25 Best Androgynous Clothing Brands for a Stunning Look

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There’s nothing better than wearing androgynous clothing if you want to avoid being cataloged by gender and deal with all kinds of gender-related stereotypes.

Some androgynous clothing brands are designed to disguise the gender of the wearer, and others allow the wearers to showcase where they see themselves on the spectrum of gender identification.

I find the latter ideal if your clothes change a lot, whether you want your outfits to be perceived as masculine or feminine.

Whether looking for masculine silhouettes with sensual curves or feminine cuts for male body types, these 26 androgynous clothing brands have it all.

1. Wales Bonner

Best for Androgynous Garments in Afro-Atlantic Patterns

Wales Bonner Androgynous Clothing
Wales Bonner Androgynous Clothing

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Price Range: $$$

Wales Bonner is an andro clothing label launched in 2014 by the British designer Grace Wales Bonner, a Central St. Martins graduate.

The label’s androgynous collection is a distinct notion of luxury fashion inspired by European and Afro-Atlantic culture.

Wales Bonner’s international stockists include MatchesFashion, Dover Street Market, Net-A-Porter, Barneys, Ssense, Browns, Boon the Shop, Galeries Lafayette, and Farfetch.


Legacy cotton-blend tank top

WB logo cotton-blend chinos


Best for Streetwear-inspired Androgynous Outfits

Telfar Androgynous Clothing
Telfar Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Telfar Clemens designed androgynous clothes in NYC long before the fashion establishment deemed it a trend.

The brand, TELFAR, caters to an all-inclusive community, stocking androgynous styles for all body types, from plus-size to petite clothing.

TELFAR has won a devoted following by living up to its motto, “not for you, for everyone” – so much so that the label’s signature bag has been dubbed the ‘Bushwick Birkin.’


Telfar Panelled Crewneck Knit Jumper

Converse Chuck 70 high-top sneakers

3. Eckhaus Latta

Best for See-through Androgynous Clothing

Eckhaus Latta Androgynous Clothing
Eckhaus Latta Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Launched by the design duo Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, Eckhaus Latta is a New York-based clothing brand specializing in androgynous and gender-free clothing.

Eckhaus Latta’s androgynous clothing offers superb alternatives for redefining one’s image: self, body, gender spectrum, identity, and more.


Green Lapped Baby Turtleneck

SSENSE Exclusive Orange & Brown Jeans

4. One DNA

Best for Preppy-inspired Andro and Gender-neutral Garments

One DNA Androgynous Clothing
One DNA Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$

Described in the past as a fashion label defying social constructs, One DNA is a black and queer-owned clothing label from NYC.

The brand designs eco-conscious sweatshirts, crewnecks, sweatpants, and tees with powerful messages such as “We Should All Be Them.”

Leader of the unisex trend, the brand’s androgynous collections were featured in Highsnobiety and WWD.


Women Are Powerful Arcade Sweatshirt

Checkerboard Crewneck Sweater Brown

5. Wildfang

Best for Plus-size Androgynous Apparel

Wildfang Androgynous Clothing
Wildfang Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$

Meaning ‘tomboy’ in German, Wildfang was born when two Nike executives realized there weren’t many menswear-inspired clothes for women.

The label was founded in 2013 with the belief that “any woman has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants.”

Wildfang’s androgynous styles are built with the tenets of sustainable fashion in mind, from natural fabrics beyond gender lines.




6. Tibi

Best for ‘Old Money’ Androgynous Clothing

Tibi Androgynous Clothing
Tibi Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

If you’re after one-of-a-kind blazers and high-waisted slacks, look no further than Tibi.

With garments and accessories depicting traditional styles like Old Money and BCBG, the brand garments are loved by Andro and gender-fluid fashionistas.

Launched by a family of artists in a small town off the coast of Georgia, the brand has become a staple for fashion stylists of all genders.


Sheer Gauze Baby Tee

Shiny Nylon Pleated Stella Cargo Pants

7. Black Crane

Best for Sustainable Androgynous Clothing

Black Crane Androgynous Clothing
Black Crane Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$$

Driven by the ethos “Clothes Are Tool Of Living,” Black Crane are experts in comfortable androgynous daily wear.

