20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

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If you’re searching for the best vintage clothing stores with the most comprehensive offering, from budget-friendly to rare designer pieces, this article is for you.

Vintage clothing is not only cost-effective and one of the most sustainable forms of fashion but also unique, thanks to the style versatility outside of current fashion trends.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 vintage clothing stores online in 2023, each specializing in distinct categories of vintage fashion.

From timeless classics to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, this comprehensive article has stunning pieces even for the most demanding vintage fashionistas.

Time to reveal the best online stores to shop for vintage clothing and build a unique vintage wardrobe today!

Vestiaire Collective

Designer Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Vestiaire Collective is an online vintage clothing store dedicated to rare stylistic gems (and genuine) from top designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Saint Laurent.

Branded as pre-owned designer clothing, Vestiaire Collective stocks a wide range of high-end and designer vintage clothing and accessories.

On VC, I’ve found a genuine vintage Gucci bag from the 60s fashion that works wonders with other genuine 60s style vintage clothes from Beyond Retro (see the store below).

Every vintage garment or accessory sold on Vestiaire is quality controlled by the store’s team, so you know what you buy is authentic.

I also recommend VC if you’re after vintage clothes in modern aesthetics, such as cottagecore and dark academia styles.


Affordable Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

I can’t recommend enough ASOS marketplace to those seeking cool-style vintage clothing and accessories selected from boutiques worldwide.

Asos’s offering is unique thanks to a specialist team curating vintage clothes from worldwide boutiques and independent labels.

You can catalog the store’s offering of vintage clothing by gender, country of origin, top-rated brands, and even by ‘the latest’ vintage additions to the marketplace.


Best Vintage Aesthetic Clothing

EMMIOL Vintage Aesthetic Clothing

EMMIOL‘s vintage clothing collections are a mix of retro and modern styles featuring distinctive patterns in earthy tones.

Also, some of the brand’s offering resembles rare vintage garments and designer clothing at a fraction of the price.

From denim jackets and corduroy pants to oversized sweaters and vintage tees, EMMIOL has all you need to create a statement look.


Best Vintage Clothing From Paris

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

1stDibs is a “leading online marketplace for vintage clothing in extraordinary designs” – the founders’ words, not mine.

Since 2000, this online place for vintage clothing has captured the magic of the Paris flea market.

Packed with beautiful decade-spanning dresses, 1stDibs is a great online marketplace for vintage clothing that captures the magic of the Paris flea market.

The store connects highly coveted Parisian vintage sellers, antique fashion makers, fine jewelry, watches, and haute couture creators with buyers worldwide.

Here I found unique middle eastern vintage fashion pieces, rare jewels, and accessories among vintage clothes from Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, and Gucci.

Beyond Retro

Inclusive Online Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

With a physical store in Brick Lane – a tourist spot in East London – Beyond Retro is a history-making vintage clothing store.

Whether you are after a vintage Levi 501s, a vintage Burberry coat, or a leopard-print jacket to match your gender-free shoes, Beyond Retro’s selection of rare clothing and accessories is all you need.

Launched in an old and disused dairy factory in East London, Beyond Retro has grown into a fully-fledged business with shops in Soho, Brick Lane, Dalston, Brighton, and Sweden.

Beyond Retro’s online vintage clothing offering is dreamy, stocking its vintage clothes and genuine vintage pieces from Adidas, Converse, Dr. Martens, and many more top fashion brands.


Style Savvy Vintage Clothes

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

With physical stores in London’s Covent Garden, Camden, and Brick Lane, Rokit is another veritable treasure trove for vintage clothing lovers.

With a rare collection of vintage clothes spanning from the 1920s fashion to the 80s, Rokit is the only vintage store on this list stocking hidden vintage gems for women, men, and children alike.

With a unique, ever-changing, and ever-growing selection of vintage wares, Rokit is one of the best online vintage stores for plus-size clothing.

I also love Rokit’s extensive offering of preloved pieces and reinvented and upcycled clothing for all tastes and budgets.


Pre-Owned Designer Vintage Clothing

Farfetch Pre-owned Vintage Clothing

While Farfetch is one of the largest online marketplaces for designer clothing, the website has a section for worldwide boutiques that sell vintage clothing.

