16 Underground British Clothing Brands Loved By Londoners

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A new wave of British clothing brands and visionary fashion designers is emerging from the United Kingdom (UK), the country of Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Burberry, to name a few of the world’s most coveted fashion designers.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 16 British clothing brands emerging fast, loved, and worn by Londoners in 2023.


ARIES British Clothing Brands
ARIES British Clothing Brands – thevou.com

Aries is an established British fashion label helmed by the Italian-born and English-based Sofia Prantera.

The label is famous for its cult-like women’s streetwear collections.

ARIES British Clothing Brands

Sofia’s signature London-style streetwear is inspired by London’s nonconformist rave fashion culture.

Often associated with renowned fashion designers such as Romeo Gili and Giorgio Armani, Aries’ creations have a unique, sensual touch, which sets them apart from these established labels.


Aries Fleur Patterned-jacquard Jumper

Aries Multi-pocket Trousers


BETHANY WILLIAMS British Clothing Brand
BETHANY WILLIAMS British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Founded by a London-based fashion designer from the Isle of Man with the same name, Bethany Williams is a UK-based clothing designer label with sustainability at heart.

The designer advocates for sustainable fashion by using innovative design solutions such as incorporating recycled, deadstock, or organic materials in making the products.

Bethany’s sustainable clothing includes trench coats and classic styles in the finest fabric sported by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, and Victoria Beckham.

BETHANY WILLIAMS British Clothing Brand

Such dedication to sustainability and innovative approach to design has made the British clothing brand super popular among the younger generation in the UK.

A Queen Elizabeth II Award winner and an LVMH Prize finalist, Bethany is undoubtedly one of the most talented emerging UK fashion designers.


Bethany Williams Our Tools Knitted Jumper

Bethany Williams Our Tools Knitted Track Pants


E.L.V. DENIM British Clothing Brand
E.L.V. DENIM British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Hailing from East London, E.L.V. DENIM is one of our favorite British clothing brands.

E.L.V. stands for ‘East London Vintage,’ a name matching the label’s dedication to sustainability and choice of natural fabrics.

The brand uses discarded denim patches and turns them into sophisticated ‘Vintage Fashion‘ styles.

With a strong emphasis on reducing waste, the label follows a zero-waste design philosophy:

“Every piece of denim we use in production is giving second life to a fabric which otherwise would be destined for landfill,”

say the label’s founder.

E.L.V. DENIM British Clothing Brand

The brand’s collections are manufactured in East London, seeking to minimize water consumption and carbon footprint.

For example, it only takes 7L of water to create a pair of E.L.V. DENIM jeans, compared to 7000L for an average pair.


16 Underground British Clothing Brands Loved By Londoners

16 Underground British Clothing Brands Loved By Londoners


CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Founded by Charles Jeffrey, Loverboy is one of the upcoming British clothing brands taking the fashion community by storm.

The clothing label has earned an LVMH Prize nomination and won the British Emerging Talent prize at the 2017 Fashion Awards.


Loverboy successfully depicts the contemporary lifestyle of Londoners through superb androgynous fashion collections.

The label is also known for its controversial femboy aesthetic clothes.


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Cartoon-print Denim Jacket

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Logo-print Long-sleeved Jumper

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Pattern-print Cropped Fleece Hoodie


AHLUWALIA British Clothing Brands
AHLUWALIA British Clothing Brands – thevou.com

Priya Ahluwalia launched her fashion label, AHLUWALIA, in 2018 after graduating with an MA in Menswear from the University of Westminster.

Two years later, Ahluwalia was jointly awarded the LVMH Prize.

AHLUWALIA British Clothing Brands

The designer blends elements from her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage with her London upbringing roots.

The brand works with vintage clothing and ‘deadstock’ apparel to create unique and forward-thinking garments designed for modern fashionistas.


Ahluwalia Two-tone Check Coat

Ahluwalia Checkerboard Knitted Midi Dress

Ahluwalia Tile-print Straight-leg Jeans

Ahluwalia Graphic-print Wide-leg Jeans


DAVID KOMA British Clothing Brand
DAVID KOMA British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

David Koma is one of the upcoming British clothing brands known for its ‘sculptural statement’ dresses inspired by feminine silhouettes.

