11 Most Popular Korean Fashion Trends

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Need no more to explore Seoul’s complex streets to discover the latest Korean fashion trends.

In recent years, South Korean fashion has exceeded the country’s borders, captivating the world with unique and innovative styles.

In this article, we’ll uncover the most popular Korean fashion trends for women, making waves worldwide in 2023.

Korean Fashion in 2023

The advance in South Korean fashion is attributed, in part, to Korean beauty, K-pop celebrities, Korean dramas, music, and TV shows with worldwide appeal.

With Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and Halsey collaborating with K-pop stars, South Korean stars influence pop culture and fashion globally.

Kpop korean fashion
“Hallyu” or “Korean Wave” is created by K-pop stars who lead the Korean fashion scene.

In a blend of traditions, K-pop, beauty, and fashion, Korean culture is far-reaching, and there’s a unique term to describe its impact: Hallyu.

Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, cements the East Asian country’s position as a contemporary power in fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

Most Popular Korean Fashion Trends for Women

Now, let’s delve into the exciting world of Hallyu-influenced styles and the evolution of Korean fashion in 2023.

Time to explore the 11 most popular Korean fashion trends showcased by K-pop celebrities and Korean fashion influencers in 2023.

Off-shoulder Oversized Tops

Korean Fashion Trend: Off-shoulder Oversized Tops
Off-shoulder Oversized Tops Style – Image courtesy: @aimeesong // Instagram

The oversized top trend has a rich history in Korean fashion – in the past, the look was associated with conservative fashion.

In the past, fitted clothes that showed women’s body shapes were not considered appropriate.

Styles that exposed the midriff or chest area were rarely found in traditional Korean clothes.

As time passed and restrictions in women’s Korean style loosened, the oversized style remained, albeit with slight modifications such as shoulder slits or off-shoulder cuts, designed to show a little more skin.

Nowadays, off-shoulder oversized tops are very popular among women of all ages.

Schoolgirl Tennis Skirt

Korean fashion trend: Schoolgirl Tennis Skirt
Schoolgirl Tennis Skirt Style – Image courtesy: @mejiwoo103 // Instagram

While tennis skirts are not a new trend in Korean fashion, they play a big part in women’s fashion.

A staple piece in the modern Preppy style, this skirt style is popular during spring-summer, particularly among younger women.

A versatile and feminine piece, the tennis skirt is often worn with oversized sweaters or varsity-styled vests over fitted tops.

In 2023, the schoolgirl tennis skirt trend is popularized by KPop celebs and Korean fashion influencers.

Chunky Sneakers

Korean Fashion Trend: Chunky Sneakers
Chunky Sneakers  – Image courtesy: @ireneisgood // Instagram

After sock sneakers, chunky shoes are taking over Seoul streets in 2023.

Koreans love chunky shoes, ideally from recognized Western sneakers websites.

Asian fashion gravitates towards looking ‘cute, even clumsy’ compared to the ‘sexy and sensual European and American vibes.

Thus, any stylistic element and aesthetic that helps achieve this image is highly desirable.

Avoid mixing chunky women’s sneakers with tennis skirts and, instead, match them with baggy trousers or flared stylish jeans for women.


Korean Fashion Trends: Blazers
Blazers – Image courtesy: @jessica.syj // Instagram

In most countries, blazers are associated with business and work.

However, in Korea, blazer styling is a trend that sees the blazer as a piece of everyday wear.

As with most garments – especially tops – Koreans prefer oversized blazers.

The blazer’s looseness makes outfits appear casual while retaining the structural intricacy of the piece.

Puff Sleeves

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Puff Sleeves
Puff Sleeves – Image courtesy: @aimeesong // Instagram

The trend of puff sleeves has come, gone, and returned; after all, fashion is a cycle.

A big current fashion trend in 2023, this popular Korean style is a feminine statement drawing attention to the upper half and letting the top ‘do the talking.’

The sleeve isn’t restricted in length; you’ll see balloon-shaped sleeves as short as shoulder-length or sleeves reaching as long as a quarter sleeve or whole arm.

As oversized clothes are associated with youthfulness in Korean beauty culture, sleeves with longer lengths than the arm are considered very trendy right now.

Street Style Face Masks

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Street Style Face Mask
Street Style Face Mask – Image courtesy: @mejiwoo103 // Instagram

Pre-COVID-19, wearing face masks was an unseen occurrence in Western fashion.

Health concerns are the only reason face masks have been – reluctantly – adopted worldwide.

However, face masks are a stylistic streetwear fashion accessory worn daily in Asian countries, including Korea.

Moreover, Korean streetwear face masks are trendy and always matching with the wearer’s streetwear outfits.


Green Neon Suits (or Pink)

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Pink & Green Neon
Pink & Green Neon Outfit – Image courtesy: @ireneisgood // Instagram

In what seems to be a blend of retro-futurism with Y2K fashion, in 2023, Koreans wear edgy streetwear suits in neon colors.

Even before 2023, Koreans always showcased their loved for garments in 80s workout fashion colors.

However, this year green and pink neons are taking over classic cut suits in what the influencers call a reinterpretation of the Y2K fashion styles.

Flared Jeans

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Flared Jeans
Flared Jeans – image courtesy: @mejiwoo103 // Instagram

No doubt that wide-leg jeans look great with casual women’s sneakers, and young Koreans know that as well.

In 2023, Koreans love wearing combinations of chunky trainers and oversized bottom jeans.

Moreover, they pair the trousers with large belts and oversized tops for a comfortable and relaxed day-to-night fit.


Korean Street Fashion Trends: All-White
All-White – Image courtesy: @aimeesong // Instagram

Like the Japanese, Koreans love seeing or sporting a well-designed monochromatic minimalist look.

All-black and all-white are colors that Korean celebs recourse to every year to achieve that sophisticated look.

2020-2021 was the ‘season’ of all black, and 2023 is the season of all-white ensembles but with a twist – ‘90s fashion this time.

Androgynous Tailored Look

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Classic Tailoring
Classic Tailored Look – image courtesy: @jessica.syj // Instagram

No matter how much modern Seoul culture, streetwear, and K-pop spills into Korean fashion, the classic tailored look remains a key look.

Signaling wealth and status in Korean Culture, the modern androgynous cut suits are inspired by the big-shoulder silhouettes of the 80s fashion.

Cargo Pants

Korean Street Fashion Trends: Cargo Pants & Oversized Joggers
Cargo Pants – image courtesy: @sora_pppp // Instagram

Thanks to Korean hip-hop celebrities, cargo pants are, in 2023, one of the most trending clothes in Korea.

Seen as a versatile – almost androgynous clothing style, cargo pants are used by women from lounging to casual streetwear.

Style them with combat boots, cropped or tank tops, and baseball caps for a perfect casual-cool look.


As Asian countries continue to make waves via viral entertainment, celebrity scandals, beauty standards, and fashion trends, Korean fashion is key to explore.

Driven by the influential Korean entertainment industry and trendsetters like BTS and Blackpink, the impact of Korean fashion transcends the nation’s borders.

Also, as Korea continues to be a leading source for the ‘Next Big Thing,’ it’s natural that Korean fashion brands take center stage.

With a unique blend of contemporary styles and cultural elements, the Seoul-based fashion scene is an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the global industry.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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