, in what later became known as the ‘Jodeci Style’.

19. Combat Boots

Combat Boots 90s fashion - nineties combat boots - 1990 combat boots style
Spice Mel B. is wearing Moncler combat leather boots, Kate Winslet brown leather combat boots, Winona Ryder grunge style leather jacket and boots, Doc Martens iconic punk boots, and Daria Morgendorffer badass school girl outfit.

Popularized in the 80s, Goth, Grunge, and Punk combat boots were the footwear everyone wanted to have.

The combat boots look was popularized in the 90s by the ‘Tank Girl’ devotees, fictional characters like Daria Morgendorffer, and celebs like Mel B. from Spice Girls.

20. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants 90s fashion - nineties cargo pants style - 1990 cargo pants and trousers
Aaliyah cargo pants in baggy style; Kelly Rowland 90s military cargo pants; Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt casual cargo pants in 1998; Pink wearing multi-pocket cargo pants at the ’90s VMAs award.

Thanks to Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt, cargo and military-style khaki pants became mainstream fashion in the 90s.

Cargo pants of the 90s had a multi-pocket construct ideal for carrying Gameboy consoles, pagers, cell phones, wallets, keys, and much more.

Cargo pants played an important role in the Y2K fashion style.

21. High-Waist ‘Mom’ Jeans

90s High-Waist jeans, 90's Mom Jeans - nineties jeans - 1990 jeans for women
Princess Diana was wearing high-waist Levi’s jeans in 1992; the Friends crew dresses up in the 90s Guess jeans; Tyra Banks & Drew Barrymore are in Gitano’s 90s mom jeans.

Thanks to a smart campaign conducted by Levis – the Spike Lee commercial – high-waist jeans became a fashionable wardrobe item in the 1990s.

Guess followed up the right way with their high-waist jeans for women, and mum jeans became a 90s thing.

Three decades later, nineties mum jeans are still holding strong as one of the most demanded garments in streetwear.

22. Slip-dresses

90s Fashion Slip Dresses
Gwyneth Paltrow’s 90s slip dress; Courtney Love’s 90s slip dress; Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell in luxurious slip-style dresses.

Launched as an ‘underwear-as-outerwear’ garment, the slip dress became popular towards the end of the nineties decade.

Made from layered chiffon, polyester satins, or charmeuse trimmed with lace, the slip dress exemplifies those time’s minimalist and relaxed vibe.

The garment was popularized by Courtney Love’s famous ‘Kinderwhore‘ look.

23. ‘Grunge-Style’ Flannel Shirts

90s Fashion Flannel Shirts - nineties flannel shirts - 1990 flannel shirts
George Clooney, Jared Leto, & Angela Chase rocking iconic 1990s flannel shirts.

Popularized by Grunge rockers who wore them as part of their trademarked low-key outfits, flannel shirts reached popularity in the mid-90s.

Adopted by country music fans, flannel shirts spread like wildfire, becoming a mainstream fashion trend and clothing staple for generations to come.

24. Velvet Outfits

Velvets in 90s Fashion - 1990s fashion, nineties fashion, ninety decade fashion
In the nineties, velvet – as a material – was everywhere. See Winona Ryder in a Batsheva velvet dress, Gerry from the Spice Girls in a YSL velvet coat, and Gwyneth Paltrow in an iconic red velvet suit by Tom Ford.

In the 90s, anything made from velvet was a must-wear by the fashion icons of those times.

The best example is Gwyneth Paltrow’s red velvet suit and red shoes, which make her look fused on the red carpet.

But of all 90s velvet looks, Batsheva’s Victorian necklines and YSL structured cuts with a gathered waist stand out as the epitome of those times.

25. Tees & Blazers

Tees Under Blazers 90s Fashion - 1990s tees under blazers, nineties tees under jackets, ninety decade fashion
Julia Roberts; Kirk Cameron; Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder; Matthew Perry; Cindy Crawford black t-shirt under a leather blazer.

‘Tees under Blazers’ became a thing in the early 90s, thanks to movie stars promoting the look as a quick smart casual look to be worn at the office, out, and even on a relaxed dinner date.

By the mid-90s, labels like Moschino, Versace, and Calvin Klein introduced the trend of high-end tees and blazers combos in various colors and styles.

The trend was cemented by affordable streetwear labels like Fruit of the Loom and No Fear by launching skater tees designed to match all kinds of denim blazers and suit jackets.

26. Mood Rings

90s Mood Rings - 1990s mood rings, nineties mood rings, ninety decade fashion
In the 90s NYC, almost every person had a color-changing mood ring on their fingers.

