What Colors Go With Brown Clothes? 11 Colors That Look AMAZING With Brown Clothes

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Best Colors To Wear With Brown Outfits To Look Good, From White & Blue to Grey & Green

Figuring what colors go with brown clothes is one of the most common struggles of any fashionista.

In fact, many colors match significantly with brown clothes, and in this article, we’ll detail which ones and how.

In fashion, when thinking about the best colors to ensemble an outfit, the first one jumping to your mind is probably black.

For decades black held a privileged position in fashion for being a symbol of elegance and distinction; however, times have changed, and new prodigies have come to light.

Brown, a classic, conservative and fashionable color, fits in a wide variety of contexts, making it a MUST-HAVE in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 11 BEST colors that match brown clothes, take your outfits to the next level, and revolutionize how you dress.

Dark Denim Jeans

With Brown Blouse or Brown Jacket

Dark Denim Jeans Color To Go With Brown Clothes
Dark denim jeans to go with brown blouses or brown jackets (thevou.com)

To create a minimalist wardrobe and classy ensemble, use brown blouses and jackets and match them with dark-colored jeans.

Complement your blue jeans outfit with lighter shades of golden accessories like long earrings and bracelets.

You can also add nice black belts with golden buckles to highlight your waist.

Add black boots or boots in the same color wheel for the grand finale to confer a touch of rebellious look.

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White Pants

With Brown Polo Shirt or Brown Fitted Blazer

White pants to go with brown polo shirt or brown blazer
White pants to go with brown polo shirts or brown blazers (thevou.com)

Looking both stylish and bright and designed to add refinement to any outfit, white pants serve well for almost any occasion.

The white and brown combo makes dressy outfits look cozy and relaxed in an equally feminine and fresh approach.

Ladies should start by pairing white pants with brown fitted blazers, worn over sleeveless light black blouses.

The look can be complemented with golden rings, bracelets, and designer handbags, to add further sophistication.

Finally, complete the ensemble with black loafers in a neutral shade of brown.

For gents, white dress pants match beautifully with classy brown polo shirts and brown suede loafers.

Wear watches with brown leather straps and dark brown sunglasses to complete the look.

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White Shirt

With Brown Midi Skirt or Brown Mom’s Jeans

White shirt to go with brown skirt or brown pants
White shirt to go with brown skirts or brown pants (thevou.com)

Providing class and sobriety, white shirts are among the most elegant and versatile pieces of clothing.

Conferring a sense of professionalism, white shirts match very well with every brown outfit.

The best way to wear white shirts with brown colors is by matching them with brown midi skirts accessorized with golden earrings.

Complete the look with black handbags and black, white, or brown heeled sandals, and you’ll have an outfit suitable for almost any occasion.

For a smart casual look, you should pair white shirts with brown mom’s jeans for women, brown shade belts, and heeled sandals in similar shades of brown.

Complete the look with handbags in the same color range to create a warm, romantic, and sophisticated look.

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Yellow Pants

With Light Brown Sweater or Brown Cardigan (& Brown Shoes)

What Colors Go With Brown Clothes? 11 Colors That Look AMAZING With Brown Clothes
Yellow pants to go with a light brown sweater, and a brown cardigan (thevou.com)

Great as a base color, yellow-colored garments are necessary to achieve a fresh, stylish look that projects a warm and optimistic personality.

For example, by marrying light brown sweaters with yellow pants, you can create unique ensembles that work wonders in the evening when going out with friends.

To further augment this idea of a warm personality, add classic hoop golden earrings, wrist accessories, and light brown belts that emphasize your waist.

Another great look that draws all attention is the combo of brown shade cardigans over light blue shirts, accessorized with hobo bags and vintage brown shoes.

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Blue Denim Jacket

With Dark Brown Leather Pants or Light Brown Dress

Blue denim jacket with brown leather pants or brown dress
Blue denim jacket with brown leather pants or a light brown dress (thevou.com)

Neutral tone brown colors tend to match very well with casual outfits in all shades of blue denim.

The color combo is an excellent choice to create a fresh rebellious feel by combining classic denim jackets with brown leather pants.

To keep up with the current fashion trends, complete the look with white bodysuits, dark brown leather boots, and comfy, casual converse shoes.

Loosen things up a little by adding brown handbags with golden metallic shoulder straps to the combo.

Light brown dresses are another spectacular match to denim jackets if you’re not into trousers.

Adding color-matching necklaces, brown Korean fashion style sandals, and hobo-style bags to the mix will give this ensemble a more straightforward and more relaxed look.

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Light Blue Shirt

With Light Wide-leg Brown Pants or Light Brown Skinny Chinos

Light blue shirt with brown wide-leg pants or brown skinny jeans
Light blue shirt with brown wide-leg pants or brown skinny jeans (thevou.com)

Light brown in skin tones and light blue are among the best basic color combinations you can put together to create simple yet dressy ensembles.

The fastest way to achieve stylistic sophistication is by pairing a simple light blue shirt with light wide-leg brown pants.

To accessorize the ensemble, wear big stud golden earrings and brown belts that accentuate your waist and complete the look with white leather mules.

Match styles with your significant other by creating a fantastic visual blend of brown and blue shades – get him to wear light blue shirts with light brown skinny chinos.

Top up the look with light beige v-neck sweaters and light beige sport belts that accentuate the waist, and finalize with white sneakers that retail the casual but classy look.

