10 Cyberpunk Clothing Stores for a Rebellious Dystopian Look

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Inspired by dystopian science fiction stories and futuristic technology, Cyberpunk clothing has become popular in recent years.

By blending punk, gothic, and futuristic themes, the Cyberpunk style has an unmatched rebellious, edgy, and dystopian look.

In this article, I have curated 10 stores specializing in genuine Cyberpunk clothing that can capture the style’s unique visual essence.

From cybernetic implants to neon lights and gothic motifs, these stores have all your clothing, footwear, and accessories for a unique Cyberpunk look.

1. Demobaza

Best for Clothing Sets

Demobaza Cyberpunk Clothing Sets

Launched in 2007 by Demo and Tono, Demobaza is a clothing brand specializing in futuristic apparel that is instantly recognizable.

Inspired by Bulgaria’s post-socialist spirit, the brand’s clothes have a minimalist, dystopian look.


2. Zolnar

Best for Cyberpunk Jackets

Zolnar Cyberpunk Jackets

A creation of Eva Zolnar, Zolnar stocks some of the most exciting Cyberpunk jackets you can buy.

The brand’s stylistic vibe and underground-ish looks easily fit into contemporary Cyberpunk culture.

Some of the brand’s Cyberpunk jackets are expensive, but Zolnar’s high-quality products are worth every penny.

Moreover, the brand’s cyber t-shirts, pants, and accessories are affordable and fantastic.

Futuristic women's jacket with high collar

PS4-M Cyberpunk black jacket

3. Tripp NYC

Best for Pants

Tripp NYC Cyberpunk Pants

An advocate of the “Dark Streetwear” counterculture, Tripp NYC‘s alternative collections have a cyber touch and dystopian feel.

The brand’s alternative clothing includes Cyberpunk, Cyber Y2K, Rave, 80s Punk, Grunge, and Goth.

Moreover, the quality of Tripp NYC alt and streetwear style pieces is high for the advertised prices.

But, to find a complete Cyberpunk outfit, you’ll have to browse the site, as the brand’s store focuses on alternative aesthetic clothing.


4. Hexagon

Best for Hoodies

Hexagon Cyberpunk Hoodies

Launched in London’s famous Camden market at the beginning of the new millennium, the Hexagon clothing label caters to the city’s underground electronic culture.

The online store stocks several independent Cyberpunk clothing brands in a friendly web interface.

And, if you can put up with the endless rows of tribal-printed t-shirts and army-inspired trousers, there are unique Cyberpunk clothing treasures to be found.


5. Schnittmuskel

Best for Post-Apocalypse Accessories

Schnittmuskel Cyberpunk Gears

Schnittmuskel is a German Cyberpunk clothing brand designing apparel for an imaginary post-apocalyptic world.

Schnittmuskel’s unique garments aim to evoke an alternative world that was once destroyed.

The brand’s overall vibe is dark, describing an existence-threatening environment, but not without hope.

Gloves "dial12.6Utility Bag "gunna

6. Psylo

Best for Ethno-Cyberpunk Style Garments

Psylo Cyberpunk Clothing

If you’re after unusual, even absurd style combinations, Psylo is the ‘dark corner’ of Cyberpunk apparel.

As global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers, and seekers of new experiences, the brand’s pieces are not Cyberpunk per se but clothes for personal expression and unique lifestyles.

Rebelling against fast-fashion trends, Psylo upholds pride in its Cyberpunk and alternative styles, built with a sustainable fashion ethos at its core.



7. Y-3 by Adidas

Best for Futuristic Activewear

Y-3 Cyberpunk Activewear

As unexpected as this might be, Y-3 by Adidas offers Cyberpunk clothing with a modern touch of Japanese fashion.

Founded in 2002, Y-3 established the minimalistic-futuristic athleisure wear category, which it continues to redefine.

Nineteen years later, Y-3’s signature style combines engineered performance garments with Yamamoto’s singular elegance and futuristic tailoring.

I highly recommend Y-3 to carve out your inimitable cyberpunk clothing style.


8. Acronym

Best for Techwear-inspired Cyberpunk Tops

Acronym Cyberpunk Clothing

Acronym‘ is another German-based technical apparel brand renowned for its uncompromising focus on functional fashion and techwear.