The first color-changing jewelry appeared in New York City during the 70s fashion rage and flower-power times as a way of showing emotions.

The 90s mood rings were a bit more advanced; built with a temperature-sensitive liquid crystal encased in quartz, the rings changed color according to one’s skin temperature – supposedly triggered by blood flow and emotions.

27. Skateboarding Logo Tees

90s Fashion Skate Tees - 1990s skate t-shirts, nineties skate fashion styles, ninety decade fashion
From 90s Clueless TV shows to No Fear, Alien Workshop, Hook-Ups, Toy Machine, Thrasher, and Spitfire Campaigns.

In the 90s, the global street skateboarding culture led to an explosion of ‘mall rats,’ for example, teenagers rocking hand-made graphic tees with skate logos and similar slogans.

The trend was quickly commercialized by brands like Alien Workshop, Hook-Ups, Toy Machine, Thrasher, No-Fear, and Spitfire; the rest are skatewear history books.

28. Rollerblading Style

Rollerblades 90 Fashion
From Rollerblade Racer’s inlines – hailed as the OG blade of the 90s – to the disco four-wheel roller skates by Polly Pocket and Rookie, the 90s rollers had their fashion styles.

In the ’90s, skateboarding was taken over by the youth culture and used to compete or protest.

In response, inline skating – initially seen as a close competitor but later seen as a form of alternative fitness and dance, was adopted by the more mature market.

The fitness and disco dancing aspect sought by rollers resulted in a different fashion vibe, similar to the fitness craze of the 80s with leg warmers, bike shorts, and neon tights.

29. Side-Stripe Jeans

Side Stripe Pants & Jeans 90s fashion - 1990s stripe jeans, nineties side stripe jeans, 90 fashion decade
Glory Body, Parasuco, and Richmond jeans with side strips – mid-second layer Adidas pants with side strips and metallic staples.

In the 90s, pants and jeans with two stripes from waist to ankle were designed to show you had the cash flow of the rappers who rocked them at the time.

This trend spilled over into the tracksuit pants of those times.

30. One-Leg Rolled-Up Pants

One Leg Rolled Up 90s Pants - 1990s one leg pants, nineties one leg pants, 90 fashion decade
LL Cool J’s famous ghetto-leg fashion style in the 90s; Eminem’s one-leg rolled-up pants look at a 90s music event.

The “ghetto leg” style consisted of rolling up a pant’s leg to prevent it from getting stuck in the bike’s chain during life-threatening ‘ghetto activities.’

This functional approach later translated into hip-hop music and beyond as a means of saying ‘don’t mess with me.’

31. Bleached Hairstyles

90s Bleached Hair Trend - 1990s bleached hairstyles, nineties bleached looks, 90 fashion decade
Popular ‘bleached heads’ of the 90s: Justin Timberland, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Deep, Brad Pitt, Eminem, Gwen Stefany, and Geri Halliwell of Spice Girls.

INXS introduced the term “suicide blonde” to describe a misunderstood, complex person on the verge of collapsing.

Thanks to celebrities like Eminem, Drew Barrymore, and Gwen Stefany, the bleached blonde hairstyle became representative of the 90s.

32. Calf-Lenght Pants

Pedal Pushers & Capri Pants - 1990s pedal pushers, nineties capri pants, 90 fashion decade
The capri pants style was pulled by most young celebrities of the 90s, from 90s music stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Geri Halliwell to actors like Jessica Biel.

The name ‘pedal pushers’ recalls pants worn by cyclists who avoid long pants that can be caught in bicycle chains.

The style was the female reflection of the ‘Ghetto Leg’ style – part of the teenage clothing looks of the 90s

Not to confuse ‘Capri pants’ and ‘pedal pushers’ with shorts or cropped kick flares.

Pedal pushers follow the calf-length trousers style of the 50s and 60s fashion.

Often cuffed and worn tight to the skin, the style is sometimes called ‘clam diggers.’

33. Chain Wallets

90s Chain Wallets fashion - 1990s chain wallet, nineties chain wallets style, 90 fashion decade
Popularized by Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, chain wallets reached popularity in the 90s.

Wallet chains were used in the 50s by bikers performing motorcycle exhibitions to secure their wallets.

The trend resurfaced in the 90s as a trifold or bifold leather wallet anchored at the fold with a sturdy chain (single or double) that hangs out on the side of the leg.

34. Unbuttoned Shirts

Unbuttoned shirts 90's fashion trends - 1990s unbuttoned shirts, nineties unbuttoned shirt looks, 90 fashion decade
Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Unbuttoned shirts were the antidote to the 90s stylists pushing toward tailored men’s looks and high-end designer labels.’

