4 Celebs-Inspired Britpop Style Outfit Ideas for an Iconic Look

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The Britpop style emerged from the UK during the mid-1990s as a sartorial blend of Mod fashion, streetwear, a touch of androgyny silhouettes, and an air of nonchalance that resonated with the youth of the time.

Popularized by bands like Elastica, Echobelly, Oasis, Blur, and Pulp, the Britpop look had a laid-back yet fashion-forward feel that reflected the unique blend of pop and indie rock music.

Iconic Britpop outfits included parka jackets, branded tees, Chelsea boots, distressed jeans, and track jackets, accessorized with necklaces, leather bracelets, and round sunglasses.

Britpop fashion style

Capturing the charm of Damon Albarn and the defiant swagger of Liam Gallagher, this guide has 4 iconic outfits depicting a confident and proud British attitude.

1. Classic Britpop

Classic Britpop Style

Drawing inspiration from Sonya Madan of Echobelly, the Classic Britpop outfit channels the cool and understated confidence that defined the band’s frontwoman.

Much like her music, Madan’s style was a distinctive blend of Britpop’s informal ethos with a hint of indie chic, making her an emblematic figure of the 90s British music scene.

Sonya Madan of Echobelly Britpop style
Sonya Madan of Echobelly’s Britpop fashion style

For a look that pays homage to Madan’s Britpop fashion, start with an Adidas tracksuit jacket – a staple of the 90s streetwear, much at home, in the pub, or at the concert hall.

Pair it with washed straight-leg jeans and leather lace-up brogues for a touch of traditional British sartorial elegance.

2. Street Britpop

Street Britpop style

Inspired by Louise Wener’s Britpop style, this Street Britpop outfit is built around casual streetwear to create a distinctive British flair.

Start with a faux-fur jacket recalling the 90s luxury trend and a simple top that does not overshadow the jacket’s visual impact.

Louise Wener of Sleeper Britpop style
Louise Wener of Sleeper’s Britpop fashion style

Pair this with washed wide-leg jeans to capture the laid-back vibe of Britpop street fashion, and perfect for an impromptu gig.

Complete the look with Adidas Original shoes, a classic sneaker brand and a staple in the Britpop scene, worn by fans and icons alike for their cool factor.

3. Heavy Britpop

Heavy Britpop fashion style

Inspired by Elastica’s Justine Frischmann androgynous look, this outfit captures the essence of grunge-influenced ’90s Britpop style.

Begin with a Hawaii ringer retro t-shirt, symbolic of the ’90s Britpop scene, distressed skinny jeans, and accessorize with a leather bracelet.

Justine Frischmann of Elastica Britpop Style
Justine Frischmann of Elastica’s Britpop fashion style

Complete the outfit with lace-up leather boots, recalling the gritty rock aesthetic influencing the genre.

4. Britpop Blokecore

Britpop Blokecore fashion style

Inspired by Manda Rin of Bis, this outfit pays homage to the edgy, youthful rebellion that defined the ’90s music scene through a unique blend of Britpop and Blokecore aesthetics.

Manda Rin of Bis and Mki and Emma of Lush Britpop Style
Manda Rin of Bis and Mki and Emma of Lush’s Britpop fashion style

Start with a large Adidas logo T-shirt reflecting the 90s fad where music and branding intersected and an A-line skirt in a muted tone to mirror the era’s fusion of Indie and Mod fashion.

Match with classic Adidas or Vans sneakers and dark tights to accentuate the intended aesthetic, symbolic of the Britpop Blokecore identity: visually striking yet understated in composition.

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