25 Stores Like Princess Polly – Most Popular and Affordable

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With a rise in demand for nature-inspired clothing and boho styles, stores like Princess Polly have become the go-to portals.

Like Princess Polly, these stores stock the latest street styles, pop culture, edgy fashion, comfort, and class.

From prom dresses to swimwear and winter sweaters to summer tops, vegan handbags, and luxury trainers, these are the 25 best alternative stores to Princess Polly in 2023.

Dissh Boutique – Awin


Dissh Boutique stores like Princess Poly


“Amazing knitwear and linen clothing designed for the Australian sun.”

Dissh online boutique is one of the best alternative stores to Princess Polly, and here’s why:

More than 80% of Dissh styles are curated in-house, so they have some pretty unique pieces of clothing you can add to your wardrobe.

On their online shopping boutique, you can find various styles such as denim, knitwear, vintage dresses, loungewear, jacket, coats, all-season tops, and more.

Oh Polly

United Kingdom

Oh polly stores like Princess Polly


“Stunning dresses! Check out their dresses, sexy A.F.!”

Oh Polly is an online women’s fashion brand based in the U.K.

The brand’s mission is about making women feel confident and sexy, and they’re great at that.

The store owner is passionate about creating fresh and up-to-date styles that keep shoppers returning for more.

Check out Oh Polly’s tops, denim, two-piece sets, dresses, tops, bottoms, and sexy swimwear in bold, beautiful designs and colors.

I like Oh Polly’s ‘going out’ dresses and the brand’s gym wear collection, Bo+Tee.



Peppermayo stores like princess polly


“Super cool streetwear clothing at prices that won’t break the bank.”

If you’re looking for some uber casual-cool clothing, Peppermayo is the place to shop.

Peppermayo pleases its customers’ eyes with high-quality apparel, dresses, tops, accessories, activewear, coats, shoes, jackets, and even beauty.

Peppermayo is another online store like Princess Polly that you should check out now.

The company has a blend of branded and non-branded clothing and shoes, plus its line, which is super cute and affordable at the same time.


United Kingdom

ASOS stores like princess polly


“In ASOS, you’ll find almost anything Princess Polly has, from balloon sleeve minis’ to smock midis, patchwork, and prints.”

ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer and one of the largest online fast-fashion boutique stores like Princess Polly.

The company was founded in 2000 in London and stocks designer wear from a vast catalog of brands.

Asos store stocks some of the most amazing Bohemian dresses right now, even when you compare their offering with stores like Anthropologie.

So, the Asos Boho store is the best if you’re looking for a balloon sleeve mini dress in multi paisley print or a puff sleeve smock midi dress in a patchwork print.

Pro Tip: Check out their website regularly, as they have attractive discounts for students worldwide!

Tiger Mist


Tigermist stores like princess polly


“Best faux leather jackets, stretch pants, and out-of-this-world intimates.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Tiger Mist is known for sleek and sexy dresses, shorts, skirts, and tights.

From pop culture icons to savvy street style looks Tiger Mist provides you with the latest styles for your wardrobe.

Whether you want to keep your style laid back and relaxed or be a little sleek and sexy, Tiger Mist has something to match your need.

This is the best online store for sexy lingerie that does not break the bank.



Showpo stores like princess polly


“Super fashionable occasion and cocktail dresses. Also, stunning wedding dresses.”

Showpo is an Australian online fashion retailer aimed at young women.

Packing an ‘All-Aussie’ vibe, the company’s vision is “to be her go-to place to shop.”

Showpo stocks shoes, clothes, and accessories, but they’re also known for having a stunning wedding shop!

Hello Molly


Hello Molly stores like princess polly


“Amazing Prom dresses and stunning swimwear, all at crazy affordable prices.”

Hello Molly is another Australian store like Princess Polly, selling super cute and affordable clothes online.

Similar to stores like Dolls Kill, Hello Molly has a vast collection of trendy clothes, shoes, accessories, and swimwear that won’t break the bank.

