How to Dress Blokecore: 3 Football-Inspired British Looks

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Dressing Blokecore style to perfection requires a deep understanding of Great Britain’s working class and the distinct, daily attire of the ‘bloke’ culture.

Blokecore Style

The word ‘bloke’ describes an everyday, working-class British man and his way of dressing that showcases his passion for sports and local culture.

In this article, we will explore 3 distinctive outfits curated to depict the Blokecore style and the main garments, footwear, and accessories required to create these looks.

1. Classic Blokecore

Classic Blokecore

Kick off your Classic Blokecore outfit with a vintage soccer jersey in homage to British football fans and their love for the sport.

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber in Soccer Jerseis
Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber in Soccer Jerseys
Letter Graphic Striped Trim Drop Shoulder Tee Letter Graphic Striped Trim Tee

Pair the shirt with denim shorts with frayed edges, low-top football trainers like Adidas Sambas in a color that matches the shirt, and white crew socks characteristic of bloke core looks.

Accessorize with a golden bracelet or a beanie, and if you’re a devoted football team fan a team pin or scarf.

2. Girly Blokecore Look

Girly Blokecore

Start your Girly Blokecore with an Ac Milan or Bayern soccer shirt (or tie a regular football shirt at the waist) for a feminine look.

Kim Kardashian in Vintage Soccer Jersey

Letter Graphic Striped Trim Drop Shoulder Tee Letter & Number Printed V-Neck Drop Shoulder T-Shirt

Match the shirt with a pleated grey or navy blue skirt for a touch of Preppy schoolyard vintage aesthetic to the sporty Blokecore vibe.

Taylor Swift in Pleated Skirt
Taylor Swift in Pleated Skirt
Mini skirt with a high elastic waist. Pleated fabric. Solid Pleated Mini Skirt With Belt

While the skirt’s length can vary, a mini or slightly above the knee is preferred as it looks wonders with long football socks and Adidas Samba as part of your Blokette core vibe.

3. Street-style Blokecore Look

Street-style Blokecore

Recreate the urban look of Street-style Blokecore with a zipped tracksuit top from a recognizable brand like Adidas, in the 80s and 90s colors for an extra retro vibe.

Kendall Jenner and Malia Obama in Zipped Tracksuit Top
Kendall Jenner and Malia Obama in Zipped Tracksuit Top
Color Block Letter Patched Detail Raglan Sleeve Jacket Coolane Colorblock Zip Up Drop Shoulder Windbreaker Jacket

Pair it with high-waisted, baggy jeans and slim white Nike sneakers characteristic of London’s blokecore street style.

Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez in Baggy Jeans
Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez in Baggy Jeans
Strappy Cargo Jean Y2k Pocket Jean

Accessorize with a thin rope belt and small hoop golden earrings, allowing the focus to remain on the clothing’s street-worthy allure.

Styling Tips

  1. Knowing the garments, footwear, and accessories the bloke subculture wears is critical. These include vintage football shirts and tracksuits, baggy or wide-leg jeans, denim shorts, and football shoes.
  2. Equally, there are certain labels that the bloke subculture prefers, such as Adidas, Puma, and Umbro, so getting this right is important.
  3. While Blokecore relates to male looks, Blokette style – also associated with sports enthusiasm and the no-nonsense and practical way of dressing of the ‘bloke’ culture – depicts working-class British women.

Similar Styles to Blokecore

Blokette | Chav-chic | Y2K

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