How to Dress Indie – 3 Outfit Ideas to Nail the Indie Style

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Indie style is a retro way of dressing comprising vintage and handmade clothing and accessories with aesthetics from the Bohemian subculture and independent, alternative music scene.

Main Indie patterns are buffalo checks, plaids, abstract designs, and floral prints, while the textures resemble the worn-in feel of a chambray shirt, a hand-knit sweater, or the pebbled surface of a leather satchel.

Indie Style

The Indie style is all about conveying a feel of unique retro aesthetics by combining rock band tees from the 70s, vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, checkered flannel shirts, embroidered denim jackets, classic Converse, fedora hats, hand-tooled belts, and necklaces.

Typical Indie Outfit

Let’s explore 3 handpicked outfits depicting the Indie look to perfection and the instructions regarding the garments, footwear, and accessories you need to create them.

1. Indie Sleaze

Indie Sleaze Style

Essnce Lapel Neck Dual Pocket Button Front Coat American Street Style Vintage Sun & Letter Print Loose Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt With Round Neck High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans
VEJA Watta II high-top lace-up Sneakers Fashionable Simple Infinity Cross Pendant Necklace New Arrival Bohemian Style Braided Bracelet, Vintage Ethnic Printed Fabric String Bracelet

The Indie Sleaze outfit encapsulates the raw, edgy ethos of Indie style, reminiscent of the gritty late 2000s indie music scene.

Central to this look is a vintage Pixie band logo t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, evoking the retro vibe of Indie fashion, paired with Levi’s distressed straight-leg jeans, a brand renowned for authentic vintage feel and enduring quality.

Bella Hadid and Julia Fox in distressed jeans

Add a Schott NYC brown double-breasted wool pea coat and accessorize with an All Saints silver cross necklace and handmade braided fabric bracelets from Etsy artisans to enhance the outfit’s bohemian rock sensibility.

Rachel Brosnahan and Nicole Richie in pea coats

Footwear is a pair of Cariuma high-top camel suede sneakers, grounding the outfit with their laid-back yet fashionable design.

2. Indie Biker

Indie Biker Style

Anewsta Women's Pu Slanted Zipper Stand Collar Jacket
Printed Round Neck T-shirt
Ripped Raw Trim Denim Shorts Minimalist Lace-up Front Combat Boots
Classic Quartz Wristwatch With Leather Strap, Suitable For Daily Wear, Business Meetings, Gifting Large Hobo Bag With Zipper Canvas Casual
1pc Solid Color Wool Felt Wide Brim Hat With Leather Buckle Suitable For Daily Wear, Going Out, Festival Season In Autumn And Winter Minimalist Metal Hoop Earrings

The Indie Biker outfit combines the rebellious edge of biker attire with the laid-back cool of indie fashion.

Emma Watson and Selena Gomez in indie biker jackets

Start with a biker leather jacket from Saint Laurent or All Saints and a casual band t-shirt, ideally an official The Strokes piece, to anchor the ensemble in Indie music heritage and distressed Levi’s denim shorts.

Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez in denim shorts

Accessorize with vintage-like pieces like a Brixton wide-brim Panama hat, a leather strap watch from Tom Peterson, and a grey messenger bag from Herschel.

Kate Hudson and Kate in straw hat

Completed with Dr. Martens sturdy ankle leather boots with a slight heel for an iconic Indie vibe.

3. Cute Indie

Cute Indie Style

 Drop Shoulder Hooded Zip Up Cardigan Women's Loose Fit Eagle Print Round Neck T-Shirt J-Fashion Plaid Print Pleated Skirt Unisex Women's Platform Boots With Simple Design, Front Lace-up Boots

The Cute Indie outfit juxtaposes classic indie elements with a youthful charm.

Begin with an oversized cardigan from Acne Studios or Rag & Bone as a cozy and relaxed layer over a graphic t-shirt, such as one from the official merchandise of Pretty Green.

Zendaya and Hailey Beiber in oversized cardigan

Complement with a blue and black plaid pleated skirt, reminiscent of classic British punk, from retailers like Topshop or ASOS.

celebs in plaid skirts

Finally, add a touch of grunge with army ankle boots from Dr. Martens, which bring durability and a strong character to the look.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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