‘Acronym’ is more than a Cyberpunk clothing label but a high-end brand specializing in ergonomic clothes that blend functionality with avant-garde designs.

Yet, the label offers a lot of futuristic and alternative styles, including Cyberpunk.


9. Cyberdog

Best for Cyber-Style Rave Clothing

Cyberdog Cyberpunk Rave Clothing

As a world-renowned location that draws tourists to London every year, Cyberdog is on the list of top 10 Cyberpunk clothing stores for a good reason.

Cyberdog has come a long way since its inception in 1994. The store is infamous for its focus on Rave culture and cyber aesthetics.

While the shop focuses on rave-style clothing like neon jackets and tracksuits, biker-like boots, and even cosplay costumes, it offers unique futuristic Cyberpunk outfits.


10. Immoral Fashion

Best for Goth-Inspired Cyberpunk Outfits

Immoral Fashion Cyberpunk Clothing

Immoral Fashion is an Australian alternative fashion store with fantastic Cyberpunk and gothic pieces at surprisingly low prices.

Besides Cyberpunk clothing, the brand’s online store offers a wide range of Steampunk and Goth clothing, so you’ll have a lot of browsing fun!




Best for Digital Cyberpunk Clothing

Fans of digital and virtual personas, such as those from Second Life, better check out Neurolab’s Cyberpunk clothing and gear.

And while Neurolab is not an IRL clothing brand but a Cyberpunk clothing label for digital avatars, I mention them here as one of the best sources of inspiration for Cyberpunk styles.

Shopping Guide

There’s no better option than Cyberpunk clothing to celebrate individuality, rebellion, and science fiction stories.

Whether you’re a fan of alternative fashion or high-tech clothing or want to stand out from the crowd, Cyberpunk fashion is the ideal way to express yourself.

By exploring these top 10 Cyberpunk clothing stores curated in this article, you’ll find unique and high-quality Cyberpunk outfits designed to capture the essence of your edgy style.

Take inspiration from our featured stores, let your imagination run wild, and rock your next Cyberpunk style with confidence and style!

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

After years of managing hundreds of fashion brands from London's office of a global retailer, Mandy has ventured into freelancing. Connected with several fashion retailers and media platforms in the US, Australia, and the UK, Mandy uses her expertise to consult for emerging fashion brands create top-notch content as an editorial strategist for several online publications.

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  1. Interesting article. I was only somewhat sure what cyberpunk was and was glad I was very much in the ballpark. I used this look for conventions a lot. . .As for brands, I have bought from a few of the brands you listed in your article, and at the moment my favorite is Psylo. I wouldn’t have thought of this brand as cyberpunk but more ethnic punk – however, a few of the pieces I got, could be used that way, I guess. Cryoflesh is another brand I am very familiar with but again, I thought of them as more industrial or club wear than cyberpunk. Cyberdog is very rave – to me anyway – although a few pieces might work, especially their accessories. A couple of brands you named are pretty much the definition of cyberpunk.

    As for inspiration, I love the movies – Mad Max’s (Fury Road especially). Even movies like the later “Terminator” movies. Sara Connor in the latest strikes as cyberpunk. Anything that is dark, futuristic.

    As for brands, I would add Darker Wavs as an affordable brand that can be worn as cyberpunk.

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  4. My absolute favourite is ZOLNAR. They have very intricate designs for special occasions, more minimalistic for everyday use and some items for any occasion. I own several pieces and I’m always pleased with quality. To be honest, demobaza quality is rather disappointing with such price tag. I’m surprised how low zolnar prices are with their quality. My first purchase from 8 years ago is still in pretty good condition. I think, that’s the only garment from all above that survived for that long.

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  6. I’ve always been fascinated by the cyberpunk style and its unique fashion sense. I love the way that cyberpunk clothing combines futuristic technology with traditional aesthetics in a style that is both cool and functional. Great article and brands, I wonder if you could kindly include a brand I know and trust very well: https://www.cyberpunkjacket.com/

  7. Wow, this guide is a game-changer for Cyberpunk 2077 fashion enthusiasts! Each store seems to have its unique vibe, catering to various tastes in the futuristic spectrum. The vivid descriptions really paint a picture of what’s in store for us.


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