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Black Top

With Loose-fit Brown Pants or Brown Mini Skirt

Black top to go with brown pants or brown skirt
Black tops with brown pants or a brown skirt (thevou.com)

Black colors tend to grab a lot of ‘outfit-attention’; thankfully, brown mellows the strength of black color and will improve the overall ensemble style when paired with the right accessories.

One way to match black with brown is by wearing loose-fit brown pants with black tops in a casual and simple combination that’s fast to put together.

Complete the look with light beige flat sandals or white sneakers and minimal golden watches, necklaces, and rings.

If you’re feeling daring wearing brown mini skirts will make the overall ensemble chic and put your right in the spotlight.

You can add black leather designer bags and Nancie-style brown leather sandals for extra sophistication.

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Elevated Black Rib Knit V-Neck Bodysuit

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Golden Accessories

With Brown Dress

Golden accessories to go with brown dress
Golden accessories to go with a brown dress (thevou.com)

Neutral brown shades are becoming increasingly prominent in fashion and beauty landscapes, from clothing to cosmetics and makeup.

Knowing what colors complement and match best with brown will help you achieve some of the most elegant ensembles and styles right now.

For example, brown dresses have everything you would find in the black ones and even more: there’s sensuality and elegance, but there’s also natural neutrality.

The best way to exploit brown dresses’ full potential is by pairing them only with golden accessories to create simplicity and stylistic distinction.

As simplistic as it might sound, the most effective match to a brown dress is gold jewelry.

Match the look with beige or black-colored purses and high-heeled golden sandals or nude heels.

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White Cropped Top

With Dark or Light Brown Leggings

White top to go with brown leggings
White cropped tops to go with brown leggings (thevou.com)

Nowadays, leggings paired with cropped tops are some of the most popular go-to’s athleisure outfits for those seeking relaxed ensembles.

In the case of brown leggings, the best color to match them with is white and complementary colors.

The combo of white cropped tops with dark or light brown leggings creates a soft but polished look that works wonders at the gym or on the street.

For a perfect finish, pair the ensemble with white sneakers or tennis shoes in analogous colors.

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Green Sweater

With Brown Wide-leg Pants or Light Brown Velvet Skirt

Green sweater to go with brown pants or light brown skirt
Green sweater to go with brown pants or a light brown skirt (thevou.com)

Brown and green are also two of the most nature-inspired cool colors every fashionista should learn to combine.

Opting for green sweaters with brown wide-leg pants is a savvy choice since the matching of shades makes the outfit very stylish and cosmopolitan.

To finish this dreamy look, add black belts matching handbags and black heeled shoes with golden details.

You can also wear light brown velvet skirts to showcase further your body shape, matched with brown suede ankle boots and brown duffle handbags.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater

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Everlane Oversized Turtleneck In ReCashmere

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Flannel Shirt

With Corduroy Brown Trousers or Light Brown Cargo Pants

Flannel shirt to go with brown pants
Flannel shirt to go with brown pants (thevou.com)

As some of the most popular garments of the 80s fashion, flannel shirts are quintessential to every fashionista’s wardrobe, thanks to their versatility, comfort, and classic appeal.

Fannel shirts with brown patterns match lovely with brown corduroy trousers, in a clever and elegant look.

To spice things up, mix yellow bowler handbags in bright colors with brown suede ankle boots or brown boots with mustard yellow and brown accessories.

For men, flannel shirts look best when matched with light brown cargo pants and ankle boots in neutral colors.

A&F Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

A&F Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

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Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt

Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt


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What Colors Go With Brown Clothes FAQs

What to wear with a brown top for females?

The best garment choice to pair brown tops for women is blue denim jeans.

The second best choice to match any color brown garment is skinny black pants.

What colors go with chocolate brown clothes?

The best colors to pair with chocolate brown are navy blue – for a fantastic visual impact.

Additional colors like marigold and clementine can deliver a unique citrus tone to the mix.

Jade color is also great for creating an overall luxurious feel.

Does white go with brown clothes?

White is the best color match to brown clothes and is ideal for creating gorgeous couple matching ensembles.

Combine bottoms in any shade of brown with white tops and finish the outfit with golden accessories.

Does grey go with brown clothes?

The light grey color matches flawlessly with any brown tones.

However, for a more elegant look, choose tan or darker tones of brown.

What colors look good with dark brown?

Like black, dark brown goes well with crispy white and light shades of blue, creating sophisticated ensembles.

Other safe colors that work well with dark brown are yellow, gold, orange, and green.

Do green and brown clothes go together?

Green and brown are the perfect combination to create an exquisite ensemble.

Jade, army green, and mint are among the best tones to match brown clothes.


The current worn-out, vintage-first fashion climate is making brown the new black.

No longer an experimental color, brown’s dominance in fashion continues to grow and evolve.

In this article, we have showcased the best colors to match brown clothes with and the best stylistic outcomes you’ll achieve.

Brown outfits gain and lose style depending on the other colors you match them with and further essential details, such as accessories and shoes.

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Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these colors do you think goes best with brown clothes?

Are there any other colors we’ve missed and should include in our next article update?

Please leave your comments below; we always appreciate your comments and use them to learn, improve, and update these articles.

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Betzaida Ruiz
Betzaida Ruiz
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  1. Thank you for the inspiration, always wondered what are the best colors to wear with brown outfits and this article does the job for me better than professional stylists that would charge me hundreds per hour!

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  2. Love the ideas you’ve shared. I have a chocolate dress that l match with a yellow and brown necklace set and yellow shoes. I think it looks so good!.


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