5 Best Men’s Clothing Rental Services of the Year

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In the dynamic realm of men’s fashion, clothing rental services have emerged as a sustainable and economical alternative to traditional shopping.

These platforms offer various apparel, from everyday essentials to designer wear, catering to varied sartorial preferences and occasions.

By subscribing, individuals gain access to an ever-evolving wardrobe, aligning with current trends while minimizing environmental impact.

This guide delves into five notable men’s clothing rental services, each with its unique value proposition, from Taelor’s AI-driven personalization to Aprl’s exclusive selection of designer and vintage pieces.

1. Taelor

Taelor Men's Clothing Rental

Founded in 2021 by Anya Cheng and Phoebe Tan, Taelor is predicated on customer-driven styling while extending the garment’s lifecycle, thereby contributing to reducing fashion waste.

Taelor’s use of artificial intelligence and expert stylist insights to deliver personalized apparel selections ensures that the client’s sartorial preferences and sizes are catered to, offering a curated experience that rivals and surpasses traditional retail shopping.

Taelor Mens Clothing Rental

The service operates on a subscription model, where customers are afforded the luxury of receiving and returning garments at their convenience, thus epitomizing owning less and enjoying more.

At the confluence of style, sustainability, and technological sophistication, Taelor offers a compelling alternative to the traditional modes of clothing consumption while championing style and ethical dimensions.

2. Menlo Club

Menlo Club Mens Clothing Rental

Available monthly and quarterly, Menlo Club’s subscription-based model simplifies the acquisition of stylish attire for men by eliminating the indecision and time investment associated with clothing shopping.

Membership with Menlo Club entails discounts and free shipping on purchases from the Menlo House, ensuring members enjoy both the convenience and economic advantages of their subscription.

The service’s commitment to matching the client’s style preferences through a style quiz and a guide to monthly selections personalizes the experience, making it a holistic solution for personal wardrobe management.

3. Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler distinguishes itself in the menswear subscription market by offering a combination of artificial intelligence and stylist curation to provide personalized clothing selections.

For a monthly fee of $65, subscribers receive two to three garments, ensuring style and quality double the reported retail value of $150 per shipment.

With monthly packs of discounted high-end, trendy clothing, the service offers a convenient solution for people who prefer to avoid spending time shopping for clothes.

4. Rent With Thred

Rent With Thred Mens Clothing Rental

Rent With Thred offers a novel approach to men’s fashion with its clothing rental subscription, providing access to premium brands like Corridor, Faherty, and Todd Snyder.

Subscribers can choose from three plans: Weekender, Explorer, and Jet-Setter, priced at $69, $99, and $119 per month, respectively.

Each tier allows the rental of three to five pieces of clothing at any given time, with the freedom to swap or return as many times per month.

Thred’s expansive selection spans brands such as Carhartt WIP, Alex Mill, and Saturdays NYC, catering to various sizes and style preferences.‚Äč


APRL Mens Clothing Rental

With curated collections that span designer, streetwear, and vintage styles, APRL redefines the landscape of men’s clothing rental.

This service caters to the fashion-forward individual, offering unique and hard-to-find pieces that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

By focusing on variety and exclusivity, APRL aims to be a sustainable choice for those looking to explore different fashion avenues without the commitment of purchase, blending eco-consciousness with a passion for style.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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