10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

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Despite the perceived legerity of street style, putting together streetwear outfits requires a deep stylistic sense.

You must know the latest streetwear trends, what clothes and accessories to match, and how to style them for maximum effect.

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 10 amazing outfit ideas for a unique women’s streetwear look.

1. Streetwear Gunge

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

Often described as ‘unflattering’ by fashion critics, grunge-style clothing has permeated women’s streetwear style over the last few years.

Yet, streetwear connoisseurs love this unique look as it looks amazing, relevant, and comfortable AF!

2. Streetwear Y2K

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

A unique take on the Y2K style, Streetwear Y2k is centered around fashion pieces that were popular in the late 90s and early 2000s

The look comprises high-top sneakers like the Air Jordans or Bulky, platform-esque sneakers birthed by Raf Simons at Balenciaga, True Religion low-rise baggy jeans, baby tees, or cropped tops.

3. Smart-Casual Streetwear

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

Blending smart casual attire with streetwear, the smart casual streetwear style is one of the most popular streetwear styles right now.

Inspired by 80s fashion, the look blends specific formal clothes like oversized shoulder pad blazers with street-style casual wear such as skater jeans and platform sneakers.

4. Oversized Streetwear

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

Suitable for all body types, oversized streetwear clothes are the foundation of streetwear style, regardless of the time, location, or budget.

Loose, baggy, and oversized clothes are ideal for creating trendy streetwear looks that work wonders with all body types and sizes.

5. Streetwear Old Money

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

Counter-common streetwear style blends the Old Money look with outrageous streetwear items, like Yezzy’s 450 resin sneakers or a Supreme.

The idea here is to break the tailored look of the Old Money style with the casual items of the streetwear style.

Another tip that lets you create that smart-extravagant blend is to layer different brands in the same look.

6. Streetwear Anime

Anime Streetwear Style for Women

No longer a style just for nostalgic anime fans, anime streetwear – with its T-shirts of iconic anime moments, such as Goku vs. Frieza and Top Ten Anime Betrayals – is a hot commodity in women’s streetwear clothing brands.

Inspired by Japanese fashion, the anime streetwear style combines manga history with deep Harajuku streetwear styles.

Beyond showcasing love for certain anime characters, wearing anime streetwear identifies and connects you with the members of your fandom.

As an extra tip, most anime streetwear clothing brands also make convention clothes subtle enough to be worn daily, so you get more bang for your buck.

Avoid showy clothes – usually falling in the cosplay category – but anime enough to show your fandom spirit!

7. Techwear for Streetwear

Techwear Streetwear Style for Women

Techwear is a great look, yet, be careful not to push it too much towards tech, or you’ll lose the relaxed streetwear style you must achieve to be trendy right now.

With unique aesthetics worthy of high-street clothing stores, Techwear brands are booming on Reddit and social media right now.

Thanks to intelligent tailoring, innovative materials, and avant-garde aesthetics, techwear clothes look downright badass.

The style appeals to men and women in equal measure, and if you’ve watched ‘The Matrix’ movie, you’ll know why.

However, infusing techwear into women’s streetwear comes with a warning: “Don’t go too flashy by wearing head-to-toe techwear.

8. Streetwear Baddie

Baddie Streetwear Style

You’ve seen it on Instagram, and you’ve seen it on TikTok: All the “Cool Kids” wear Baddie streetwear right now.

Streetwear Baddie style centers around the Baddie dressing style of the early 2000s, consisting of loose-fitting denim, cropped sweatshirts, tracksuits, flirty bodysuits, high-waisted distressed jeans, oversized crop tops, shapewear, and streetwear sneakers.

Streetwear baddies also rock sporty and/or street-style looks, relaxed ‘fits, fancy cuts, bold accessories, and lots of glam makeup.

9. Street-Style Athleisure Wear

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

With disjunctive gym and fitness pieces, technical cropped tops, and animal print leggings for women with a touch of alternative aesthetics, street-style athleisure wear has become a crucial part of women’s streetwear.

Athleisure wear is a fashion trend characterized by athletic clothing that is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

However, wearing athleisure alone does not qualify as athleisure streetwear style – for that, you’ll need the breaking elements, such as an oversized pair of sneakers or a super casual coat.

10. Street Style Utilitywear

10 Cool Ways to Dress Streetwear Style Like a Celebrity

Hiroshi Fujiwara, DJ, and Nigo are credited with pioneering the street-style Utilitywear.

The street-style utilitywear has a functional aspect, based on technical clothes, compared with the classic, relaxed, hip-hop-influenced, Californian style.

In the past, functional streetwear was mostly in darker tones, yet, nowadays, we see the tech streetwear style, including many colors and patterns inspired by the past decades.

Key Takeaways

Women’s streetwear is no longer part of a small niche of brands worn by skaters and techwear enthusiasts.

Nowadays, streetwear impacts the current fashion trends, acting as a barometer of what’s next in fashion.

Although the above streetwear tips are meant to help you look trendy and stylish, they’re merely a guide for creating your unique streetwear look.

In simple terms, the streetwear clothing style can be defined as a smart mixing and matching of clothes from different brands and cultures.

For more, check out our complete list of best streetwear fashion brands.

If you’re on a tighter budget, here is an excellent list of cheap streetwear brands.

Also, you can check our selection of the best streetwear brands for women.

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  1. This article opened my eyes on how cult culture as a fashion religious can really balance the gods and the goddess in the fashion world.

    Macho Jacques
    Morati | Fashion Gods

  2. Excellent content, thank you for this article. It’s important for female voices to be heard in a male-dominated industry. Please check out our multi-brand retailer that serves as a platform for female emerging designers in the streetwear industry, launching in 2022. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow, wow, wow, love this article! Great tips to streetwear styles and the brands are amazing. I personally love the techwear streetwear style and I am grateful to the author for opening my eyes on not exaggerating with tech-wear as this is exactly what I’ve been doing so far. Once again, great article on streetwear for women and stunning brands, this is a bookmark for me.

  4. I’ve only recently discovered women’s streetwear, as a fashion style and I am totally in love with it. I love the simplicity of the style, the cuts, and the color uniformity, maybe is the boring German in me loving that 😀

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank the author for putting together such a wonderful article that inspires me so much and recommend a few German streetwear clothing brands for women that are quite popular in Berlin and not only, right now: ACRONYM, GmbH, A Kind Of Guise (this one is more into workwear but it has some rare streetwear pieces you’d want to wear for sure) NO/FAITH STUDIOS and Ucon Acrobatics (my fav of all German streetwear brands right now when it comes to streetwear bags and backpacks – check them out).

  5. Why are women so suddenly obsessed with streetwear and techwear? Is it something to do with the LGBTQ+ community moving away from high-end fashion and haute-couture designers or the influence of k-pop and Japanese streetwear? Would love to know your views on this, please.

    • I’ve always loved techwear, even before the LGBTQ+-xyz community became interested in the functional aspects of the style so I think it’s just you the one you’ve only discovered that there’s tech wear for women.

  6. Well, after wearing Japanese streetwear for over a decade, I can say that the trend has become too commercial now. Love the emerging British casual streetwear style that you see developing around Camden town!

  7. My friend is planning to invest in improving her appearance this year so she can try dating again. I like your suggestion to invest in sneakers and good streetwear brands that can reflect a cool and fresh appearance and I will share this article with her.

  8. These street outfits for women are so great let me give you one more outfit idea that you should Brown Leather Jacket it will attract your personality.


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