Dresses that ooze styles like sequin, lace, printed, white, floral, mini, printed, off-the-shoulder, long sleeves, and infamous little black dress.

Jean Jail


Jean Jail stores like princess polly


“Great store of affordable, top-quality bottoms and rompers.”

Jean Jail is not as trend-focused as Princess Polly, which makes them perfect for shoppers hunting down inexpensive basics.

I love Jean Jail for their amazing deals, above and beyond customer service, and that they’ve made my purchase personal by sending a handwritten letter.

Their store is a famous fashion destination for models, influencers, and several fashionistas across the globe today.

Check out their fitting bodycon dresses that genuinely express your figure for chic formal dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, classy backless dresses, and any party wear dresses.

Honey Peaches


Honey Peaches stores like princess polly


“Best known for their ‘Luxe Collection’ of made-to-order luxury gowns.”

Honey Peaches is a great store similar to Princess Polly, known for its great clothes, fast service, and quick follow-ups.

The store has various chic playsuits, dresses, and custom-made gowns, but the brand’s ‘Luxe Collection’ of formal gowns makes them popular.

So, if you want classy, posh, and elegant apparel, Honey Peaches is the best to fulfill the quota.

I also recommend them for their dashing playsuits, dresses, tops, knitwear, jumpsuits, coats, jackets, and even skirts.

Stelly Clothing


Stelly Clothing stores like princess polly


“Bohemian-inspired clothes that compete with stores like Free People.”

Hailing out of beautiful Sydney, Australia, Stelly Clothing is another label to add to the list of stores like Princess Polly.

Stelly Clothing caught the eyes of fashion icons and fashion lovers thanks to its wide array of jumpsuits in boho styles, bohemian-inspired floral dresses, and casual tops.

You can say that Stelly Clothing competes with brands like free people or stores like Anthropologie.

With a diverse collection of boho-chic clothing and streetwear, Stelly Clothing is one of the must-know boho clothing stores right now.

Mishkah Fashion


Mishkah Fashion stores like princess polly


“Stunning Australian summer knitted dresses in gorgeous colors.”

Mishkah Fashion store is one of my favorites.

The store screams fresh summer style, and that’s seen in all of their dresses, whether wrapped or lace tops.

I find it impossible not to fawn over fluttery playsuits and jumpsuits in Mishkah Fashion’s wardrobe.

Two of my most loved dresses, the Cloud Nine and the Electra, are from their store.

They’re great at making cocktail dresses, beachwear, and swimsuits that’ll turn heads around.

A and N Boutique


A And N Boutique stores like princess polly


“Formal and special occasion dresses, wedding, and gowns.”

A&N Boutique is gaining global popularity for its beautiful dresses and gowns at super affordable prices.

A and N Boutiques tocks many top-of-the-range dresses, but my favorite section is their made-to-order.

The brand’s dresses, lovingly designed in Brisbane, seem to be created to beautify the female form in all shapes and sizes.

Oh, something important to mention here; if you order a made-to-order gown or dress, please ensure that you check the fit correctly and that you’re ok with a possibly long waiting time.



Outwithaudrey stores like princess polly


“Superb belted cardigans, waxed joggers, wraps, and woven knits.”

If you can get past constant website issues that stop you from browsing, arranging products by price, or even paying sometimes, Out With Audrey is a gem store like Princess Polly that you’ll love.

Out With Audrey is a daywear-focused online store; think breezy tops, cozy sweaters, comfy skirts, and a good range of jumpers, jumpsuits, knitwear, leggings, and bottoms.

Many of their pieces come in neutral colors, so they’re not as ‘loud’ as items you might buy in other stores like Princess Polly I’ve added to my list.

Pretty Little Thing

United Kingdom

Pretty Little Thing stores like princess polly


“Beautiful summer tops, denim, and boho dresses for all body sizes and types.”

PrettyLittleThing is another store like Princess Polly, able to keep up with the pace of fast-changing fashion trends.