DAVID KOMA British Clothing Brand

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, David Koma studied Fine Art in St Petersburg and graduated from Central Saint Martins.

With a first collection at the age of 15, David has showcased at London Fashion Week twice so far.


David Koma Cut-out High Neck Dress

David Koma Halter-neck Minidress

David Koma Ruched One-shoulder Mini Dress


BIANCA SAUNDERS British Clothing Brand
BIANCA SAUNDERS British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Bianca Saunders is one of London’s most popular gender-neutral clothing labels, specializing in transitional pieces and bespoke shirts.

The menswear designer label was launched by Bianca in 2017, following her graduation from The Royal College of Art.

BIANCA SAUNDERS British Clothing Brand

The label seeks to disrupt the conventional gender stereotypes in fashion with ultra-contemporary collections.


Bianca Saunders Cena Speckled-print Shirt

Bianca Saunders Rowdy Grid-print Shirt

Bianca Saunders Shift Straight-leg Trousers


EDELINE LEE British Clothing Brand
EDELINE LEE British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Founded by the Canadian-British designer with the same name, EDELINE LEE is a British label known for its immersive and performative shows at London Fashion Week.

The designer puts a lot of emphasis on precision cutting, hand-made details, and the femininity of form.

EDELINE LEE British Clothing Brand

Here’s how Edeline Lee depicts her novel concept of fashion:

“Female identity is in flux, in our generation. Modern women live hectic, collaged lives and can’t subscribe to historical identities that have been laid out in the past. Women now are more powerful, stronger, more aware, and more capable than any other time in history.”


Edeline Lee Pedernal Blouse

Edeline Lee Elsa Midi Dress

Edeline Lee Telluride Midi Skirt

Edeline Lee Plait Tailored Trousers


EFTYCHIA British Clothing Brand
EFTYCHIA British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Eftychia is an affordable fashion womenswear brand focusing on traditional menswear tailoring.

The British fashion brand was launched in 2017 by the Greek fashion designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Eftychia Karamolegkou.

EFTYCHIA British Clothing Brand

This British fashion brand is known for its beautiful creations of relaxed feminine style infused with subtle masculine details.


EFTYCHIA Two-tone Double-breasted Blazer

EFTYCHIA Two-tone Tapered Trousers

EFTYCHIA Stand-collar V-neck Jacket

EFTYCHIA High-waist Wool-mohair Skirt


HALPERN British Clothing Brand
HALPERN British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Halpern is a modern British clothing brand that brings sequin designs and vintage fashion styles back to life.

HALPERN British Clothing Brand

Launched in 2016 by Michael Halpern, a London-based designer, the label’s disco-inspired aesthetic is a fresh breath of color and craftsmanship.


Halpern Sequin-embellished Jacket

Halpern Sequin-embellished Jacket


KING & TUCKFIELD British Clothing Brand
KING & TUCKFIELD British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

King & Tuckfield is one of our favorite British clothing brands, thanks to its ‘slow fashion’ philosophy.

Launched in 2016 by Stacey Wood, the brand combines sustainable materials with the rare art of tailoring.

The London-based label is also very famous for its gender-fluid fashion collections.

KING & TUCKFIELD British Clothing Brand


The label’s timeless creations, constructed from denim and merino, often showcase Stacey’s obsession with genderless silhouettes.

The brand’s creations highlight the limitations of ready-to-wear, gendered designs while celebrating the idiosyncratic individuality of queer style.


King & Tuckfield Short Floral Jacket

King & Tuckfield Striped Wool Cardigan

King & Tuckfield Wool T-shirt


KWAIDAN EDITIONS British Clothing Brand
KWAIDAN EDITIONS British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Kwaidan Editions label was founded by the fashion designers and husband and wife, Léa Dickely and Hung La, in 2016.

‘Kwaidan’ translates to “strange stories” in Japanese.