To access the vintage fashion section on Farfetch, head straight to the ‘Pre-Owned‘ section on the top menu.

Use the filtering system (on the left) and adjust the vintage clothing search by price, color, age, brand, etc.

Farfetch’s vintage clothing selection is relatively small but constantly improving, so keep an eye on the online store’s updates to catch limited-edition vintage clothes and accessories

Open For Vintage

Vintage Luxury Clothing & Accessories

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Launched in 2015 with a very suggestive name, Open for Vintage is the must-visit online marketplace for vintage, collectible clothing.

The company has grown its offering to include vintage handbags, shoes, apparel, and accessories for all, men, women, and genderless.

If you love vintage shoes, handbags, and accessories from the 1920s up to 2000s fashion (and Y2K fashion), Open for Vintage marketplace is by far the best choice, often nicknamed the home of vintage collectibles.

Unique Vintage

Cheap Vintage Inspired Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Unique Vintage celebrates the iconic fashion of the past in contemporary designs made for every person of every body type.

Built to resemble the concept of antique markets filled with vintage-inspired fashion and bold styles, Unique Vintage is celebrating the uniqueness of designs from the past, reimagined for a contemporary world.

The online store has a wide range of vintage clothing from sustainable designers, accessories, and designer handbags.

Unique Vintage is a unique online marketplace dedicated exclusively to vintage apparel from sustainable clothing brands.

I have UV as one of my favorite online clothing stores – if not the best – for sustainable vintage clothing.

Vintage lovers will be able to spot absolute gems in this online store for aesthetic clothing – so prepare to trawl.


Unique Vintage Collections Online

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Depop is a peer-to-peer vintage clothing and second-hand fashion digital platform that lets creatives buy and sell unique and stylish vintage clothing online.

Very popular with micro-influencers and small business sellers, Depop is the best online marketplace if you want to find and shop authentic vintage celebrity clothing at affordable prices.

Born from a social network, Depop is now a trusted marketplace for over 10 million users buying, selling, and exploring the latest vintage clothing trends.

Already a global phenomenon, Depop’s community of creatives, influencers, sellers, and consumers (much like the team itself) is changing the face of online fashion retail.

Rusty Zipper

’40s – ’80s Huge Vintage Clothing Offering

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Launched in November 1995, RustyZipper.Com is the web’s first vintage clothing store, available directly via its official site or on Etsy.

Packed with one-of-a-kind vintage clothing items from the 40s to the 80s and beyond, this is a must-visit store for vintage clothing enthusiasts.

Packed with one-of-a-kind vintage clothing covering from 40s fashion to the 80s, Rusty Zipper is a must-know store for vintage clothing enthusiasts and experts alike.

To give you a taster, these are some of the vintage clothes Rusty Zipper stocks right now: knit dresses, Hawaiian shirts, bellbottom jeans, leisure suits, ski jackets, shorts, western shirts, prairie blouses, neckties, sewing patterns, purses, hats, shoes, etc.

True Vintage

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

True Vintage is another must-visit online store for vintage clothing lovers.

True Vintage stands out in the vintage clothing market through competitive prices and exclusive vintage pieces returning to 1920s fashion.

The company stocks some of the rarest vintage garments and an eclectic emporium of pre-loved garments.

The store’s extensive offering includes vintage bags, purses, rare knit, nightwear, and covetable vintage eveningwear worldwide.

Arcade Shops

Hand-Picked Vintage Clothes

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Arcade is a retail concept shop from the community behind A Current Affair.

Offering a rotating mix from a vast network of vintage clothing vendors, Arcade’s online shop features a bi-weekly release of hand-picked vintage.

I recommend Arcade for rare haute couture vintage clothes and accessories from the world’s ’70s and ’80s runways that make vintage sartorial hunting a bit easier.

The store has an impressive offering of vintage apparel curated from the ’70s and ’80s runways.


Online Luxury Vintage Store

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Rebelle is an online fashion store where you can buy and sell vintage and preowned luxury clothes selected and curated from the world’s top fashion brands.