Shirts and ties were seen as a trend for older people, where showing skin was all about subverting or breaking the idea of tailoring conformity.

35. Hypercolor T-shirts

Hyper-colored Tees 90s fashion trend - 1990s hypercolored tees, nineties hypercolored tshirts, 90 fashion decade
Thermochromic Generra Hypercolor, Generra Hypergrafix, or Global Hypercolor.

Hypercolor was a line of clothing manufactured by Generra Sportswear and marketed as Generra Hypercolor, Generra Hypergrafix, or Global Hypercolor.

The line comprised mainly T-shirts and shorts that changed color via a thermochromic pigment made by Matsui Shikiso Chemical of Japan, one color when cold and one when warm.

36. Tank Tops

Man Tanks 90s fashion trends - 1990s man tanks, nineties man tanks for women, 90 fashion decade
From 90s male actors like Bard Pitt and Johnny Depp to 90s female stars like Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Drew Barrymore.

Worn by action hero men of the 90s, man tanks became popular among women thanks to music and movies by female celebrities.

Supertight man tanks were all the rage on the bodies of stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Big, muscly bodies were the standard physiques of the 90s heroes, and no garment was more suitable for showing off their six-packs and overinflated pecs.

37. Discman Headphones

90s Sony Discman headphones - 1990s discman headphones, nineties headphones, 90 fashion decade
90s Sony Discman headphones Adverts

A status symbol of the 90s trends, Discman was Sony’s brand name for portable CD players.

With the 1st Discman device launched by Sony in 1984 as the D-50 or D-5, Discman was the perfect example of the love-hate relationship every music lover had in the 90s.

While the tracks would always skip, the looks you got from having a $100+ player on your belt were worth all the stress.

38. Piercings

Body Piercings 90s fashion trends - 1990s piercing style, nineties piercing styles, 90 fashion decade
Christina Aguilera; the tattoo artist Elayne Angel; 90s fetish magazines like Ritual; 90s alt-rock bands.

From ravers to pop and skater cultures, piercings were the must-haves of the decades’ trends.

The ’90s were the prime time for piercings; nose, lips, tongues, ears, belly buttons, nipples, and piercings were conquering places suitable enough to poke a needle through.

39. Lunchbox Bags

90s Lunch box bags - 1990s lunchbox, nineties lunch boxes, 90 fashion decade
Marilyn Manson holding a “PLANET OF THE APES” 90s Lunchbox bag.

Popularized by Grunge, Goth, Metal, and other hardcore alternative celebrities like Marilyn Manson and Gwar, the lunchbox was a handle bag ideal for stowing essentials and signaling your tribe affiliation.

40. Sailor Stripes

Striped Tops & Tees 90s fashion trends - 1990s tops with stripes, nineties tees with stripes, 90 fashion decade
Julia Roberts, Tupac, Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani.

From Tommy Hilfiger to  Eddie Bauer and Polo, every fashion brand made nautical style striped tops during the nineties decade.

Ill-fitting horizontal or vertical block stripe tops were the rage of 90s trends, rocked by celebs everywhere, from holidays to the red carpets.

41. Sheer Dresses

Sheer Dress 90s fashion - nineties sheer dress styles - 1990 sheer dresses looks
Kate Moss’s 90s’ naked’ sheer dress; Jennifer Lopez’s sheer dress at the CFDA Awards in 1998; Sarah Jessica Parker’s silky part-sheer dress at the Tony Awards in 1995.

Babydoll shaped, with thin spaghetti straps, the sheer dress style became a global fashion trend after Kate Moss’s iconic appearance in 1993 – pictured above – a trend etched in the fashion movies and books forever.

42. Pump Sneakers

Reebok Pump Sneakers 90s fashion trends - 1990s white pumps, nineties white pump sneakers, 90 fashion decade
Lady Diana wearing an oversized ‘Harvard’ top and a pair of Reebok The Pump. Reebok 90s ‘The Pump’ and Nike 90s ‘Zero Gravity’ pumps.

Basketball pump sneakers hit the 90s scene on the feet of royals and athletes like Lady D., Dominique Wilkins, and Michael Chang.

Made by Nike and Reebok, ‘Pump sneakers’ were mesmerizing and versatile, pointing to streetwear clothing styles we only now begin to understand.

43. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks 90s fashion - 1990s turtlenecks, nineties turtlenecks for men, 90 fashion decade
Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz; Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock,’ George Clooney; Matt LeBlanc in the Friends TV show.

Turtlenecks were a staple of the 90s fashion styles.

Suitable for the wintertime, 90s turtlenecks came in two varieties: extra-thick for sensitive souls and close-cut, ribbed for the badass ones.