KWAIDAN EDITIONS British Clothing Brand

‘Kwaidan Editions’ originates from the 1965 movie by Masaki Kobayashi and the book by Lafcadio Hearn, both with the same name.


Kwaidan Editions Floral Print Mock Top

Kwaidan Editions Spring Flowers Printed Shirt

Kwaidan Editions Straight-leg Crocodile-effect Trousers


16ARLINGTON British Clothing Brand
16ARLINGTON British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Helmed by Marco Capaldo and Federica Cavenati, a design duo and life couple, this British fashion label has anchored its confident narrative in “design for a good time.”

According to its founders, 16Arlington makes clothes “with stories to tell, the morning after.”

16ARLINGTON British Clothing Brand

The brand’s uncompromising and straightforward vibe has supporters from all around the world.

Think celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Adwoa Aboah, Lena Dunham, Celeste, and Jorja Smith.


16Arlington Michelle Feather-embellished Mini Dress

16Arlington Solaris Sequinned Top

16Arlington Sequin-embellished Flared Trousers

16Arlington Taree Feather-trim Jumpsuit


CHOPOVA LOWENA British Clothing Brand
CHOPOVA LOWENA British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Chopova Lowena is another British clothing brand with sustainability at the core.

The label is the joint creation of Emma Chopova, an American-born designer from Bulgarian parents, and Laura Lowena, a British designer.

Thanks to its co-creators beautiful cultural blend, Chopova Lowena’s designs are rare ‘letters’ of traditional craft and responsible sourcing.

CHOPOVA LOWENA British Clothing Brand

The label has a cheeringly unconventional approach to fashion haute couture.

Chopova Lowena’s creations meld shamanistic totems, neon knits, and the air of a futuristic shipwreck.


Chopova Lowena Bear-print Long-sleeve T-shirt

Chopova Lowena Drawstring-hem Embroidered Dress

Chopova Lowena Triga Logo-patch Striped Cardigan

Chopova Lowena Logo-plaque Belted Pleated Skirt


LIAM HODGES British Clothing Brand
LIAM HODGES British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Liam Hodges is one of the most controversial or nonconformist British clothing brands.

The British fashion brand was founded in 2013 by the designer Liam Hodges as a luxury streetwear brand that caters to those who forsake conformity.

LIAM HODGES British Clothing Brand

Liam Hodges aims to serve the ‘online-born’ generation and has its own definition of being successful.


Liam Hodges Cable-knit Symmetric Knitted Jumper

Liam Hodges Flora Straight-leg Jeans


E. TAUTZ British Clothing Brand
E. TAUTZ British Clothing Brand – thevou.com

Unlike most of the names in this article covering emerging British clothing brands, E. Tautz has a rich heritage.

Founded by Edward Tautz in 1867, E. Tautz has a rich presence on London’s prosperous Oxford Street.

E. Tautz British style is a rare blend of Savile Row sartorial heritage with the British countryside,

E. TAUTZ British Clothing Brand

Ever since its advent, the British label has been continuously releasing sporting clothes from innovative materials.

The label is still going to great lengths to source and develops exceptional fabrics.


E. TAUTZ Linen Knitwear Sweatshirt

E. TAUTZ Cotton Trousers

British Clothing Brands FAQs

What Are the Best British Clothing Brands?

These are the top 5 best British clothing brands in 2023:

  • All Saints
  • Barbour
  • Baukjen
  • Boden
  • Desmond & Dempsey

What Popular Fashion Brands Are Based in the UK?

Five of the most popular fashion brands based in the UK are:

  • Alexander McQueen
  • Burberry
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Stella McCartney

What Clothes Are Popular in England?

Some of the most popular clothes in England in 2023 are:

  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Trainers
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Suits and faux fur coats
  • Trench coats
  • Tweed jackets

What is the Cheapest Brand in the UK?

The cheapest brand in the UK is Wilko – a name that stores household items, clothes, health products, and more.

The cheapest fashion stocking brand in the UK is Primark.

What is the Most Popular British Brand of All Time?

The most popular British brand of all time is Rolls Royce motors. In fashion, Alexander McQueen is the most famous British brand of all time.

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