Ultimate Fashion Style Guide on How to Dress Cottagecore

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To dress Cottagecore, you must follow a simple rule: each garment must depict the rural lifestyle.

That is because, beyond style, Cottagecore is all about living a simple and happy countryside life.

The enchanting style blends charming peasant silhouettes with intricate floral patterns and soothing earthy tones, delivering a dreamy aesthetic.

With that rule in mind, there are four key categories of clothing that you’ll need to put together a genuine Cottagecore outfit: peasant dresses, flowy overalls, puff sleeves knits, and hand-crafted accessories.

In this style guide, we’ll unravel how to dress Cottagecore by breaking down the key components.

1. Peasant Dresses

Cottagecore dresses

The ideal Cottagecore dresses are loose-fitting, flowy, and floaty, and the billowy blouses (peasant blouses) are the style influencers’ favorites right now.

To dress cottagecore, choose floral dresses in naturally occurring colors such as brown, baby pink, olive green, ivory, maroon, beige, and ochre.

Yet, feel free to mix in some dusty greens, faded rose pink, light yellow, and even baby blue.

Ideally, your Cottagecore style dresses and skirts must recall the farm or cottage wear of the 1920s fashion to the late 50s fashion.

The best is embroidered dresses with village patterns such as stripes, paisley, faded florals, plants, animals, and insects.


Fabiolla Mini Dress Chocolate

Renee Strawberry Dress

Alicia Dress

2. Flowy Overalls

Cottagecore overalls

Every year, fashion trends return with a vengeance, and this year is the time of workwear overalls.

However, compared to the boxy and oversized men’s overalls in your dad’s closet, Cottagecore overalls are functional but also chic.

You can pair denim overalls with embroidered florals, printed bugs, insects, and wildflower patterns with tank tops or knitwear.

If you’re good with the needle, add a few patches or embroidery stitches to your existing overalls and personalize them to showcase your Cottagecore style.


Utility Denim Overall Long

BDG Corduroy Overall

Follow The Sun One-Piece

3. Puffy Knits

Cottagecore pullovers and cardigans

Oversized knits with big pockets, puffy sleeves, and buttons are ideal for creating a perfect Cottagecore look.

To dress Cottagecore for autumn or winter, mix knits and sweaters with long Preppy style skirts.

You can layer them over long-sleeved floral shirts for a perfect Cottagecore impression.

Yet, for layering, ensure your loose-fitting pieces are nicely balanced, patterns and colors-wise.


Ultimate Fashion Style Guide on How to Dress Cottagecore

The Ollie Sweater

4. Artisanal Accessories

Cottagecore accessories

As the saying goes: “When in doubt, add accessories.”

Simple, artisanal accessories are the most effective for creating a Cottagecore look.

Think of hand-crafted jewelry, knitted hats, floral socks, macrame bracelets, sunflower earrings, and Happy Bugs hair clips.


Embroidered Design Straw Bag

Queenie Hair Scarf

Effie Floral Stud Earrings


By incorporating flowing dresses, chic overalls, cozy knits, and artisanal accessories, you can create your own enchanting Cottagecore aesthetic.

And, as you explore the Cottagecore aesthetic, remember to balance patterns and colors for a harmonious look that reflects your personal fashion style.

Let the dreamy, romantic essence of Cottagecore style guide you on a journey of self-expression and inspire a more serene, unhurried lifestyle.

Also, check out our article on Cottagecore outfit ideas for more inspo and our curation of the best Cottagecore fashion brands to shop online.

Finally, if you want similar styles, I recommend checking out Light Academia, Fairy Grunge, and Goblinecore.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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