11 CUTEST Aesthetic Outfits In 2022 (MOST Popular Ideas Online)

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BEST Aesthetic Outfits From TikTok, Tumblr & Instagram!

Wearing aesthetic outfits is the most efficient and cost-effective way to showcase your style and personality.

That’s because when chosen with intent, aesthetic outfits can reflect who you are to your friends, family, and the world around you.

Aesthetic clothes are loved by influencers, artists, supermodels, and celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Dua Lipa, often showcasing their love for baddie aesthetic outfits.

When it comes to aesthetic outfits, there are so many variations and styles you can choose from.

To showcase individuality, choose aesthetic outfits from Dark Academia, Cottagecore, Y2K fashion, Femboy outfits, E-girl Clothing, Emo outfits, Soft Girls, and many other aesthetic variations.

To help you choose a cute aesthetic outfit for you, in this article, I’ll introduce you to the 11 best and most wanted aesthetic outfits of 2022.

Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

One of the most popular trends on Instagram, TikTok, and everywhere in between right now, Y2K aesthetic outfits are wide-reaching.

The aesthetic draws inspiration from the fashion and cultural trends of the late 90s to mid-2000s.

The most popular aesthetic outfits right now are pastel-colored camisoles, high-rise flared jeans, colored sunglasses, and lots of hair accessories.

Similar to the Cottagecore aesthetic outfits, you’ll see many subcultures compressed under the general Y2K fashion category: McBling, Synthwave, Emo outfits, and Barbiecore, among many others.

The main themes of the Y2K style include crop tops, vintage luxe brands like Dior, Prada, and Versace, relaxed denim, and chunky sneakers.

Whenever in doubt, check out the key pop-cultural references such as Bratz Dolls, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls movies, and celebrities of those times – Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears.

Blue Tie-Dye Strap Seaside Top

Tie-Dye Strap Seaside Top


All Match High-Waist Explosive Pants

High-Waist Explosive Pants


Soft-Girl Aesthetic Outfits

Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits

The soft girl aesthetic outfits are taking over TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest right now.

This trend relies on pastel shades like bubblegum, baby blue, sage, and lemon and gentle inclusions of clouds, fluffy animals, and flower images with cutesy, delicate, and overtly feminine tones.

The trend pulls similarities from the Kawaii aesthetic in Japan, preppy styles, and VSCO and E-Girl styles, but the subtle differences help this aesthetic stand on its own.

However, this aesthetic is drawing inspiration from the Y2K style, with the difference that the soft girl aesthetic outfits are comfortable and designed to make you look cute.

Wear the wide-leg denim, lacey camisoles, or cropped cardigans, and finish the look with chunky sneakers, baguette bags, and bucket hats.

 Gray Gradient Long Sleeve Light Cardigan

Soft Girl Gray Gradient Cardigan


Blue Tubular Letter Print Jeans

Blue Tubular Letter Print Jeans


Korean Aesthetic Outfits

Korean Aesthetic Outfits

Thanks to the k-pop culture and Korean beauty standards taking over the world, the Korean aesthetic is one of the fastest emerging styles in 2022.

Korean aesthetic outfits can be cataloged into 4 main areas:

  • Korean aesthetic garments for office-like FORMALITY.
  • Korean aesthetic outfits for naturalistic SIMPLICITY.
  • Korean aesthetic for SYMBOLIC embellishments.
  • Korean aesthetics for playful SPONTANEITY.

Each of these 4 Korean fashion subgenres has specific clothes, from oversized sweatshirts, smart casual blazers, and straight-cut denim, to button-down blouses and Korean-style office suits

Enoki High-Waist Wide-Leg Jeans

Enoki High-Waist Wide-Leg Jeans


DIYI Plain V-Neck Cable-Knit Vest

DIYI Plain V-Neck Cable-Knit Vest


Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits

The vibe of Cottagecore Aesthetic outfits is similar to the one of lying in a field of daisies reading a novel without a care in the world.

Inspired by the Regency and Edwardian periods in Europe, the Cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes the idea of a simple life in the countryside.