The brand’s andro-style creations are recommended by all, from streetwear fashionistas to those seeking comfortable pajamas to wear at home.




8. Toogood

Best for Monochromatic, Minimalistic Androgynous Apparel

TooGood Androgynous Clothing
TooGood Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Price Range: $$$$

TooGood is a London-based fashion design studio co-founded in 2008 by sisters Faye and Erica Toogood.

Each TooGood’s androgynous garment takes its name, inspiration, and cut from the traditional trade: the ‘Metalworker’ jacket, the ‘Stonemason’ trouser, and so on.

With over 60 stockists worldwide, including Selfridges, Farfetch, Dover Street Market, and Matchesfashion, TooGood’s androgynous clothes are a fierce weapon in showcasing stylistic freedom anywhere, anytime.


The Mercer Tana Lawn Liberty-print cotton coat

The Spinner linen-blend dress

9. Pleats Please (by Issey Miyake)

Best for Japanese-inspired Pleated Androgynous Outfits

Pleats Please Androgynous Clothing
Pleats Please Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: Japan
Price Range: $$$$

Pleats Please debuted as part of Issey Miyake’s 1988 collection.

Made with a unique “pleating” technique, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake offers androgynous clothing in flattering cuts and shapes.

While the designer isn’t concerned with gender norms or any constructs around gender, the brand’s Japanese fashion inspired clothes suit all genders.

The designs are versatile, making them suitable for all genders and body types, a concept derived from


Yellow Monthly Colors December Sweater

Green Mellow Pleats Trousers

10. Rad Hourani

Best for Designer Androgynous Clothing

Rad Hourani Androgynous Clothing
Rad Hourani Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: Canada
Price Range: $$$

Born in Jordan to a Syrian mother and Jordanian-Canadian father, Rad Hourani is a Canadian fashion designer, art director, activist, and visual artist who celebrates neutrality as a defining human trait.

Hourani advocates fashion non-conformity as the essence of individuality and clothing modernity as an odyssey free of nations, gender, age, race, limits, and conditioning.


Rad Hourani jacket

Rad Hourani collection transformable wool coat


11. Nudie Jeans

Best for Androgynous Jeans and Denim Jackets

Nudie Jeans Androgynous Clothing
Nudie Jeans Androgynous Clothing – The VOU

Country of Origin: Sweden
Price Range: $$$

Nudie Jeans is an Andro clothing brand specializing in high-quality, sustainable denim.

Nudie Jeans is based on raw, untreated fabric, which had at the time been falling into oblivion and wasn’t sought after by the public.

Nudie Jeans’ styles and cuts are intentionally made gender-fluid for people who love showcasing stylistic freedom.


Kim Fair Isle Vest Multi

Easy Alvin Oak Corduroy

12. BODE

Best for Workwear-inspired Androgynous Clothing

BODE Androgynous Clothing
BODE Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

A creation of Emily Adams Bode, BODE is an androgynous clothing brand initially marketed as luxury menswear.

Bode’s androgynous clothing creations are infused with beautiful stories of material sourcing and tailor-made artisanal ‘poems’ that place this gender-free apparel label at the top of contemporary American fashion.

More recently, BODE showcases a stunning gender-free workwear style augmented by female-centric traditions of quilting, mending, and appliqué.


BODE damask short-sleeve linen shirt

Log Cabin quilted cotton jacket

Suede slippers

13. Older Brother

Best for Androgynous Outwear Apparel

OlderBrother Androgynous Clothing
OlderBrother Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Older Brother is a gender-neutral brand from Portland, Oregon, that creates charming androgynous outerwear collections.

OlderBrother’s gender-neutral collections are made from organic cotton, wool, woven rice paper, and linen from Japanese farms – once the source of Imperial ceremonial robes.

According to the designer, the label makes “universal garments” tailored to fit people rather than genders such as women or men.