From 20s Flapper dresses to the most authentic garments online right now, Rebelle is the closes version of eBay but designed for vintage luxury clothes and rare designer apparel.

Just like with Vestiaire Collective presented above, the team behind the Rebelle runs extensive authenticity checks to ensure that the vintage garments you want to purchase are genuine.


Unique Vintage Collections Online

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Ragstock was founded in July 1954 when Howard borrowed money to buy a truck and began driving around picking up old, vintage clothing.

Sixty years later, the brand’s commitment to recycling remains an essential part of Ragstock’s DNA, and it is precisely what makes the label an OG of vintage clothing.

Ragstock’s vintage clothing offering is by far the most comprehensive of all stores on this list, from 80s vintage jackets and acid wash denim jeans to athletic jerseys, vintage hippie and festival clothing, and even vintage prom and wedding dresses!


Unique 80s & 90s Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Thrifted rejects the idea of fast fashion and believes in sustainable practices such as circular fashion, slow fashion, and ethical clothing.

Thrifted is selling some of the best quality vintage pieces, from the 50s pinup clothing ideal for creating an individual style to the originals of the 80s and 90s.

There is a wide range of vintage styles and essentials from top vintage sports brands.

Also, Thrifted believes consumers are increasingly concerned with where their clothes come from and the true cost of wearing them only once.

Aiming to create more conscious consumers, the brand believes that the wardrobes of the near future will be full of remade clothes and accessories.


Unique Pre-owned & New Vintage Online

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

One of the earliest stores dedicated to the vintage scene is Etsy.

The online marketplace is packed with anything you desire, from the latest designer pieces to unique vintage clothes and accessories worldwide.

Mother vintage, Vintage Vixen, Gold Thrift vintage, Persephone vintage, authentic designer vintage pieces, and even vintage decor pieces for your kitchen, Etsy has them all.

Love Etsy’s universe of special, extraordinary vintage items; from limited edition vintage apparel to handcrafted vintage clothes, this store has everything you could ask for.


Retro-Style & Handmade Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Vintaholic is a vintage fashion-hungry marketplace dedicated to creating unique and personal styles.

From crochet handmade bralettes and customized shirts to classic vintage jeans and retro-vintage crop tops, there’s something for everyone.

From crochet handmade bralettes and customized shirts to classic vintage jeans for women and retro-vintage crop tops, there’s something for everyone in the store’s handpicked offering.

Dark Paradise Vintage

Sustainable Vintage Clothing

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Dark Paradise Vintage is a London-based vintage boutique selling men’s and women’s vintage apparel.

The online vintage boutique specializes in unique, rare, and always hand-picked vintage pieces.

Also, a green company that uses only eco-friendly cleaning products, salvage bubble wrap, and biodegradable packaging materials.

Passionate about recycling, Dark Paradise Vintage aims to make the planet greener by selling only eco-friendly vintage clothing.

Similarly, the brand’s cleaning products and packaging are biodegradable.


Unique Second-hand Vintage Online

20 Best Vintage Clothing Stores to Shop Online

Challenging any resale market of vintage apparel, it is impossible not to find a bargain in Oxfam’s online shop.

Packed with thousands of unique vintage clothing treasures, this quirky charity store fights poverty and injustice worldwide.

Oxfam’s fantastic team of volunteers lists hundreds of donated vintage clothes – by supporters like you – including second-hand women’s clothing, second-hand men’s clothing, and a range of one-off collectibles.

Not to mention rare vintage wedding dresses, vinyl, music, books, and seasonal favorites like Fair Trade Christmas cards.


There’s no denying that vintage shopping is an excellent way to create a unique style while promoting sustainability in fashion.

However, it’s essential to remember that authentic vintage clothing consists of only garments at least 40 years old, representing a particular fashion era.

To purchase authentic vintage clothing, avoid second-hand stores and refer to this list of the 20 best vintage clothing stores for 2023.

Each online vintage clothing store here specializes in genuine vintage apparel, offering timeless pieces designed to last for years.

Adding vintage clothing to your wardrobe lets you stand out with apparel that tells a story from a bygone era.

Time to start building your vintage wardrobe today and promote sustainability in fashion, one timeless piece at a time.

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Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your experience.

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