10 Affordable Lingerie Brands for Cute, Sexy, Inclusive Sets

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Finding lingerie brands that offer cute, erotic, and even sexy lingerie for all body types – slim, tall, plus-size, curvy – is not an easy task.

So, I went through over 100 famous lingerie brands and curated the 10 best based on design (cute, bridal, sexy), inclusivity (plus-size and body types), quality, and price.

So, if you want to look like a million bucks and feel sexy AF – in bed or in front of the camera – these 10 lingerie brands are for you.

1. Adam & Eve

Best for EROTIC, KINKY, PLUS SIZE Lingerie

Adam & Eve Lingerie
Adam & Eve Lingerie

Whether you’re looking for panty thongs, baby dolls, or Coquette┬áchemise lingerie, Adam & Eve has a little something for everyone.

To me, Adam & Eve stocks some of the sexiest lingerie around, including curve-hugging teddies, breathtaking bras, and panty sets in a wide range of sizes.

In particular, I like the Adam & Eve Plus Size Sexy Teddy Lingerie, and I find it the sexiest of all on this list.

Editor’s Note

If you want to feel sexy, look no further than Adam & Eve’s body stockings and lingerie styles in trendy, colorful, and mood-boosting styles.

Adam & Eve Plus Size Sexy Teddy Lingerie Adam & Eve Strapy Chemise Lingerie Set
Adam & Eve Naughty Maid Lingerie Adam & Eve Lace Lingerie Set

2. Agent Provocateur

Best for LUXURY, CLASSY, BRIDAL Lingerie

Agent Provocateur Lingerie
Agent Provocateur Lingerie

If you’re after luxurious and sexy lingerie, you must check out the offerings from Agent Provocateur.

Founded by Joseph Corre, the son of Vivienne Westwood, in 1994, Agent Provocateur is one of the most famous lingerie brands in the world.

I like, in particular, the Agent Provocateur Black Lace Lingerie Set for a special night out, designed to bring out your inner sex kitten.

Another lingerie piece from Agent Provocateur, and my fav of all, is the Silver Mesh Bridal Lingerie, a one-of-a-kind designed as a rare blend of romantic, empowerment and modern boudoir feel.

Editor’s Note

Agent Provocateur’s lingerie offering includes many attractions such as matching sets, sexy bras, relaxed panties, teddies, and even dinner-style robes.

Agent Provocateur Silver Mesh Bridal Lingerie Agent Provocateur Black Lace Lingerie Set
Agent Provocateur Vintage Leopard Silk Bodysuit Agent Provocateur Slik Slip-on Dress Lingerie

3. JulieMay

Best for ORGANIC COTTON Lingerie

JulieMay Lingerie
JulieMay Lingerie

Blending refinement with an exceptional commitment to skin health, Juliemay is a pinnacle in the intimate wear industry.

Adorned with luxe fabrics like Organic Pima Cotton and Pure Silk, each product – from bras to briefs – is a tactile masterpiece designed to pamper even the most sensitive skins.

From acrylic hardware to hypoallergenic dyes, these brand’s creations are more than lingerie but sartorial investments for the discerning consumer who values beauty and well-being.

Editor’s Note

In a world inundated by lingerie brands advocating carnality, Juliemay advances a manifesto of sophisticated comfort with sensual elegance via skin-friendly fabrics dedicated to the wearer’s well-being.

Julie May Red Lingerie Set Julie May Lingerie Set
Julie May Floral Lingerie Set Julie May Brown Lingerie Set

4. Yandy


Yandy Lingerie
Yandy Lingerie

Driven by the “Own Your Sexy” motto, Yandy is a relatively new brand in the lingerie market.

For something more cheeky, like a kinky Gothic look, consider the brand’s Yandy Bondage Latex Lingerie, a super sexy and charming piece designed to make you look like a rock and roll doll.

Best for panties, teddies, body stockings, hosiery, and lingerie that lets you explore the desires of body and mind, as seen in the Yandy Crotchless Bodystocking lingerie pictured below.

Editor’s Note

Yandy’s lingerie empowers people to accept their sensuality in all physical, mental, or emotional facets.

Yandy Bondage Latex Lingerie Yandy Plus Size Bustier Set
Yandy Red Lace Garter Belt Lingerie Yandy Crotchless Bodystocking Lingerie

5. Victoria’s Secret


Victoria's Secret Lingerie
Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Hailed as the home of sexy lingerie, underwires, T-shirt bras, hiphuggers briefs, and thongs, Victoria’s Secret lingerie┬áneeds no introduction.

The Victoria’s Secret Underwire One-piece Satin Teddy Lingerie has the perfect balance and style for those who want to show off their booty.

But if the top half of your body is what you aim to accentuate, Victoria’s Secret See-through Matching Lingerie Sets are a must; the perfect match to the Blokette style.

Editor’s Note

Victoria’s Secret’s new collection goes beyond the classic push-up bras and lace panties to offer fun teddies and seductive robes.

Victoria's Secret One-piece Teddy Lingerie Victoria's Secret Bridal Top & Garter Skirt Lingerie Set
Victoria's Secret See-through Matching Lingerie Sets Victoria's Secret Lace Babydoll See Through Lingerie

6. Araks


Araks Lingerie
Araks Lingerie

There’s something unique about Araks’ lingerie pieces: the unique combination of vivid colors with classic, even retro styles such as Pin-up.

Moreover, the label uses sustainable materials to create stunning corsets, garters, balconette bras, and tulle knickers with an element of vintage design.