Black Indigo Overalls

Anti-fit Crewneck Sweatshirt

14. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Best for Lolita-inspired Androgynous Fashion

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Androgynous Clothing
Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Price Range: $$$

Loverboy is the creation of Charles Jeffrey, a young Scottish genderqueer fashion designer.

Loverboy’s androgynous style is unique, radical, streetwear-inspired, championed by London’s queer community to perfection.

With theatrical and avant-garde runway shows worth the world’s capitals of fashion, Loverboy’s creations ignore all gender stereotypes and norms.

Power dressing, dapper style, and men in skirts with make-up are pillars of Jeffrey’s gender-bending aesthetic.


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Kraken knitted jumper


15. Official Rebrand

Best for Androgynous Clothes from Repurposed Garments

Official Rebrand Androgynous Clothing
Official Rebrand Androgynous Clothing – The VOU

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

A creation of MI Leggett, a New York-based non-binary artist and former food justice advocate, Official Rebrand turns unwanted textiles into stylish androgynous clothing.

Since 2017, Leggett has blended environmental justice with gender expression into a brand acclaimed worldwide.

The designer revives unwanted garments, dissociates the gendered categories, and creates an alternative space where clothing identity becomes fluid.




16. Bobblehaus

Bobblehaus Androgynous Clothing
Bobblehaus Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Launched amidst the global pandemic, Bobblehaus forwent plans for a physical SoHo pop-up store and debuted the first collection online.

Founded by Chinese-Americans Ophelia Chen and Abi Lierheimer, this Androgynous clothing brand is full of exciting colors, prints, and boxy shapes that look good on anyone.

Bobblehaus’ androgynous styles are designed in New York and made in Shanghai, bridging the East and West youth cultures.

Bobblehaus’ relaxed plaid suits and body shapes are a stunning blend of Y2K fashion, with the current digital fashion taking over TikTok and Instagram.


BH Printed Powermesh Turtleneck

BH Recycled Cotton Jacquard Knit Sweater

BH Nylon Quilted Down Coaches Jacket

17. IJJI

IJJI Androgynous Clothing
IJJI Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Founded in 2016 in Tokyo, IJJI is a androgynous clothing label of rare stylistic Japanese heritage.

The brand’s name, “Ijji” describes the Japanese word イージーパンツ.

The word translates into “any loose drawstring pant,” meaning a clothing label that makes fitted pants for all people and body types.

IJJI blends Western symbols with Eastern cultural patterns to create a unique androgynous look you won’t find anywhere else.


Canvas Work Jacket

Denim work pants earth

18. No Sesso

No Sesso Androgynous Clothing
No Sesso Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Right off the bat, “No Sesso” in Italian translates into English as “no sex/no gender.”

Founded by Pierre Davis in 2015, No-Sesso is a small Italian fashion brand operating out of Los Angeles.

In collaboration with Autumn Randolph and Arin Hayes, Davis’ androgynous clothing brand challenges the conventions of fashion, art, culture, and design.

As a community-powered brand that empowers people of all colors, shapes, and identities, No Sesso’s garments are made of reconstructed materials and hand embroidery.

Making nonconformity as beautiful and inclusive as possible, No Sesso celebrates the community it serves with limited ed. collections, fashion shows, educational activities, and more.


Corset Zipper Trucker Jacket

Zip Flare Jean

19. Cilium (AKA Tilly and William)

Cilium Androgynous Clothing
Cilium Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Powered by a non-binary gender identity, Cilium’s philosophy explores and celebrates gender non-exclusivity and innovation in fashion.

Cilium’s clothing conception was sparked in 2009 by friends Tilly Lapidos and Thom Barranca.

Questioning the idea of gender in clothing, the designers started making unisex, sustainable clothing under the brand name ‘TILLY and WILLIAM.’

However, in 2018, the duo launched a new gender-free clothing label, Cilium – a protective cellular layer.



Maxi Tube

20. Flavnt

Flavnt Androgynous Clothing
Flavnt Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$

FLAVNT is an Austin-based independent clothing brand for the LGBTQ+ community.

Driven by a feminist ethos and an altered ego concept, the brand’s androgynous dressing has unique feminine characteristics.