This aesthetic celebrates soft and natural colors, fabrics, and patterns, including flowing dresses, lots of lace and gingham, leg of mutton sleeves, and handmade accessories.

Other significant sources of inspiration can be found in the Picnic at Hanging Rock or Alice in Wonderland novels.

A popular choice of Cottagecore aesthetic outfits, linen dresses with puff sleeves, flowing blouses with floral prints, and oversized sweaters are great ideas for this fashion aesthetic.

Butterflyes Aesthetics Summer Dress

Butterflies Aesthetics Summer Dress


Cute Country Slim Cut Out Back Dress

Cute Country Slim Cut Out Back Dress


Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

Every fashion decade goes through a resurgence in modern trends, and the vintage aesthetic is no exception to this unwritten stylistic rule.

The vintage aesthetic style takes inspiration from the decade’s past clothing elements, such as band T-shirts from the 60s fashion, bellbottom jeans from the 70s fashion, a color palette from the 80s, and styling from the 1990s fashion.

There are no rules on wearing vintage aesthetic outfits, so best take your favorite garments from past generations and blend them into your style.

Circular sunglasses, light-washed denim, and platform shoes are key outfits and accessories you can put together and create your vintage aesthetic.

Go thrifting in second-hand stores and repurposed clothing sites as these are the best stores for vintage clothing.

Above all, remember that all vintage clothing outfits keep the life cycle of garments going, so this is one of the most sustainable fashion trends.

Retro V-neck Blouse With Buttons

Retro V-neck Blouse With Buttons


Vintage Blue Plaid Straight Leg Pants

Blue Plaid Straight-Leg Pants


Dark/Light Academia Outfits

Light and Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits

Both dark academia and light academia aesthetic outfits focus on emulating the vibes of classic literature and romanticized education, where style pretentiousness is appreciated.

There are also hints of classic American prep and 19th-century upper-class styles in the dark and light academia aesthetic outfits.

Here, the aim is to create a ‘bookish look completed by dark hues and cozy academic details.

Some of the best light and dark academia aesthetic outfits right now are classic long coats, plaid suit vests, checkered blazers, and wide wool trousers.

High Sole Сlasp Ankle Boots

High Sole Сlasp Ankle Boots


Light Academia Core Diamond V-neck Sweater

Academia Core Diamond Sweater


Goth Aesthetic Outfits

Goth Aesthetic Outfits

Thanks to their dark, gloomy, and edgy look, most goth aesthetic outfits are mysterious and multidimensional.

There are many different goth aesthetics, but the most popular one draws inspiration from the late 70s and early 80s British bands like Siouxsie, the Banshees, and The Cure.

Color-wise, goth aesthetic outfits feature plenty of black, gray, white checks, and fishnets.

Also, you’ll have to use heavy eyeliners, dark lipsticks, piercings, and even colorful hair extensions, long locks, and choppy bangs.

Varying styles of the goth aesthetic include pastel, Lolita, Victorian, and Deathrockers, each with their distinctive fashion.

However, more modern goth aesthetic outfits follow myriad trends and styles, so feel free to blend a unique style that suits your personality best.

Goth Long Sleeved Pullover Sweater

Goth Long Sleeved Pullover Sweater


Gothic Short Sleeveless Top with Skulls

Gothic Skulls Sleeveless Top


Grunge Aesthetic Outfits

Grunge Aesthetic Outfits

Some of the best grunge aesthetic outfits have a distinctive style, inspired by the 80s underground music scene.

The genre houses iconic bands like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Hole, with the color scheme around dark, muted shades.

The style aimed to end the traditional societal expectations, protest against materialism, and end the 90s preppy fashion styles of those times.

The current grunge aesthetic outfits include oversized jackets and hoodies, wide-leg jeans, platform sneakers, combat boots, and band t-shirts.

The style is simple, and you can blend in any type of outfit as long as you keep the overall vibe of the aesthetic – dark colors and neutral, black, or gray shades.

Grunge Back Straps A-line Dark Dress

Grunge A-line Dark Dress


Grunge Velvet Square Collar Little Black Dress

Grunge Velvet Black Dress


Indie Aesthetic Outfits

Indie Aesthetic outfits

While the ‘indie aesthetic’ styles keep re-shaping year after year, the meaning and what it stands for remain unchanged.

