12 Most Popular Australian Clothing Brands to Shop Right Now

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Blending elegance with the continent’s characteristic laid-back style, Australian clothing brands have carved a unique path in the international fashion scene.

From beach-ready swimwear to cutting-edge streetwear and high-end couture, these brands embody the Aussie spirit while being adored by celebrities worldwide.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 hand-curated Australian clothing brands with distinctive stories, styles, and appeal.

Ginger & Smart

Best for Professional Outfits and Evening Gowns

Ginger & Smart Australian Clothing

Ginger & Smart’s reputation is built on its sculptural evening gowns and professional wear that command a room.

Their use of dynamic hues like emerald green for the Aphrodite One Shoulder Gown and sapphire blue in the Grace Wrap Dress encapsulates their vision for luxury and poise.

The brand is a curator of a wardrobe that offers contemporary luxury, where each piece is designed for the fashion-conscious individual who values a powerful, color-rich statement in their attire.


“Ginger & Smart’s sculpted evening gowns and professional wear in emerald green and sapphire blue are out of this world”

Ginger & Smart Lumiere Sundress Ginger & Smart Blush Jumpsuit
Ginger & Smart Lantern Wrap Dress Ginger & Smart Aquarelle Top

Double Rainbouu

Hawaiian Shirt and Beach-inspired Casual Wear

Double Rainbouu Australian Beach Clothing Brand

Double Rainbouu revamps the classic Hawaiian shirt with a playful, contemporary twist.

The brand is distinguished for using vivid tropical prints that capture the essence of Australia’s diverse beach culture.

Their range from city to suburban beaches reflects a laid-back yet stylish beach life, ideal for casual wear with a unique, cheeky edge.


“Known for quality Hawaiian shirts in unique colors and prints, Double Rainbouu is the top choice for Australian beach-inspired casual wear”

Rainbouu Plaid Sundown Shirt Double Rainbouu Mint Paradise Pant
Double Rainbouu Pink Flowers White Uni Tee Double Rainbouu Burning Up Night Swim Shorts

Alamour The Label

Best for Luxurious Bridal Wear and Evening Gowns

Alamour The Label

Alamour The Label is renowned for exquisite evening gowns and bridal wear that make you feel like a star, with a focus on sumptuous fabrics and couture details.

From flowing chiffon dresses to structured corset gowns, each creation is a testament to the Brisbane-based brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Whether the detailed lace of a bridal gown or the audacious visual of a red-carpet-ready dress, Alamour The Label has the perfect blend of modern style with classic elegance.


“The premier Australian choice for luxurious, ready-to-wear evening gowns and bridal wear”

Alamour The Label black evening gown Alamour The Label white evening gown
Alamour The Label evening dress Alamour The Label gold evening gown

Anna Quan

Best for Tailored Shirts and Long Knitted Dresses

Anna Quan Australian Women's Clothing

Anna Quan offers collections where precision meets fashion-forward styling, renowned for sharply tailored shirts.

The brand’s signature lies in the reinvention of the classic shirt in an iconic oversized design with striking cuff details.

Anna Quan extends this keen tailoring to a full range of womenswear, with items like the structured Irena skirt and the streamlined silhouette of the Estelle dress.


“Leader in tailored contemporary womenswear, sharply cut shirts, and sleek separates”

Anna Quan Odile Top Anna Quan Tia Dress
Anna Quan Abeni Dress Anna Quan Helena Dress

Lee Mathews

Best for Linen Shirt Dresses and Lace-up Blouses

Lee Mathews Australian Designer Clothing Brand

Matin Studio is an Australian clothing brand founded by the designer duo Lucy and Michelle Perrett, whose designs are rooted in the laid-back beach lifestyle of Sydney.

The brand’s look blends Bohemian style aesthetics and relaxed silhouettes reminiscent of the 1970s in a classic French color palette but in a modern, trendier context.

For women who appreciate the ease of a linen shirt dress or the understated detail of a lace-up blouse, Matin Studio is a treasure trove of timeless pieces that transcend seasons.


“Matin Studio stands out as the Australian brand for relaxed yet sophisticated Boho-inspired clothing”

Lee Mathews Stella Silk Satin Slip Lee Mathews Celia Pant
Lee Mathews Elsie Shirt Dress Lee Mathews Edie Anorak

Dion Lee

Best for Monochromatic, Avantgarde Streetwear

Dion Lee Australian Streetwear Clothing Brand

Dion Lee is celebrated for its avant-garde approach to tailoring.

The lave is renowned for experimenting with textiles and using unconventional fabrics.

The brand’s iconic pieces are texturally rich and with intricate details -Mobius Loop Skirt, Aviator Bustier, and Safety Slider Tank – redefining modern luxury fashion.


“Dion Lee is the premier Australian brand for avant-garde tailoring and innovative textile treatments for aesthetically striking garments”

Dion Lee Black Moulded Mesh Top Dion Lee High-waisted Cargo Pants
Dion Lee Twist-back Ribbed Top Dion Lee Rib Collage Flared Pants

Alice McCall

Best for Bohemian Style Dresses

Alice McCall Australian Dress Designer Brand

Alice McCall is renowned for intricate detailing like trimmings, cut-outs, and playful patterns of vintage inspiration, with instantly recognizable garments.

