7 Glam Rock Fashion Style Outfit Ideas for a Dazzling Look

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Emerged in the 1970s and influenced by music icons like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and Freddie Mercury, each with a unique style, Glam rock style is about creating a persona, an alter ego that commands attention and exudes star power.

Celebrating individuality, the Glam rock’s aesthetic has an androgynous vibe: sequined jumpsuits, glittery heels, studded leather pants, metallic leotards, platform boots, collared velvet jackets, and feather boas.

Glam Rock Style

Curated by our stylists, these 7 outfits pay homage to the era’s signature extravagance and will inspire you to nail the glam rock look and incorporate it into your wardrobe.

1. Glam Rock Super Star

Glam Rock Super Star style

The Glam Rock Super Star outfit celebrates the extravagance and spectacle that defined the original glam rock movement, tailored for today’s stage.

Start with a cropped top and a sequin jacket from Saint Laurent, a brand adored for its rockstar-worthy couture and renowned for outfitting many rock legends.

Cherie Currie of The Runaways's Glam Rock style
Cherie Currie of The Runaways’s Glam Rock style

The star-studded leather pants are the crescendo of the outfit, and Versace, a brand that carries the DNA of the flamboyant ’80s rock scene, is perfect for a glam rock revival.

Complete with a pair of towering heeled boots from Giuseppe Zanotti, a designer who combines fine Italian craftsmanship with a rock ‘n’ roll edge and a studded belt to inject a touch of the rebellious spirit intrinsic to the glam rock scene.

2. Glam Rock Power Dress

Glam Rock Power Dress

The simplicity of the blacktop – an indispensable garment in any glam rock wardrobe – is the counterpoint to extravagant garments, allowing for a seamless transition into the boldness that defines the look.

On top, wear a pink padded shoulder leather blazer with a structured silhouette harking back to the power suits of the ’80s.

Joan Jett of the Runaways Glam Rock style
Joan Jett of the Runaways’s Glam Rock style

Pair with leather pants like a second skin that encapsulates the raw energy and sex appeal of the ’70s rock scene; the leather sheen under city lights is a nod to Glam rock’s penchant for seductive and theatrical.

Wear heeled boots in a design that draws from the era’s flirtation with masculinity and femininity, with the extra height acting as a physical manifestation of the towering presence glam rock commands.

Accessorize with a wide studded belt cinches and a blue neck scarf as a statement of non-conformity and a soft juxtaposition to the hard leather of your pants and boots, inspired by the dazzling looks of icons like Bowie and Bolan.

3. Funky Glam Rock

Funky Glam Rock style

Start your Funky Glam Rock look with a body-hugging v-neck slim-fit top that commands attention and channels the genre’s vitality by adding an air of sultry sophistication.

Continue with spandex leggings in a metallic gold that shines with every movement, reminiscent of glam rock’s flashy spirit and affinity for assertive colors.

Blondie Glam Rock Style
Blondie’s Glam Rock style

Elevate the costume with knee-high-heeled boots and complete the look with a double belt and a belt choker for that quintessential rock ‘n’ roll defiance and a touch of contemporary bite.

4. Chic Glam Rock

Chic Glam Rock style

Start your Chic Glam Rock look with a smooth satin shirt that catches the light in a nod to glam rock’s love affair with luxurious materials.

Over the satin, wear a lace blazer with intricate patterns for a vintage touch, recalling the ostentatious stylings of the glam rock heyday.

Joan Jett of the Runaways's Glam Rock style
Joan Jett of the Runaways’s Glam Rock style

Combine with velvet bootcut pants, a sartorial wink to the ’70s need for tactile richness, and heeled ankle boots encapsulating the glam rock ethos of height and drama.

Accessorize with a wide rhinestone belt and a layered rhinestone necklace mirroring the belt’s sparkle.

5. Glam Rock Biker

Glam Rock Biker style

Start your Glam Rock Biker style with a fitting studded leather biker jacket, a garment that speaks to the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll while providing a modern silhouette.

Suzi Quatro's Biker Glam Rock style
Suzi Quatro’s Biker Glam Rock style

Pair with leather pants that mold to the body’s contours, perfect for the high-octane glamour of the style, and heeled biker boots to add an authoritative stomp to every step.

The look encapsulates the daring and unapologetic attitude of the glam rock biker, a statement of fearless fashion that’s as powerful today as it was in the heyday of glam rock.

6. 80s Glam Rock

80s Glam Rock style

Capture the essence of 80s Glam Rock with a cut-out animal print top, a provocative choice that reflects the decade’s fascination with wild patterns, making a statement of confidence and untamed spirit.

Pat Benatar 80s Glam Rock style
Pat Benatar 80s Glam Rock style

Pair it with high-shine spandex leggings that hug every curve, a nod to the era’s penchant for figure-accentuating bottoms that shimmer under the glow of neon lights and disco balls.

Match it with classic pumps and a wide belt for a pop of color that contrasts boldly against the black leggings and leg warmers, a quintessential 80s accessory.

7. Nautical Glam Rock

Nautical Glam Rock style

Start your classic Nautical Glam Rock with a short-sleeved Breton tee with iconic horizontal stripes and sleek leather pants.

A staple of glam rock fashion, the leather’s tight fit and high shine juxtapose the Breton stripes’ casual nature, creating a dynamic interplay of aesthetics.

Pat Benatar Nautical Glam Rock style
Pat Benatar’s Nautical Glam Rock style

Wear ankle leather boots, a versatile choice that captures the adventurous spirit of the seas and the rebellious soul of rock ‘n’ roll, blending them into a cohesive, modern style statement.

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