How to Dress Like a Soft Girl: 3 Cute Looks for a Softcore Fashion Aesthetic

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Emerging from social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the Soft Girl fashion style is a particular way of dressing, evoking teenage girls’ delicacy, youthful naturalness, and femininity.

Comprised of comfortable and soft garments from cotton and chiffon in cherry blossoms pink, morning ski blues, and the gentle yellow of daffodils, the Soft Girl look depicts the happiness of youth and nostalgia of bygone days.

Soft Girl Style

Popular Soft Girl aesthetics and patterns include plaids, Vichy checks, polka dots, stripes, and florals that tell a story of subtle elegance and charm.

Let’s delve into 3 quintessential Soft Girl looks and an enchanting sartorial world designed to express gentleness, cuteness, and joy.

1. Pastel Soft Girl

Pastel Soft Girl Style

Drop Shoulder Fluffy Knit Cardigan Ladies' Solid Color Crop Top Camisole J-Fashion Plaid Pleated Skirt
Vans Old Skool trainers in tumble faux leather triple white Bow Decor Hair Clip Heart Decor Pendant Necklace

Start your Pastel Soft Girl with a white cropped top from ribbed cotton and layer with a lightweight, slightly oversized pale cherry blossom pink cardigan from Other Stories or Uniqlo.

Kaia Gerber in pastel cardigan

Wear a midi or just above-the-knee pink plaid skirt from Brandy Melville or American Apparel to keep in line with the soft and youthful vibe of the Soft Girl aesthetic.

Katie McGlynn and Margot Robbie in plaid miniskirt

Continue with white Old Skool Vans, a satin pink hair bow, and a small heart pendant silver necklace from Pandora or Tiffany & Co. for a subtle sparkle without overpowering the outfit.

2. Blue Soft Girl

Blue Soft Girl Style

Cartoon Graphic Thermal Lined Sweatshirt Layered Hem Denim Skirt Vans Old Skool trainers in tumble faux leather triple white  Lovely Teddy Bear Plush Toys Stuffed Soft Animal Kawaii Dolls For Kids Baby Children Valentine Gift Birthday Gift Easter Gift

Create your Blue Soft Girl outfit with varying shades of blue, accented with soft pink and silver, and a cute twist with the teddy bear accessory.

Start with a comfortable but not oversized hoodie from Champion or H&M in light blue and a pink heart print on the chest to balance style with playful, and pair it with a blue denim miniskirt.

Jennifer Lopez and Sami Sheen in pastel hoodies

The skirt’s blue shade must complement the lighter blue of the hoodie, so choose classic brands like Levi’s or American Eagle, and instead of a handbag, carry a small, plush teddy bear toy.

Bella Hadid in pleated denim miniskirt

Footwear must be simple yet relevant to the style, and white Old Skool Vans fulfill the role perfectly with their clean, classic design.

3. Pink Soft Girl

Pink Soft Girl Style

Puff Sleeve Lace Trim Crop Shirt Care Bears Bear Embroidered Overall Dress 4 Pairs Solid Mesh Calf Socks, Semi Sheer Thin Knee High Socks, Women's Stockings & Hosiery
Bow Decor Hair Clip Women's Mary Jane Chunky Block Heels Closed Toe Work Pumps Comfortable Square Toe Dress Shoe Zipper Bag Girly Pink High Elastic Hair Ties

The most feminine look on this list, the Pink Soft Girl outfit is a symphony of pink hues, and soft garments layered to create a cute and romantic vibe.

Start with a white cotton shirt with short puff sleeves, pink buttons from Zara or ASOS, and an above-the-knee bralette-style dress in soothing pink from Free People or Urban Outfitters.

Vania Romoff and Mimiyuuuh in puff sleeve blouse

Wear pink Mary Janes from Clarks, soft and stretchy knee-high white socks from Happy Socks or H&M, and a pink satin hair bow from Anthropologie or Claire’s.

Jeanne Damas and Alexa Chung in Mary Janes shoes

The Pink Soft Girl look is a testament to the power of thoughtful styling, where each garment and accessory plays a role in creating Soft Girl’s enchanting and distinctive aesthetic.

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

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