3 Daring Outfit Ideas to Dress Cagole Style

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Originating from the dialect of Marseille, France, “cagole” has a pejorative connotation describing an overly extroverted girl wearing flashy, attention-grabbing, and even provocative garments.

A Typical Cagole Outfit
A Typical Cagole Outfit

With roots in the sunny Mediterranean port city of Marseille and its diverse culture, the Cagole way of dressing comprises miniskirts, tops that contour the body, golden accessories, stiletto heels, and loud designer brands.

Dress Cagole fashion style

As a visual message, the Cagole style challenges conventional sartorial norms, signaling, on the one hand, rebellion against the understated French chic fashion styles, like BCBG, and pride in the working-class roots.

1. Cagole Babe

Dress Cagole Babe fashion style outfit

The Cagole Babe (or bébé in French) outfit is a youthful and sensual interpretation of the classic Cagole aesthetic.

Start with a pink bralette over a black tube top, reinforcing the style’s proclivity for layered, body-contouring clothes.

Megan Fox and Rihanna in Pink Bralettes

Base Stretch Triangle Bralette
Soft Touch Bralette

Wear a mini skirt by Ed Hardy, renowned for its tattoo-inspired prints, relevant to the rebellious spirit of the Cagole style.

Paris Hilton in Ed Hardy Miniskirt

Graffiti Print Bodycon Skirt Figure Graphic Drawstring Side Bodycon Skirt

Wear Ugg Classic Mini Ankle Boots and accessorized with golden hoop earrings and a pink satin scrunchie to showcase a confident and provocative self.

2. Cagole Blanche-Neige

Dress Cagole Blanche-Neige fashion style

The Blanche-Neige (Snow White in English) outfit idea depicts Cagole styling through a winter-inspired lens.

Start with a white pleated mini skirt from Sandro and a V-neck cropped cami top by Majestic Filatures, a brand renowned for sumptuous basics.

Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo in Pleated White Miniskirt

Solid Mid Waist Pleated Contrasting Binding Mini Skirt With Belt Qutie Belted Pleated Hem Skirt

Add a long-sleeved shrug by The Kooples, accessories like a white fur bucket hat by Maison Michel, and fur leg warmers from Isabel Marant for a sophisticated vibe.

Megan Fox and Lily Allen Furry Hat

Winter Warm Bucket Hat New Autumn And Winter Fisherman Hat, Thickened Faux Fox Fur Hat, Fur Hat Circle To Keep Ears Warm, No-brim Hat

Complete with a pair of white suede platform sneakers from Isabel Marant and a chunky silver necklace with an ‘Easy Money’ pendant from Cartier as a statement of luxury.

3. Sporty Cagole

Dress Cagole Sporty fashion style outfit

The Sporty Cagole outfit reflects the style’s penchant for blending sportswear apparel with daring garments and accessories.

Start with a pink leopard print bra from Chantelle, a French lingerie brand known for cheeky but luxurious designs.

Kate Hudson and Rita Ora in Pink Bralette

Rhinestone Skull Pattern Tie Dye Tie Backless Crop Halter Top Letter Patched Cami Top

Pair it with a baby pink cropped cami from Lacoste and a Preppy-like Le Coq Sportif pleated skirt for a dash of provocative feel.

Irina Shayk and Elsa Hosk in Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Breathable Pink Mesh Sneakers With Thick Sole For Sports, Protection, Running And Casual Wear For Women In Summer Cuccoo Everyday Collection Woman Shoes Thick Sole Fashion Lightweight Pink Outdoor Sneaker

Complete the look with a pair of Balenciaga Triple S clear sole trainers in pink for a touch of street refinement.

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