The brand’s designs reflect a personal style described as chic, playful, and occasionally hippy-bohemian.​

McCall’s eye for detail has kept her garments on the cutting edge of feminine style, loved by celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Kacey Musgraves.


“Alice McCall is a leading Australian brand for feminine, chic, bohemian fashion”

Alice McCall Swan Lake Feather Mini Dress Alice McCall She's Electric Mini Dress
Alice McCall Catalina Playsuit Alice McCall Deep Sea Jacket

Barney Cools

Best for Swim Trunks, Beach Shorts, and Dad Caps

Barney Cools Men’s Australian Clothing Brand

Barney Cools encapsulates Sydney’s surf culture with its ‘anti-fashion’ stance, focusing on casual, comfortable designs that resonate with a free-spirited, laid-back audience.

The brand’s denim, sweaters, swim trunks, beach shorts, and on-trend dad caps come in khaki hues, white, gray, and black.


“Quintessential Australian brand for surf-inspired streetwear perfect for a carefree, adventurous lifestyle.”

Barney Cools College Homie Slate Tee Barney Cools Holiday Tie Dye Shirt
Barney Cools Holiday Floral Blur Shirt Barney Cools Pastel Corduroy Plaid Shirt

Sass & Bide

Best for Punk-Inspired Sequined Dresses

Sass & Bide Best Independent Australian Made Clothing Brand

Sass & Bide’s collection is a daring exploration of style, where each piece blends rebellion and refinement.

The brand’s embellished denim stands out for its intricate detailing and unconventional designs, transforming the classic denim look into a striking fashion statement.

The brand’s dramatic sequined neon green or bright orange dresses are also a highlight, offering a glamorous yet edgy look loved by those who appreciate a blend of street style and high fashion.

Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, and Rihanna are a few celebs known for sporting Sass & Bide’s unique creations.


“Sass & Bide champions a unique blend of punk-inspired aesthetic with urbane elegance.”

Sass & Bide Oasis Paradise Dress Sass & Bide Wild Play Mini Dress
Sass & Bide Infinite Love Top Sass & Bide The Love Street Dress

Maurie & Eve

Best for Minimalist Resort Dresses

Maurie & Eve Sustainable Australian Clothing Brand

Maurie & Eve is an Australian clothing brand that stands out through distinctive garments embodying the brand’s commitment to alternative-style refinement.

See, for example, the ‘Oceanus Dress,’ a flowing, lightweight piece in a subtle print, perfect for breezy beach days, and the ‘Helios Top,’ with a delicate knit pattern.


“Ideal for minimalist resort wear that exudes elegant but casual sophistication.”

Maurie & Eve October Sky Shirt Maurie & Eve Acme Mini Dress
Maurie & Eve Oversized Jumper Maurie & Eve Wanna Jumpsuit

Lorna Jane

Best for Affordable Australian Activewear

Lorna Jane Australian Activewear Clothing Brand

Lorna Jane is at the top of feminine athletic performance and style, founded by the aerobics instructor Lorna Jane Clarkson in 1980.

As one of the most affordable Australian fitness clothing brands, Lorna Jane offers a wide range of women’s athleisure and activewear in over 146 stores in Australia alone.


“Excellent comfortable activewear offering a unique combination of function and style.”

Lorna Jane Lifted Active Long Sleeve Top Lorna Jane Skinny Iconic Comfort Sports Bra
Lorna Jane 80's Revival Zip Jacket Lorna Jane Rest And Relax Rib Sweat

P.E. Nation

Best for Leggings, Sports bras, Tanks, Tees, and Hoodies

P.E Nation Australian fashion brand

P.E. Nation has risen to prominence thanks to a blend of activewear and street fashion in unique colors like aqua or flamingo pink, perfect for the fast-paced urban life.

The label’s retro-sport aesthetic is evident in high-performance snow gear in electric blue, geometric pattern print menswear, sportswear, and accessories.


“P.E Nation is an Australian label specializing in colorful activewear and street-ready garments that depict an active urban lifestyle.”

P.E-Nation Australian-made athleisure jacket P.E-Nation Australian-made activewear sweater
P.E-Nation Australian-made activewear bag P.E-Nation Australian-made activewear top

Key Takeaways

The days when the name ‘Australia’ prompted comments about wildlife, crocodiles, snakes, kangaroos, barbeques, beer, and surf dogs are long gone.

Modern Australia is a hub for contemporary fashion, beauty, and style, with a clothing and apparel scene growing faster than anywhere else.

Leading Australian clothing brands set stylistic trends and win fashion awards against a slew of global competitors in the market of fashion brands and online clothing stores.

Not only is Australia home to some of the best fashion brands in the world, but the nr of emerging brands – yet to be discovered by the masses – is off the charts.

Moreover, the number of celebrities showing off in Australian clothing is a statement of the country’s growth in the fashion scene.

After Kendall Jenner in Bec and Bridge to Bella Hadid in Camilla and Marc and Blake Lively in Zimmermann, it is your time to enjoy the easy-breezy elegance from Down Under.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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