Pretty Little Thing is a UK-based fashion retailer creating fashionable clothing for women between 16 and 35.

Pretty Little Thing allows me to shop according to your body’s shape and figure, and even the most petite or curvy girls will find fabulous seasonal pieces.

Yet, I have friends that shop at Fashion Nova for extra-large sizes, and they all swear that this store has similar styles and design trends but much more affordable clothing and fashion for women.


United Kingdom

Boohoo stores like princess polly


“Super-stylish oversized clothes, trendy and in vogue right now.”

Launched in 2006, Boohoo is an online British fashion giant that delivers about one thousand new products weekly.

The store’s vast wardrobe has everything you can ask for midi, maxi, mini, smock, jumper, shirt, long sleeve, t-shirt, bodycon, skater, wrap, sweatshirt, black, blazer, or pinafore dresses; Boohoo has it all.

Boohoo also has a coordinated section comprising ‘dresses by occasion,’ ‘dresses by fit,’ and ‘dresses by trend,’ making searching and shopping much more manageable.



SHEIN stores like princess polly


“All kinds of trendy clothes at the most affordable prices.”

Self-titled “an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform“, Shein is an online fashion store like Princess Polly, worth having a place on this list.

The brand was founded in October 2008 with the ethos that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.

Since then, the brand has offered on-trend styles catering to young women and teens, which won’t break the bank.

The company also sells cutesy accessories, creative stationery, and beauty and personal care products.

Beginning Boutique


Beginning Boutique stores like princess polly


“Very affordable clothes for a wild night out or an unforgettable festival.”

Beginning Boutique is a Brisbane-based Australian company specializing in festival and party clothing, accessories, shoes, and swimwear for women.

Think SWIMkini’s, Coachella madness, or sipping an espresso martini at a rooftop bar.

With very affordable festival wear, denim, and designer pieces, breaking the bank is out of the question.

Also, you can find on the brand’s online store some smaller designers worth giving a try, such as 9.0 Swim, BB Exclusives, Abrand, AS Colour, Billini, Lioness, Nana Judy, Peta + Jain, Rollas, SNDYS, The Edit, Thrills.

Nasty Gal

United States

Nasty Gal stores like princess polly


“Cheap and affordable trendy clothes at 50% discount, 24/7.”

If you are on a treasure hunt for stores like Princess Polly, then Nasty Gal is a gem you must add to your treasure.

Nasty Gal transforms dark, edgy, and geeky styles into pure fashion statements.

Nasty Gal is the store for you if you want affordable, stylish, long-lasting, and comfortable clothes.

Here you can find a wide array of metallic skirts, platform shoes, vegan leather jackets, faux leather skirts, and much more.

White Fox


White Fox stores like princess polly


“Trendy activewear, swimwear, and other fitness-infused apparel.”

White Fox Boutique is an Australian women’s clothing store where you can shop all your trendy looks and styles in one place.

The online shop is known for its superb quality styles and e-girl fashion vibe that any fashionista would kill for.

With so many styles of dresses, tops, accessories, swimwear, and fabulous pieces, it’s no wonder women are shopping at White Fox for all their closet must-haves.



I.AM.GIA stores like princess polly


“Exclusive collection of streetwear and outerwear in iconic oversized silhouettes.”

I.AM.GIA is a trendsetting Australian phenomenon bringing women fashion-forward clothing and accessories with a streetwear aesthetic.

This online store is your go-to destination if you like to spot new and trending fashion daily.

I.AM.GIA is one of the many stores like Princess Polly on my list that allows you to purchase affordable fashion merchandise at almost no cost.

Their offering ranges from activewear, loungewear, and everyday casual dresses to tops, jeans, and all kinds of skirts.

General Pants Co.


General Pants Co.


“Specialist streetwear, denim, skate clothing, and surfwear.”

General Pants Co. is an Australian fashion retailer selling international and national brands.

The retailer commercializes contemporary clothing for women and men and specializes in streetwear, denim, skate, and surfwear.