The brand’s genderless clothing and femboy outfits are designed to increase one’s self-love.

While supporting the LGBTQ community, FLAVNT aims to impact individual lives through innovative fundraising initiatives positively.

Of all the androgynous fashion independent designers on this list, FLAVNT stands out through minimalist cuts and Bohemian style patterns.


Love Makes The World Go 'Round Tie Dye Tee

Gal Pal Crop Top

21. Androgyny

Androgyny Androgynous Clothing
Androgyny Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Price Range: $

Androgyny is a UK-based streetwear brand launched by Peter Bevan.

Androgyny was launched to showcase the power of androgynous clothes as a form of self-expression.

In the founder’s views, gender is a fluid state; thus, fashion must be designed to allow the wearer to express any identity they want.

Also, driven by a deep commitment to sustainability, each Androgyny garment is designed and handmade from GOTS-certified organic cotton in the brand’s UK-based studio.


White Tee | ADGY UK Logo

Tote Bag White

22. Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press Androgynous Clothing
Big Bud Press Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$

Big Bud Press is an LA-based brand specializing in unisex clothing for all ages and body types, including those on the curvier end of the spectrum.

Unique amongst androgynous clothing labels, Big Bud Press garments imbue workwear and menswear styles with a rainbow of high-impact hues instead of the classic somber tones.

Driven by ethical and local manufacturing practices, the brand is sweatshop-free and audits all manufacturing partners.




23. Sixty-Nine (69)

Sixty-Nine Androgynous Clothing
Sixty-Nine Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

“Denim for Everyone” is Sixty Nine (69)‘s motto, an LA-based androgynous clothing brand founded by an anonymous designer in 2011.

Fun and vibrant, the brand’s agender aesthetic consists of bright, hand-tie-dyed pieces.

Imagine wide-leg trousers, oversized t-shirts, and big Button-Up pieces like a psychedelic version of Missy Elliott’s iconic “Supa Dupa Fly” balloon onesie from the 90s fashion days.

The brand’s collections of gender-free and androgynous clothing are available in limited styles and by ‘digital’ appointment only.


duck pant

69 world wide giant tee

24. Sharpe Suiting

Sharpe Suiting Androgynous Clothing
Sharpe Suiting Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: United States
Price Range: $$$

Since launching in 2013, Sharpe Suiting has been the home of agender fashionistas who want to stand out.

The brand’s unique “anthropometrics formula” – a custom-tailored suiting process designed for genderqueer fashion enthusiasts – creates looks that fit every body, style, and gender identity.

From finding the perfect textile to choosing individual buttons, the brand offers bespoke androgynous tailoring experiences in preparation for big-day events.


May I Have This Dance Jacket

Fleshy Pink Sunset Trousers

25. Mutton Head

Muttonhead Androgynous Clothing
Muttonhead Androgynous Clothing – The VOU.

Country of Origin: Canada
Price Range: $$$

Mutton Head is a clothing brand that produces fair-trade, affordable, unisex clothes for all ages, sizes, and body types.

Challenging traditional tailoring, each Muttonhead androgynous creation is individually draped and detailed to emphasize a unique aesthetic and look.


Smart Jacket - Raw Cotton Canvas - Brown

Arrow - Ultralight Tech Denim

What Clothes are Androgynous in 2023?

By definition, the concept of androgynous fashion describes the middle of two extremes.

When the edges come together, what does the middle describe?

As the lines between men’s and women’s clothing fade away, the category of androgyny clothing gets more challenging to pin down.

In the past, it was easy to picture a selection of androgynous clothing (think structured suits, loose shirts, lots of jeans, and men’s overalls).

On the other hand, modern androgyny pushes towards a panoply of interconnected yet distinct approaches to fashion.

Think Harry Styles gowns or Billie Eilish oversized streetwear outfits.

Or the infamous androgynous suits of Indya Moore – the first trans person of color to cover ELLE Magazine last year.

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  1. Good-looking andro clothing for both men and women, but if you want to save a buck or two shop in the men’s category in cheap stores like Amazon and get even better deals than from the brands here.


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