10 Korean Fashion Influencers You Must Follow in 2024

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For the younger generation, Korean fashion influencers are the gateway to Korea’s dynamic styles and trends.

In recent years, Seoul Fashion Week has attracted international media attention, garnering a stellar reputation and expanding Korea’s global fashion influence.

While the Western public is mainly aware of Korean K-pop idols and their Korean beauty standards, there’s also a world of ‘K-Fashion’ influencers transcending Korean fashion into the mainstream fast.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest Korean fashion trends and popular Korean fashion brands, these are the top 10 Korean influencers you must follow in 2023.

1. Park Sora


Park Sora (@sora_pppp) Korean fashion influencer

Born in 1988 in Busan, Park Sora was once known as an actress and singer of Flying Girls.

However, Sora’s most significant success came in the world of fashion.

The Korean influencer is the face of the Korean fashion storeStyle Nanda,’ Korea’s leading cosmetics brand ‘3ce‘.

According to Sora, her street style can be defined as “dynamism and cuteness mixed with a bit of edge.”

Overall, Sora’s simple but fresh look continues to influence Korean youth, fashion and style-wise.

2. Aimee Song


Aimee Song (@aimeesong) Korean fashion influencer

If you’re a fan of Korean fashion, the name Aimee Song should sound familiar.

Originally an interior designer, Song has become one of the social media’s biggest Asian-American fashion influencers.

Born in South Korea but raised in Los Angeles, Song’s fashion style combines Eastern motifs with Western modernity.

With almost 6 million followers on Instagram, Aimee Song was also mentioned in Forbes’ 30 under 30.

3. Soo Joo Park


Soo Joo Park (@soojmooj) Korean fashion influencer

Born in Korea, Soo Joo Park moved to California to pursue a modeling career.

After walking on many high-end catwalks and becoming one of Chanel’s brand ambassadors, Park has decided to create her own fashion style.

Inspired by her sharp grasp of Asian culture combined with the liberal views of the West, Park’s ‘premium looks’ are appreciated worldwide.

4. Chriselle Lim


Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim) Korean fashion influencer

Chriselle Lim is famous for unique styling, makeup, and inspirational lifestyle videos.

Chriselle graduated from the Los Angeles Academy of Fashion Design and Business and worked as the stylist and editor of a magazine in Beverly Hills.

With an Instagram page of 1.4 million followers, Chriselle’s styles inspire elegance, sophistication, and no less youthfulness.

5. Lee Ho Jung


Lee Ho Jung (@holly608) Korean fashion influencer

No stranger to fans of K-pop groups like Exo or Big Bang, Lee Ho Jung is known for co-acting with male singers in popular music videos.

In addition, the model was featured on the covers of major Korean fashion magazines such as Elle Korea, Vogue Korea, and W Magazine.

With a minimalist fashion style, Lee often wears denim and matching sets from head to toe.

Above all, Lee Ho Jung always knows how to dress to attract the crowd’s attention every Seoul Fashion Week.

6. Irene Kim


Irene Kim (@ireneisgood) Korean Fashion influencer

Irene is topping the list as one of the biggest Korean fashion influencers, with over two million followers on Instagram.

Thanks to her dual Korean and American heritage, Irene collaborates with many big names like Chanel, Estée Lauder, and Calvin Klein while building her Korean brand.

Irene’s outfits and hair colors are always fresh, allowing the fans to see her rebellious personality and style.

7. Jung Da Won


Jung Da Won (mejiwoo103) Korean fashion influencer

Jung Da Won was born in 1990 and is known for being the sister of BTS member J-Hope.

However, Da Won is also the CEO of Mejiwoo, a famous Korean brand that copies Supreme’s limited edition clothing business model.

Arguably, the brand (some say brother) has granted Da Won 9 million followers on Instagram, a level of popularity rivaling global stars.

When asked, the star replied that her brand’s direction inspires her everyday look by:

“blending youthfulness with a bit of sexiness.”

8. Sora Choi


Sora Choi (@sola5532) Korean fashion influencer

Sora Choi is another notable representative of the Korean modeling and fashion industry.

When Sora stepped on the international runway at the Louis Vuitton show seven years ago, she captured the eye of high-end designer brands thanks to her ‘icy’ face.

Followers worldwide appreciate Sora’s unique rock-chic style and ability to remain feminine and delicate simultaneously.

Lee Sung Kyung


Lee Sung Kyung (@heybiblee) Korean fashion influencer

Lee Sung Kyung is a Korean model and actress with a unique dressing style.

From runway looks to daily fashion choices, the influencer proves an ability to adapt and transform any look quickly, making her wardrobe every fashion lover’s dream.

If you want inspiration to create your Korean wardrobe, Lee is the influencer you must follow this year to stay on top of your Asian sartorial game.

10. Jessica Jung


Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) Korean fashion influencer

Jessica Jung’s Instagram account shows a top fashion sense, sexy outfits, and many luxury accessories.

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is a solo artist and Creative Director of Blanc & Eclare.

To some extent, Jessica impersonates the essence of an upscale bourgeois lady.

Jessica is also known to rock casual attire, like blazers with jeans, so she is a great influencer to follow for those on a budget.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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