44. Color Blocks (With A Message)

Clothing Without Prejudice 90s fashion - 1990s color blocks, nineties color blocks style, 90 fashion decade
Kriss Kross; Jamie Foxx

Carl Jones and T.J. Walker set to create the “Clothing Without Prejudice” label to boost social awareness of AIDS and racial discrimination.

Infused with African motifs and colors, the American label has become a beacon of inspiration for good, sported by celebs like Arsenio Hall, Kriss Kross, and Jamie Foxx.

45. Rice Necklaces

Rice Necklaces 90s fashion trend - 1990s rice necklace, nineties rice necklace, 90 fashion decade
Rice necklaces in the 90s – statement of love.

The vials are made of glass comprising a grain of rice as glass makes the rice look bigger, and the writing can be read more easily.

Most inscriptions contain a name, date, a rose, or a short text like “I love you.”

Rice writing originated in ancient Anatolia, Turkey, and India, where rites state that those who receive it become luckier and wealthier.

In the 90s, rice necklaces with your lover’s name were the ideal accessory to make a cult-ish, religious almost statement of love.

46. Clipped Pagers

Clipped Pagers 90s fashion - 1990s pager, nineties pagers, 90 fashion decade
Clipped Pagers from 90s TV shows to 90s hip hop; Ice-T; Tupac: “Call me, 123 456.”

There were few smartphones in the 90s, but pagers were the norm.

Pagers could receive messages, were lightweight, had long battery life, and were cheap.

There was no transmitter inside the pager, and there was no physical possibility of sending any response.

47. Pinned & Tagged Backpacks

Pinned Backpacks 90s fashion - 1990s tagged backpack, nineties backpack with tags and pins, 90 fashion decade
Pinned Backpacks – Symbols of power and love in 90s fashion.

Emerged as a way to represent your crew or favorite bands, the trend continues to the current times as laptop decals and smartphone covers.

Inspired by the backpack carried by the American soldiers in the Vietnam War, the 90s backpack tags were initially symbols of power and love.

Over time, the movement transitioned into ways of showcasing one’s musical affiliations and tastes.

48. Leather Jackets

90s Leather Jackets Fashion - 1990s leather jacket, nineties leather jacket, 90 fashion decade
The leather jacket was a 90s fashion statement spotted on most 90s celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Drew Berrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp, and Siddiq Saunderson.

The strong influence of the first generation of supermodels turned the classic leather jacket into a fashion trend in the 90s.

From mid-length to waist-cropped jackets in snakeskin prints and preppy tag-ons, leather jackets became the uniform of the ’90s style icons such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Cindy Crawford.

49. Large Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings 90s fashion - 1990s hoop earrings, nineties earrings hoops, 90 fashion decade
Jennifer Lopez; Brian Austin Green from the O.G. 90210; Luke Perry; Megan Fox.

Emerging from Africa (notably Egypt and Sudan), hoop earrings symbolize cultural identity, rank, and protection.

The style made its way to Rome via pirates, and in the 90s fashion times, hoop earrings returned as a symbol of style and rebellion over the status quo.

50. Flat Top Haircuts

Flat Tops 90s fashion trends - 1990s flattop haircut, nineties flat top hairstyle, 90 fashion decade
Big Daddy Kane, Will Smith, Charles Oakley, and Kid ‘n Play Flat Top Haircuts.

A “flattop” is a short haircut where the hair on the top of the head stands upright and is cut to form a flat-appearing deck.

The flattop was popular in the 1950s but faded in popularity with the emergence of longer hairstyles in the late 70s, resurfacing in the early 1990s thanks to popular TV shows, music, and basketball celebrities.

51. Spiky Haircuts

Spiked hair 90s hairstyle - 1990s spike haircuts, nineties haircut, 90 fashion decade
Shane West, Lance Bass, Mark McGrath, Justin Berfield.

In times of rising hard-rock bands, post-Cold War fashion styles, and rebellious punk hairstyles, all blending and forming the 90s pop culture, the spiky haircut was a ‘must-have.’

By the end of the ’90s decade, spiky haircuts began to morph with bleached hair and piercings into a unique and characteristic style of the nineties decade.

52. Wallabees Shoes

Wallabees 90s fashion - 1990s wallabee shoes, nineties shoes wallabees, 90 fashion decade
The Notorious B.I.G.; Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan; Tyler, the Creator.

The crepe-soled shoes were equally cool in urban and prep circles, the hallmark of a good ’90s fashion trend.

Clark’s Wallabees enjoyed renewed popularity during the 1990s thanks to Wu associations.

Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface was the undisputed champion of Clark’s Wallabees, explaining the current collab between the two brands to release the classic Wallabee in three exclusive colorways.

53. Knee Socks

Knee Socks 90s fashion - 1990s socks, nineties socks, 90 fashion decade
From Clueless, Dazed & Confused to Rachel Green of Friends and Liv Tyler, knee socks were part of 90s girl’s fashion on TV screens.

The 90s school-girl knee socks look made famous by Cher Horowitz’s (Alicia Silverstone) appearance in the ‘Clueless’ TV show.

High-fashion brands like Prada quickly picked up the style, and the sheer socks with loafers style were born, a look that resurfaces repeatedly.

With the Blokette style booming on TikTok, this look is making a massive comeback.

54. Leather Chokers

Leather Chokers 90s fashion - 1990s leather chocker, nineties chockers, 90 fashion decade
Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto

Chunky leather and chain chokers were the ideal forms of Punk expression during the 90s fashion styles.

There were also more sophisticated versions with crosses, skulls, flowers, and hearts.

55. Platform Sneakers

Leather Chokers 90 fashion - 1990s platform sneakers, nineties sneakers with platform, 90 fashion decade
Britney Spears; Spice Girls.

Platform sneakers were trendy in the 90s, with many brands (Skechers) making skate shoes, Air Max 95-like trainers, and the half-dressy, half-sneaker hybrids.

Some other popular platform shoes of the 90s were ‘Flatforms,’ ‘Lace-Up Platforms,’ ‘Sneaker Platforms, ‘ and ‘Foam Flip-Flop Platforms.’

56. Platform Slides

Slide Platforms 90s fashion - 1990s platform slides, nineties platform slides, 90 fashion decade
Britney Spears; Jennifer Aniston; Spice Girls; Sarah Michelle Gellar.

With the platform shoe style taking over the 90s women’s footwear, platform variations emerged, from platform sneakers to more relaxed styles like the slide platform.

In the ’90s, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t own at least one style of platform slides, from Thong Sandal Platform to Strappy Platform Sandal and even Platform Flip Flop.

57. Claw Clips

Claw Clips 90s fashion - 1990s hair claw clip, nineties claw clips, 90 fashion decade
Kate Hudson; Julia Roberts; Liz Stauber; Diane Lane; Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Greene; Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in Friends, the 90s most popular TV show.

Claw clips were, in the ’90s, the ultimate chic hair accessory, promoted by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Greene in ‘Friends Over and over again.’

58. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-Eye Sunglasses 90s fashion - 1990s sunglasses, nineties cat-eyed sunglasses, 90 fashion decade
Julia Roberts; Thelma & Louise; Whitney Houston.

Cat-eye sunglasses and oversized cat-eye style glasses frames peaked in the ’90s as excellent accessories for girls wanting fun.

Modern throw-back cat-eye frames are often associated with the celebrities and royals of those days.

59. Preppy Plaids

Plaid Set 90s fashion - 1990s plaid set, nineties plaid sets, 90 fashion decade preppy plaids
Tamara Mello; Sister Sister; Rachel Greene; Naomi Campbell; Clueless TV Show; Mariah Carey.

Here’s another 90s fashion trend attributed to Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) and her iconic preppy style yellow plaid blazer and skirt set from the Clueless TV show.

The plaid set outfit sees a resurgence right now, worn as a plaid cardigan and tank combo to create a modern preppy look.

60. Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs 90s fashion - 1990s fanny packs, nineties fanny packs, 90 fashion decade
Britney Spears; Jennifer Lopez; Jason Alexander as George Louis Costanza from the 90s American television sitcom Seinfeld; Jason Bateman.

Fanny packs bore the brunt of many fashion jokes, but in the ’90s, they were revered as a brilliant way to carry all your stuff hands-free.

Nowadays, waist belt bags are back with a vengeance, spotted on everyone from fashion influencers to Kendall Jenner.

61. Digital Watches

Digital Watches 90s fashion - 1990s digital watch, nineties watches, 90 fashion decade
Casio’s G-Shock & Seiko’s 90s adverts.

Digital watches were the 90s attempt at wearable technology and the smartwatches we have today.

Techy watches were all the rage in those days, and CASIO’s watches – from classic to G-Shock line – catered to all, from office to techwear fashion lovers.

62. Extra Flared Pants

Wide-Legged Pants 90s fashion - 1990s wide-leg pants, nineties wide-leg jeans, 90 fashion decade
Tyra Banks; ECKO 90s adverts.

As a successor of the booming 70s fashion trend sparked by Palazzo Pants, the wide-legged pant style caught attention thanks to denim houses reinventing the look.