At the core, indie aesthetic outfits are alternative clothing that allows for individuality and independence.

In that sense, the indie aesthetic outfits are inspired by the early 2000s fashion styles but with a modern spin.

Think flared high-waisted jeans for women, cropped graphic T-shirts, chunky sneakers, colored dress pants, baggy cargo pants, and bucket hats.

The style also blends elements from the skateboard culture of the 90s with the bright colors from the early 2000s Y2K aesthetic.

Indie Fallen Angel Dream-Print Reglan Softie Crop Top

Indie Fallen Angel Crop Top


Indie Frayed Split Seam Women Blue Jeans

Indie Frayed Split Seam Jeans


E-girl Aesthetic Outfits

E girl Aesthetic Outfits

The e-girl aesthetic outfits represent the new age of the electronic girl, often confused with the Y2 K Aesthetic.

That is because the realm of the e-girl aesthetic includes several subcategories and many crossover accessories and ensembles.

You’ll find celebs sporting the e-girl aesthetic in beige cargo pants, blue jeans, and sleeved shirts, as long as they respected the style’s overall theme of tech girl.

Some of the most representative e-girl aesthetic elements in 2022 are black striped long-sleeve shirts, oversized band shirts, black jogger pants, acid wash jeans, and sharp winged eyeliners.

If you have a plus-size body, you can also wear bell-bottom jeans, oversized shirts,  and black sneakers to create what we call the e-girl aesthetic of American trends.

Anime Print Loose Sweatshirt

Anime Print Loose Sweatshirt


Black Pleated Denim Skirt

Black Pleated Denim Skirt


Baddie Aesthetic Outfits

Baddie Aesthetic Outfits

The baddie aesthetic is a contemporary aesthetic born on TikTok and Instagram during the COVID lockdowns.

The aesthetic is comprised of a blend of several sub-aesthetics such as Y2K, luxurious, and Insta baddies, each with its distinctive style.

Some attribute the origin of the aesthetic to contemporary African-American fashion styles worn by celebrities like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat.

Some of the most iconic outfits of the Baddie Aesthetic style are oversized streetwear, body-hugging mini dresses, and bodysuits with cutouts in the fabric.

The hair is often long and straight, with throwback accessories like large hoop earrings, gold chain jewelry, and du-rags.

The makeup is often dewy for the boujee and pampered style, and the clothes are luxe, soft and high-end.

Some of the most prominent baddie girls wear Fashion Nova, Supreme, Prada, and I.Am.Gia – favorite shades include burnt orange, black, fire red, and lots of pinks.

Baddie Pink Aesthetic Top

Baddie Pink Aesthetic Top


Baddie Flame Printing Long Sleeved Top With Gloves

Flame Print Top With Gloves


Most aesthetic outfits featured in this article are from ‘My Sweet Outfit,’ an online clothing store for girls who love to stand out from the crowd.

My Sweet Outfit stocks affordable yet very modern and stylish aesthetic outfits.

Offering free worldwide shipping, the online store’s most popular aesthetic clothes right now are:

Softie aesthetic – delicate and romantic looks: cozy sweaters to baguettes, socks, and other cute accessories.

E-girl aesthetic – vibrant, sexy tops, hot dresses, and oversized hoodies inspired by the anime aesthetic.

Y2K aesthetic – glamorous 2000s funny crop tops, flared jeans, bright prints, and lots of Y2K accessories.

Vintage aesthetics – the 80s & 90s jeans-pipes, classic sneakers, miniskirts, and vintage T-shirts.

Cottagecore aesthetics – stylish outfits in rustic styles; nature, flowers, and lots of ruffles!

Harajuku aesthetics – crazy looks streetwear clothing inspired by the latest Japanese trends.

Aesthetic Outfits FAQs

What is an aesthetic outfit?

In simple terms, aesthetic outfits are stylish and visually appealing clothing ensembles that represent past fashion trends and in some cases, current fashion trends.

However, as the name suggests, aesthetic outfits must follow a set of stylistic principles and fit into a particular fashion theme or category.