Two of my favorite lingerie pieces are the Araks Vintage Slik Slip Dress, suitable for evenings, and the Araks Classic See-through Lingerie Set, suitable for a celebratory event.

Editor’s Note

If you’re looking for a lingerie label that ticks the boxes for everyday and special-occasion lingerie, look no further!

Araks Slik Slip Lingerie Dress Araks Classic Vintage Lingerie Set
Araks Vintage D-cup Underwire Lingerie Set Araks Organic Cotton Crochet-trim Lingerie Set

7. Dora Larsen


Dora Larsen Lingerie
Dora Larsen Lingerie

A firm favorite among fashion editors and influencers alike, Dora Larsen is best known for pastel hues and color-block lingerie that feels as dreamy as it looks.

From soothing and amusing to rebellious and cheerful, Dora has them all, such as the Dora Larsen High-apex Lace Lingerie Set or the Dora Larsen Triangle Lace-trim Lingerie Set below.

But, if you’re after a more capricious take on what it means to be sexy, I highly recommend the kaleidoscopic purple lingerie piece, Dora Larsen See-through Lace Lingerie Set.

Editor’s Note

Dora Larsen is a contemporary lingerie brand that uses plays of colors to create mischievous lingerie that uplifts your mood, suitable for all ages and body types.

Dora Larsen See-through Lace Lingerie Dora Larsen Underwire Lace Lingerie Set
Dora Larsen Triangle Lace-trim Lingerie Set Dora Larsen High-apex Lace Lingerie Set

8. Cuup


Cuup Lingerie
Cuup Lingerie

Cuup is a plus-size lingerie brand founded on the knowledge that most women wear the wrong bra size.

The trend was caused by old-school lingerie brands that confined women to smaller, unrealistic fits.

In return, Cuup designs bras that perfectly fit curvy and plus-size bodies without compromising the aesthetic and overall style.

The brand offers five bra styles, four bottom silhouettes, and 40 inclusive sizes, balancing sensuality with everyday practicality.

Editor’s Note

Think cut-out detailing, lace, chemises, and corsets for all genders, sizes, and ethnicities; comfortable, vibrant, playful, and affordable.

Cuup See-through Mesh Lingerie Cuup Modern Bridal Mesh Lingerie
Cuup Plus Size Mesh Lingerie Set Cuup Neutral Color Lingerie Set

9. Fleur du Mal


Fleur du Mal Lingerie
Fleur du Mal Lingerie

Fleur du Mal is the brand for those seeking indulgent and sensual lingerie sets.

Catering to those who prefer leather to lace, the label allows purchasing faux leather sets, such as the Fleur du Mal Black Vegan Leather Lingerie Bodysuit presented below.

The brand’s Frankie lingerie collection (my fav!) includes a bra, panties, and even the option to cover up with faux leather pants or skirts.

Editor’s Note

Provocative and sexy, my brand’s fav is the Frankie lingerie collection, comprised of a lace bra in a balconette style, matching thong bottoms, and a garter belt.

Fleur du Mal Open Cup & Crotchless Lingerie Set Fleur du Mal Bridal Silk & Lace Bodysuit Lingerie
Fleur du Mal Vegan Leather Bodysuit Lingerie Fleur du Mal Embroidery Bra Thong, Garter Lingerie Set

10. Arie


Arie Lingerie
Arie Lingerie

Aerie is an intimate apparel and lingerie retailer owned by American Eagle Outfitters.

The Aerie line sells dorm wear, loungewear, sleepwear, and swimsuits, and the brand’s Arie Cotton Sunkissed Lace Lingerie Set at under 30 USD is an absolute bargain!

Made from the softest fabrics and with the cutest prints, Aerie’s lingerie will make you feel comfy all season long.

Editor’s Note

Of all the lingerie brands on this list, Aerie has the most affordable and stylish undergarments, bras, bralettes, bra tops, and lingerie sets.

Arie Cotton Sunkissed Lace Lingerie Set Arie Plus Size Lace Bodysuit Lingerie
Arie Seemless Strappy Lingerie Set Arie High Cut Lace Lingerie Set

Shopping FAQs

What is the most comfortable lingerie brand?

Wolford is the most comfortable lingerie brand in 2023, thanks to their basics and coveted foundation pieces (think comfortable and performance-focused bodysuits, hosiery, slips, polo necks, and shapewear).

Which bra brand is the best?

The best bra brand in 2023 is the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra from ThirdLove, with material and style that ranks in multiple tops as one of the most stylish and comfortable bras.

Other excellent bra brands you might want to try in 2023 are Triumph, Clovia, H&M, and Calvin Klein.

Shopping Tips

This article comprises unique lingerie brands that cater to all genders, skin colors, body types, and budgets.

From people with smaller chests who feel like showing off their adorable dainty bralettes to people with super curvaceous bodies and larger chests who need lingerie with supportive underwire.

Brands that design night lingerie for the modern woman and have a particular sexy lingerie style for those looking to impress on a romantic evening date.

This article comprises the widest variety of styles, curated from the best French lingerie houses, Italian, British, and American, worn and loved by thousands of women.

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Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

After years of managing hundreds of fashion brands from London's office of a global retailer, Mandy has ventured into freelancing. Connected with several fashion retailers and media platforms in the US, Australia, and the UK, Mandy uses her expertise to consult for emerging fashion brands create top-notch content as an editorial strategist for several online publications.

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