General Pants Co. will offer you a plethora of options to choose from with new collections and newer styles.

I surf and shop at General Pants clothing whenever I need motivation to exercise, go to the beach, or show off some of the latest styles.

The Iconic


The Iconic stores like princess polly


“Anything on Asos, but with the same shipping in Australia.”

The Iconic delivers a stylish and current collection of men’s and women’s apparel from the most coveted Australian and international brands.

With everything from dresses to jeans, ankle boots to sneakers to wallets, this store has a selection of over 20,000 products, so there’s something for every style.

Also, from all stores like Princess Polly on my list, If you are a person who quickly gets bored, The Iconic is the ideal fashion store for you.

The shop collaborates with over 1000 large and small designers offering over 100,000 pieces of merchandise.



Ghanda stores like princess polly


“Great for dresses, playsuits, skirts, shirts, jackets, and knits.”

Ghanda is a surf and streetwear brand born out of the coastal town of Torquay, Victoria.

The company has several stores around Australia, offering affordable basics and fashion pieces catering to all ages across men, women, teens, and kids.

Ghanda is famous for its hand-printed fleece Trackies (available in various styles, including track sides, track & fields, sport & skinny joggers) and fleece Hoodies & Crews.



Surfstitch stores like princess polly


“Superb swimwear pieces, with full coverage options for the more conservative ones.”

Like Ghanda, Surfstitch is your one-stop-shop for all things surf, swim, and beach.

SurfStitch HQ is based in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, just a short walk from Australia’s iconic surf beaches.

When I think of SurfStitch, I always have these ‘feel good vibes,’ or ‘Saturday as a state of mind,’ or even ‘cottagecore,’ if you know what I mean.


United Kingdom

Missguided stores like princess polly


“Kardashian-like clothes and looks at unbeatable prices.”

Missguided is a UK-based multi-channel fashion retailer selling clothes for women.

Missguided is a bold, straight-talking, and forward-thinking fashion brand inspired by real life, aiming to do precisely that.

The brand creates looks designed by in-house talent to equip millennial women with the fashion they need for all living elements.

Finally, if you want to look like a Kardashian but are running low on funds, Missguided is the perfect destination.

Who’s Princess Polly?

If you are a fan of showbiz and the fashion industry, then I am sure you’ve heard of this Australian fashion boutique, Princess Polly.

Princess Polly is one of the most loved stores right now for its comprehensive stock of designer-looking-like clothes in all colors of the rainbow and all kinds of styles, all at the most affordable prices you can buy.

Check out their mini, maxi, party, casual, midi, formal, bodycon, and long-sleeve dresses; they all look like they were taken from the most expensive fashion catalog.

My friends shop at Princess Polly to showcase their social media styles, hailed as trendsetters and head-turning models with celebrity-like status.

These little things make the customers trust the styles at Princess Polly’s almost every time.

The store stocks not only apparel but also shoes and all kinds of accessories – from minimal items such as hair accessories to shoe cleaning liquids and pieces of fabrics.

Moreover, Princess Polly has one of the fastest shipping systems, so your waiting time is less than most online stores you’ve ever tried.

Princess Polly is a favorite fashion lover with many discounts, promo codes, and fast product turnover.

It’s difficult to keep up with the changing trends, but Princess Polly’s massive sales and collection changes make it possible.

While the brand’s clothes aren’t as durable as the designer items they’re copying, they provide the most affordable way to update your wardrobe and try new looks.

Buying from Princess Polly means that you don’t have to go broke for a dress you may only wear twice, and that’s a game-changer in the Instagram age.

Princess Polly has many excellent, Instagram-worthy outfits and swimwear pieces.

I also like Princess Polly’s beauty collection, stocking brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Ardell Lashes, L.A. Girl, and other big names available to get your hands on.

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A University of Oxford graduate in Design History, Katherine Saxon is researching arising TikTok cultures from a consumer psychology perspective while covering emerging aesthetics in fashion and beauty for TheVOU, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

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