Palazzo Pants also drew inspiration from the wide-legged cuffed pants worn by avant-garde fashionistas in the 30s and 40s, such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich.

63. Hair Scrunchies

Hair Scrunchies 90s fashion - 1990s hair scrunchies, nineties scrunchies for hair, 90 fashion decade
Neomi Campbell; Britney Spears; Demi Moore; Sarah Jessica Parker; Madonna; Paula Abdul.

Neomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Paula Abdul

In the 90s, hair scrunchies are synonymous with getting ready for elementary school.

Wearing scrunchies in the 90s felt fresh and ready for a fitness session; nowadays, it feels romantic and luxurious.

64. Spaghetti-Straps Dresses

Spaghetti Straps 90s fashion - 1990s spaghetti straps, nineties spaghetti straps, 90 fashion decade
Gwyneth Paltrow; Halle Berry; Sarah Jessica Parker; Kate Moss; Jennifer Aniston.

Most 90s spaghetti-strap tops and dresses were worn to elegant soirees – see Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1999 Oscars outfit.

But, there was another more casual version of the dinner spaghetti straps, with branded prints and matched with denim, ideal for going out with friends.

65. Leopard Prints

Animal Print fashion in 90s - 1990s animal print clothes, nineties animal printed coats, 90 fashion decade
Gwyneth Paltrow; Spice Girls; Naomi Campbell; Kylie Minogue; Shana Zadrick.

Started by catwalk models like Naomi Cambel and taken to stardom by celebs on MTV like Spice Girl’s Mel B, in the 90s, animal prints were everywhere.

You’d see them on midi lengths in snakeskin fabric and full-body outfits printed in leopard patterns; animal print styles were definite signs of luxury taste.

66. Chainmail Dresses

Chainmail 90s fashion trends - 1990s chainmail dress, nineties chainmail top, 90 fashion decade
Donatella Versace with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Millennium Celebration, Syon House, London, June 1999; Victoria Beckham; Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet; Paris Hilton with chainmail and a pink lunchbox bag; Elizabeth Hurley; Naomi Campbell on Versace Fall 1998 Runway.

The chainmail-style fabric was brought back to life after Gianni Versace created a wearable dress that stormed the 90s fashion scene.

Chainmail is a type of flexible armor made of metal rings linked together in a well-defined pattern to form a mesh.

It was also used as a military robe between the 3rd century BC and the 16th century AD in Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

67. Corsets

90s fashion corsets - 1990s corsets, nineties corsets, 90 fashion decade
Maddona; Carla Bruni ’90s look at Vivienne Westwood runway 1996; Kate Moss at Versace Runway 1995; Helena Christensen at Versace Runway 1992.

Owning and wearing lots of corsets was a thing of the 90s fashion.

Available in various styles and constructs, such as corset bodices, ribbon corsets, pipe sets, front-laced corsets, waspies, and Guepiere corsets, the 90s corsets went great with fancy skirts.

68. Printed Leggings

Printed Leggings 90s fashion - 1990s printed leggings, nineties printed leggings, 90 fashion decade
Naomi Campbell, Kristy Swanson, Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring 1997 collection

The trend of printed leggings started in the 80s, with the help of Olivia Newton-John and her ‘Let’s Get Physical’ clip and workout outfits, and went well into the late 90s fashion days.

69. Strappy Heels

Strappy Heels 90s fashion - 1990s strap heels, nineties strap high heels, 90 fashion decade
Ankle strap heels 90s appeared repeatedly in major 90s fashion scenes, from 90s music stars like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham and 90s supermodels like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford to 90s famous actors like Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Once the go-to red-carpet shoe for 90s It-girls, from Jennifer Aniston to Kate Moss, the strappy heels are no longer reserved solely for evening engagements.

Strappy heels of the 90s fashion days were paired with dinner dresses or office trousers, nowadays with jeans and blazers.

70. Halter-Neck Tops

Halter-Neck Tops 90s fashion - 1990s later necks, nineties halternecks, 90 fashion decade
Jennifer Lopez; Britney Spears; Victoria Beckham; Gwyneth Paltrow; Melanie C.

Introduced as a new sleeveless style, similar to tank tops but with straps tied behind the neck, halter necks became the official tops of the 90s trends, usually paired with boot-cut jeans.

71. Vests

Vests As Tops 90s fashion - 1990s vest tops, nineties vesttops, 90 fashion decade
Julia Roberts; Cindy Crawford in a black velvet vest with a short leather skirt; Drew Barrymore’s 90s velvet vest with short jeans and a fanny bag; Tori Spelling wearing a black leather vest as a top in the 90s.

