How to Dress Avant Apocalypse: 3 Outfit Ideas to Master the Dystopian Style

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With roots in streetwear and avant-garde high fashion, Avant Apocalypse is a contemporary way of dressing comprised of garments, footwear, and accessories showcasing a blend of dystopian and post-apocalyptic aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi visuals and themes of speculative fiction, the Avant Apocalypse style comprises oversized and layered asymmetrical silhouettes from leather and innovative synthetics in black, gray, and earth tones, showcasing a high-tech, survivalist look.

Avant Apocalypse Style

Regarding patterns and motifs, Avant Apocalypse fashion incorporates geometric designs, conceptual elements, and textual or symbolic graphics that convey themes of resilience, non-conformity, and a stark vision of the future.

avant apocalypse

Let’s explore 3 Avant Apocalypse looks, highly representative of the style’s dystopian and post-apocalyptic vibe.

1. Technical Avant Apocalypse

Technical Avant Apocalypse

Start your Technical Avant Apocalypse outfit with a techwear cropped top with metallic accents from Y-3 or A-COLD-WALL.

Layer with an underbust corset with a leather harness, an essential Avant Apocalypse accessory with a survivalist aesthetic from Demobaza or Zana Bayne, and a dark, long hooded rain jacket from Arc’teryx.

Charlize Theron Technical-Avant-Apocalypse-outfit

Rains long waterproof coat in slate rubberized rain parka coat in midnight

Match with distressed cargo pants from Carhartt or Alpha Industries and knee-high army leather boots from Palladium for a total apocalyptic feel.

Studded Decor High Waist Pants
Cargo Skirt Layered Solid Wide Leg Pants

Accessorize with an army belt from a surplus store and wrap cotton twill binding tape around the wrist – a small detail that significantly impacts the overall narrative of resilience and preparedness.

2. Cyber Avant Apocalypse

Cyber Avant Apocalypse

Start your Cyber Avant Apocalypse outfit with a Rick Owens or Alexander Wang black turtleneck top with long sleeves, front zippers, and padded shoulders for an avant-garde, futuristic vibe.

Solid Slant Pocket Cargo Pants Bikercore Solid Cut Out Waist Flap Pocket Cargo Pants

Pair with black combat cargo pants from Off-White or Stone Island adorned with silver chains for a touch of industrial chic and knee-high, heeled leather boots from Balenciaga or Prada for a touch of luxury.

Rick Owens 2021-2022 Fall Autumn Winter Womens Runway

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For a dash of dystopian edge, accessorize with snug-fitting leather gloves from All Saints or Dents and a Marine Serre facemask.

3. Desert Avant Apocalypse

Desert Avant Apocalypse

The Desert Avant Apocalypse look depicts resilience and adaptability in an arid, post-apocalyptic setting.

Start with a brown cotton sleeveless round neck top, essential in a desert climate, and a cut-out leather bustier suggesting improvisation, a key aspect of the Avant Apocalypse style.

Zendaya in Desert Avant Apocalypse outfit

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Wrap the head and the shoulders with a white cotton shemagh head scarf and wear loose-fitting khaki linen pants accessorized with a leather D-ring belt.

Combine with fingerless gloves and anchor the look with durable desert boots and a cotton cape that drapes over the shoulders to create an impactful silhouette that resonates with strength and endurance.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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