Want to Dress Like a Teddy Girl? These 3 Outfit Ideas Are Perfect for You!

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Emerging in 1950s Britain as a female counterpart to the Teddy Boys, the Teddy Girl style blends contemporary fashion with Edwardian attire adapted to a post-war, rebellious ethos.

Teddy Girl fashion style

In post-war Britain, Teddy Girls, also known as Judies, challenged traditional social norms and classic femininity views, wearing androgynous style outfits as statements of independence.

1950s Teddy Girls
1950s Teddy Girls, Britain

The generic Teddy Girl wardrobe includes single-breasted tailored blazers, high-waist Pedal Pusher jeans, button-up shirts, loafers or ballet flats, accessorized with silk scarves, brooches, and ornate handbags.

Teddy Girl Outfit
A typical Teddy Girl Outfit

Nowadays, the Teddy Girl style, with a fusion of historical bravery and contemporary finesse, offers a narrative of female empowerment and a departure from traditional gender roles.

1. Classic Teddy Girl

Classic Teddy Girl style

Start with an Edwardian-style blazer with sharp shoulders to capture the Teddy Girl’s drive for feminine empowerment and a post-war tailored aesthetic shirt.

Teddy Girl Style Blazer

Tommy Teddy Girl style blazer Benetton Teddy Girl style blazer

Match it with high-waisted pedal pushers or cuffed jeans from CLOSED or RE/DONE as reminiscent of the tailored trousers of the Edwardian gentlemen but reinterpreted for the modern woman and a Hermes silk scarf to break the monochrome palette.

Teddy Girl Pedal Pushers Celebs

Closed Teddy Girl style Pedal Pusher Jeans Veronica Beard Teddy Girl Cuffed Jeans

Ground the look with classic black ballet flats and finish with a messy pixie cut for a carefree vibe channeling the rebellious undercurrent of the Teddy Girl aesthetic.

Teddy Girl style Ballet Flats Teddy Girl style Scarf

2. Chic Teddy Girl

Chic Teddy Style

Start the Chic Teddy Girl outfit by layering a Max Mara herringbone coat over a white button-down for a fusion of classic weave and crisp tailoring.

Teddy Girl Style herringbone coat

 Teddy Girl style herringbone coat Teddy Girl style herringbone coat

Pair with pleated cuffed pants, echoing Edwardian menswear, yet in a relaxed cut fit for today’s women’s fashion.

Teddy Girl style pleated cuffed pants and loafers

Teddy Girl style cuffed pants Teddy Girl style cuffed pants

Ground the ensemble with suede loafers and white crew socks for an unexpected androgynous twist.

Teddy Girl style suede loafers Teddy Girl style suede loafers

Complete the look with a styled long pompadour, marrying the outfit’s sophistication with the Teddy Girl’s signature rebellious spirit.

3. Preppy-inspired Teddy Girl

Preppy Teddy girl style

For a Preppy-inspired Teddy Girl look, layer a white schoolgirl blouse with a classic crewneck sweater by Acne Studios, bringing together collegiate chic with the Teddy Girl’s subversive edge.

Teddy Girl style Crew Neck Sweater

Teddy Girl style Crew Neck Sweater Teddy Girl style Crew Neck Sweater

Tuck the blouse into sand-colored or denim cuffed Pedal Pushers, a modern take on traditional Teddy Boy trousers, and accessorize with a single pearl necklace or a prep scarf.

Teddy Girl pedal pusher jeans

Teddy Girl Style Cuffed Trousers REDONE Teddy Girl style Pedal Pusher jeans

Wear polished leather penny loafers from Church’s and white crew socks for prep-school nostalgia, and crown the ensemble with long curly quiff hair to infuse a touch of 50s rock ‘n’ roll glamour.

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