Popular aesthetic clothing themes right now are Vintage, Light and Dark Academia, Emo aesthetic outfits, Y2K, Soft Girl, and many more – the most popular aesthetic outfits in 2022 are above.

Each aesthetic outfit has specific stylistic elements that set it apart from the other ones.

How can I look more aesthetic?

Before you shop for a new aesthetic outfit, figure out the style that suits you the most.

Whether it is Cottagecore, Light Academia, e-girl, Baddie, or 90s fashion aesthetics, make sure the style matches your looks.

Start by creating a visual mood board or a Pinterest page to place your favorite aesthetic looks.

Once you have the aesthetic you wish to recreate, find the core apparel pieces of that particular aesthetic.

Find the key pieces representing each aesthetic by determining the trend or stylistic category it fits in.

For example, the grunge aesthetic has plenty of band t-shirts, dark clothes, and combat boots.

On the other hand, the soft girl aesthetic has crop tops, wide-leg jeans, and chunky sneakers in pastel shades.

Imagine creating a capsule wardrobe you can style with multiple options by swapping pieces in and out depending on the season or event.

What is the soft girl aesthetic?

The soft girl aesthetic is about gentle and delicate clothes in pastels, shiny accessories and makeup, and cute finishing touches.

An ideal soft girl aesthetic is comprised of high-waisted wide-leg jeans, chunky white sneakers, a cropped knit cardigan in pastels – lemon, baby pink, or sky blue, and dewy makeup.

Monochromatic outfits are an emerging soft girl aesthetic trend in 2022, built on plaid mini skirts with crop tops and sneakers.

For a casual look, wear relaxed denim with a bralette and a micro handbag or baguette, and combat boots.

For a great soft girl aesthetic with a touch of Cottagecore, try a dress with floral embellishments, a cardigan, and barrettes in your hair.

How do you style 90s aesthetic clothes?

The 90s aesthetic outfits are super trendy right now in 2022.

The 90s fashion was, in part, a rejection of societal standards, so most clothes of those times prioritized comfort over style.

Find the fundamental stylistic elements of the decade and match them with your favorite pieces, such as scrunchies, chokers, chunky sneakers, or slip dresses.

Right now, the most popular 90s aesthetic outfits are ‘mom’ or wide-leg jeans, combat boots, and oversized men’s shirts.

How to get a Dark Academia aesthetic?

The Dark Academia aesthetic is all about showcasing knowledge and education, from classic literature like Jane Austen to films like Dead Poets Society.

The aesthetic comprises mostly dark tones – in line with the name – and garments like turtlenecks with checked trousers, tweed blazers, brogues, and chunky knits.

However, dark academia aesthetic outfits borrow a lot from related color palettes, such as chocolate brown, burgundy, forest green, navy blue, shades of gold, and any other colors that go with brown clothes.

What is Y2K aesthetic?

The current Y2K aesthetic outfits showcase prominent trends of the late 90s and early 2000s fashion.

Initially, the Y2K aesthetic rejected the grunge aesthetics of the 90s and created hyper-feminine silhouettes and striking color palettes.

It was inspired by the fear of the world’s end and the excitement of technological advancements.

You can wear blends of pink butterfly clips, crop tops, chunky sneakers, or mini skirts, with futuristic styles in silver, blue, and metallic colors.


From vintage to soft girl and indie, niche fashion aesthetics are taking over the fashion world right now in 2022.

Aesthetic outfits are driven by entire sartorial subcultures that you can explore, shop, and wear.

If you remember, the best aesthetic outfits of 2021 were Y2K-inspired.

Now, at the beginning of 2022, top trends pendulate between Baddie and soft girl aesthetics.

Another aesthetic clothing trend that holds strong in 2022 is the dark academia aesthetic, revived by sweater vests, beige pants, and brown sneakers.

A bit preppy, a lot of moody, and endlessly cool, this particular aesthetic outfit trend is a must-try whether or not you’re a student.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these aesthetic outfits is your favorite and why?

Are there any other aesthetic outfit ideas you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Comments below, please!

A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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