Made from a wide range of materials – from leather to velour and silk, 90s vests were worn as independent pieces rather than a suit combo and matched with skirts and jeans.

72. Lit-Up Sneakers

90s L.A. Lites sneakers - 1990s smart sneakers, nineties lit-up sneakers, 90 fashion decade
L.A. Lites 90s basketball adverts.

Short-lived but making 90s fashion history, the Lit Up Sneakers were a unique pair of high-tech smart kicks with lights in the heel.

Lites were awesome for stunting around with your friends in middle school but horrible when trying to escape the cops at night.

73. Tube Tops

Tube Tops 90s fashion - 1990s nineties tube tops, nineties tube tops, 90 fashion decade
Jessica Biel; Britney Spears; Cameron Diaz; Eva Longoria; Aaliyah’s iconic Tommy Hilfiger 90s outfit; Sarah Jessica Parker.

Tobe tops were the ultimate fashion and comfort pieces in the 90s, seen as a must-have for any respectable wardrobe girl.

Usually accessorized with an oversized necklace, the strapless tops came in colors and materials.

74. Beanies

Beanies 90s fashion trends - 1990s beanies, nineties beanies, 90 fashion decade
Aaliyah; Naughty By Nature; Nia Long; Keri Russell; Bill Murray & Willem Dafoe.

While the name sounds strange, beanies are a knit cap of simple, tapering constructions.

Worn by the movie stars, athletes, and rappers of the 90s, beanies came in various styles and materials.

75. Branded Baseball Caps

Caps in 90s fashion - 1990s baseball cap, nineties baseball caps, 90 fashion decade
90s baseball caps were popularized by 90s hip hop stars like Queen Latifah, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and A Tribe Called Quest, as well as 90s actors like Woody Harrelson and Jerry Seinfeld.

The baseball cap is so ubiquitous in American culture that it could be called America’s national hat.

Made of a soft cap and stiff visor, it is typically adjustable at the back thanks to velcro, plastic, or elastic band.

But what made the baseball cap so famous was Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, in 1996, where he appeared on the cover hidden under a fedora and scarf fit for a mafia don.

76. Oversized Bottoms & Tops

90s Oversized & Baggy Fashion Style - 1990s baggy tops, nineties baggy bottoms, 90 fashion decade
Oversized & baggy outfits took over the 90s street fashion scenes, influenced by the 90s hip-hop subculture, from Eminem to Xscape.

The decade stands out thanks to a unique blend of streetwear looks borrowed from skater and hip-hop subcultures.

Oversized jackets, cargo shorts, hoodies, and T-shirts, in combos we see even now, as the streetwear trend.

77. Tie-Dye Tops

Tie-Dye 90s fashion outfits - 1990s tie-dye clothes, nineties tie-dye jackets, 90 fashion decade
Kurt Cobain; Drew Berrymore; Destiny’s Child.

In the 90s, everyone wore a tie-dye T-shirt, sweater, or jacket.

Tie-dyeing was simple, often done at home, and consisted of folding and twisting the fabric of a garment, binding it with strings or rubber bands, and immersing it in various dyes to achieve unique patterns of colors.

78. Oversized Knits

Oversized Knits 90s fashion - 1990s knitwear, nineties oversized knitwear, 90 fashion decade
Drew Berrymore’s 90s oversized knits outfit; Jarol 90s adverts.

In all colors, materials, and styles, 90s perfection knits had one thing in common: oversize.

Worn everywhere, from school to the gym and TV, the knits paired with skinny joggers were ‘the bomb’!

79. Cropped Tops

90s cropped top fashion style - 1990s cropped tops, nineties cropped tops, 90 fashion decade
Cropped tops were popular in the 90s and sported by pop and TV stars such as Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Silverstone, and Will Smith.

After Tommy Hilfiger launched an aggressive campaign promoting cropped tops, every stylish girl wanted to wear one and look like Aaliyah.

There were even models for guys who wanted to be like Grand Puba or Puff Daddy.

80. School Bags

90s School Bags fashion - 1990s school bags, nineties school bags, 90 fashion decade
Colorblock backpacks (school bags) were super popular in the 90s.

The 90s were also when branded school bag trends started to rise, with labels like JanSport holding the top spot.

81. Jorts (Short Jeans)

90s fashion short jeans - 1990s short jeans for women, nineties jorts, 90 fashion decade
Short jeans were most popular among 90s female celebrities; Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, and Pamela Anderson.

In the 90s, denim shorts (also called ‘jorts,’ a ‘portmanteau of jeans,’ ‘shorts,’ or ‘short jeans’ were worn by both genders.

