How to Dress VSCO: 3 Looks For A Cool VSCO Girl

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VSCO style is a contemporary fashion trend inspired by the aesthetics of the VSCO app and its nature-focused, minimalist filters.

While VSCO style encompasses a range of looks depicting simplicity, comfort, and a strong connection to the outdoors, in this article, we’ll explore three distinctive looks.

Each look reflects the laid-back and nature-infused spirit of VSCO fashion, focusing on the most essential garments, footwear, and accessories needed to embody this trendy and relaxed style.

VSCO Style

1. Casual VSCO Look

This VSCO outfit comprises Brandy Melville or Roxy oversized graphic t-shirts in sun-faded colors and 90s skater denim shorts, emblematic of the VSCO style.

Pink Casual VSCO Style

The style is completed by Birkenstock sandals – with aesthetic roots in 18th-century Germany – and loved for their comfortable design that complements the carefree vibe.

Finalize the look with an eco-friendly Hydro Flask water bottle, a must-have accessory emblematic of the VSCO pro-sustainability ethos.

Roxy Oversized T-shirt Levis Denim Shorts
Birkenstock Sandals Hydro Flask Water Bottle

2. Sporty VSCO Look

Start this outfit with an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie in sunset pink and a pair of VSCO-style white shorts rooted in the laid-back surf and skater culture of coastal California.

Sporty VSCO Style

Complement with high-top white sneakers rooted in American basketball courts and white crew socks inspired by the 1970s American tennis and Preppy attire.

Complete the look with scrunchies in soft pink, lavender, mint green, or sky blue, a resurgence of the 80s disco fashion and a quintessential VSCO accessory.

Hollister Oversized Pink Sweatshirt Lululemon Biker Shorts
Converse White High top Sneakers Kitsch Scrunchies
Nike Crew Socks

3. Street-style VSCO Look

Start this VSCO look with a striped cropped top in sunset-inspired colors like pink, orange, and sandy yellows, with aesthetics rooted in the laid-back surf culture of the 1990s.

VSCO Streetwear Style

Follow up with rolled-up light blue jeans inspired by a blend of 90s American surf culture, casual streetwear, and high-top checkerboard shoes – another hallmark of skate culture and now a crucial VSCO footwear.

Complete the look with an iconic Fjallraven Kanken backpack, depicting the Swedish ethos of practicality and minimalism.

Roxy Cropped Stripped Top Levi's Straight-leg Jeans
Fjallraven Backpack Vans Checkerboard Shoes

What Defines VSCO Style?

Despite being named after the VSCO photo-editing app, the VSCO style is a casual way of dressing in oversized T-shirts, high-waisted jeans, and skater shoes, with aesthetics rooted in the 1990s American skater culture.

Thanks to the app’s innovative filters, certain outfits gained popularity among Gen Zs, who shared their looks, hence the style’s association with the app’s name.

Comprised of comfortable garments, minimal makeup, and eco-friendly accessories, the VSCO style depicts a lifestyle of positivity and wellness.

The Origin of VSCO Style

The term “VSCO” comes from a photo-editing app with flattering filters popular among teenagers.

The VSCO style emerged as users started to share their ways of dressing and outfits that matched the laid-back vibe of the app.

Nowadays, the VSCO style is a recognizable fashion trend, synonymous with a youthful and unpretentious way of dressing.

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