The most popular style of the 90s fashion was above-knee, with the ends rolled up twice or styled with a high-rise straight fit and long fray hem.

82. The Old Money Look

90s Preppy Fashion Style - 1990s preppy clothes, nineties preppy apparel, 90 fashion decade
Princess Diana’s iconic Sloane Ranger style, 90s sailor fashion, and United Colors Of Benetton’s inclusive styles.

From Princess Diana’s iconic Sloane Ranger style to Ivy League’s sailing fashion, the 90s had a unique take on the Old Money style with prep jackets, shirts, and shorts in bright colors.

The uniforms of old private Northeastern colleges and preparatory schools reached peak popularity in the 90s fashion stage, commercially driven by the advent of Polo and Hilfigers’ stylish looks.

Also, the Equestrian style was embraced by urban culture to showcase wealth and success in the 90s.

83. Hip-hop Boots

90s Hip-hop Boots - 1990s hiphop boots, nineties hiphop boots, 90 fashion decade
From The Notorious B.I.G.’s famous Timberland boots to Tupac’s Karikani boots, big leather boots were part of the 90s hip-hop culture.

Hip-hop boots matched with sagged, baggy jeans and chains – Notorious BIG and Tupac.

Nothing was fresher than sporting a fresh pair of 6-inch Timberlands or Lugs, and you were a pro if you cleaned them with your pencil eraser.

While Timberland was already popular in the 90s, Lugz made the connection to the hip-hop world.

84. Skateboard Sneakers

Skate Sneakers 90s fashion - 1990s skateboarder sneakers, nineties skateboard shoes, 90 fashion decade
Skate sneakers advert by DC Shoes, Vans, DVS, and more.

There was a silent battle in the 90s grade schools between Airwalks and Vans’ skate sneakers.

Skaters were fiercely loyal to their brands, as the ultimate supremacy of skate shoes was at stake, a war eventually won by Vans.

85. Zubaz Pants

Wild Pants 90s fashion - 1990s wild pants, nineties wild trousers, 90 fashion decade
Wild pants were popular in the 1990s with famous basketball players like Bill Cartwright and hip-hop stars like MC Hammer.

Nowadays known as sweatpants, Wild Pants were introduced to the 90s fashion scene by rappers like Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Made of soft, breathable fabrics suitable for dancing, these loose-fitting pants came in various colors and prints, with a drawstring closure and taper at the leg.


This compilation of 90s fashion moments is a gold mine for the 1990s nostalgic ones and those seeking some 90s party outfit inspiration.

From the rare fashion moments of the 1990s to the most-wanted looks of the nineties decade – that endure today – and from cropped cardigans and kitten heels to slip dresses, these are the best.

Nineties fashion shaped how we understand and wear fashion, from backward baseball caps to bucket hats, knee socks, fanny packs, spaghetti straps, and celebrity footwear collabs, which are relevant right now.

These iconic 90s fashion looks resurface decades later, inspiring the latest fashion trends.

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  1. Great coverage of the 90s fashion days, can you recommend an article that covers how to dress like 90s, or 90s Party Outfit Ideas to re-create with clothes we all have in our wardrobes?

  2. Oh headbands bring back a lot of memories, my mom used to wear them all the time and I have a whole album of pictures of her wearing them.

  3. Great list! You forgot ultra low jeans and the whale tail lol. And the most 90s facial hair trend for men: goatees !

    • Yes I agree about the low jeans. As far as I remember the high waisted jeans ‘rolled over from the 80’s but nineties brought in the low waisted and ultra low jeans, which of course were also in the seventies, correct? In my opinion a lot of the hippie style and way of life from the seventies was brought back in the nineties, i.e w
      as low pants/jeans and very grungy – like the nineties. Also the scrunchies were more 80’s, I think. Started to fade early 90s. . That’s how I remember it anyway. Loved the headbands in the nineties.

  4. I think the most obvious fashion trends for the 90’s in the UK was the crop top worn with combat trousers or ripped jeans, with maybe a beanie hat, bandana or cap on backwards, for both men & women. Skimpy clubbing & raving clothes for women were made of hunza or maybe neon padded gilet over a boob tube with pvc mini skirt, or a satin slip worn as a dress, also as said the leopard print dress. Guys were also in baggy jeans or multi coloured trackies with key chains & a tight fitting vest, or opted for the smart casual tee under a box jacket Don Johnson look in pastel colours. Hope this helps as a summery for the UK.

  5. SO was looking for an outfit to wear at a 90s party and came across this article. I must say, I loved the walk down the 90s memory lane. It brought back so many long-lost beautiful memories, this is something money can’t buy


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