10 Best Casino Theme Party Ideas (Outfits, Games, Invitations, and More)

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Creating the right feel and atmosphere is the key to a perfect casino theme party.

The easiest way to do it is by using casino theme party ideas, replicating a natural and authentic casino environment.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 10 Best casino party themes and decor ideas for a surefire way to delight your guests.

These are the best ideas from the ultimate Vegas-casino theme experience ideas to Casino Royale and 1920s The Great Gatsby casino theme.

Casino Royale Theme Party

Casino Royale James Bond Casino Theme Party

Bond-style casino party themes are some of the most celebrated and trendy setups for charity gala events.

Start by customizing the guest invitations with agent-inspired secret codes you send in advance.

Get your guests to wear a strict black-tie dress code, play relevant music, and place a cardboard cutout of the famous 007 spy at the entrance.

Then, prepare a photo booth with 007 movie filters as an ideal to capture Instagramable moments from your Casino Royale theme party.

Drinks-wise, cocktails are by far the best choice, and if you go for Martini in tune with the party’s theme, make sure it’s ‘shaken, not stirred.’

Las Vegas Casino Theme Party

Viva Las Vegas Casino Theme Party

Las Vegas casinos, assorted with movie stars and singers, have made Sin City famous.

Whimsical and powerful, Las Vegas casino night theme parties are easy to assemble if you get the guests’ attire and the music right.

Place some ‘pro dealers’ at the casino tables to create the perfect Vegas vibe.

Add a showgirl or two, a few Las Vegas backdrops, and an oversized dice, and you’re ready.

1920s Casino Theme Party

1920s Gatsby Casino Theme Party

Those preparing 1920s casino-themed events always fall for the trap of mixing 1920s high society glitzy elements with the glamourous Gatsby gala style.

Of both, the best – and easiest to put together – is the casino theme party in the style of Gatsby’s galas.

Ladies should wear floor-length gowns, refined heels, accessories, and elegant purses.

For gentlemen, the dress code is simple: full black tie attire and patent shoes.

Make it look like a red carpet event, with a jazz band, champagne glasses arranged in towers, and a few pro butlers with quick bites.

Finally, prepare a photo booth, Art Deco motifs in gold, and lots of glittery confetti.

1950s Casino Theme Party

Casino Theme Party 1950s

In the 50s, the world was in awe at the idea that prosperity and success could be achieved through hard work, no matter who you are or where you’re born.

Many believed the ‘American Dream’ was owning a house, a smart car, a good job, and a loving family.

Also, in the 50s, music bands started reaching global fame, often playing on vinyl for hours.

Thus, an ideal 1950s casino theme party should include showroom cars from that era, popular vinyl records or a jukebox, alcohol, and matching soda fountains.

Ask the guests to dress in 50s-style clothes – such as skirt suits, pedal pushers, beatnik straps, pencil skirts, and large-brimmed hats.

Red Carpet Casino Theme Party

Casino Theme Party Red Carpet

A red carpet casino theme party is a unique way to enchant your attendees with a VIP-like experience.

The setup is simple and requires a red carpet at the entrance, soft golden ropes, lots of well-directed spotlights, and a few pro photographers with cameras and flashes.

And, if available, get them a limo from the main gate to the entrance so the photographers can give your guests an A-list entry.

Blackjack Casino Theme Party

Blackjack Casino Theme Party

Blackjack is one of the most loved and played casino games, together with roulette and poker.

For a perfect blackjack casino theme party, ensure each table has a list of instructions, a ‘pro’ dealer, lots of money (monopoly will do), and girls to cheer up the winners.

If the room is big, arrange above the tables post signs with the words ‘blackjack,’ ‘poker,’ ‘baccarat,’ and ‘roulette.’

Add a magician to the mix that goes around the blackjack tables and plays tricks on your guests for the ultimate fun.

Poker Casino Theme Party

Poker Casino Theme Party

Poker is all about winning money and having fun!

Pack your poker tables with lots of fake money (Monopoly money is excellent), and let your guests have a blast.

A prominent decoration for your casino-style poker party is the poker chips!

Grab a few large bags of poker chips and set them all over your tables and surfaces at your party.

For extra fun, hire a remarkable sleight-of-hand magician and send them from table to table to cause chaos amongst your guests by taking fake money from their pockets, putting cards in their sleeves, and so on.

You can also include a poker theme or black and red confetti on the surfaces for an extra-special touch.

Egyptian Casino Theme Party

Egyptian Casino Theme Party

Decorating your party around a unique casino theme, such as an Egyptian kingdom – like the Luxor casino – is great fun.

Build a Great Pyramid of Giza – at scale, of course – that resembles Sin City’s glass and steel pyramid-shaped hotel.

Place a light beam from the pyramid’s tip and many Egyptian artefacts around the tables.

The most important aspect of this thematic casino party is to have your guests dressed in Egyptian attire.

Italian Casino Theme Party

Italian Casino Theme Party

You don’t have to decorate your casino theme party according to traditional casinos.

All great Las Vegas casinos look different, so try decorating yours around an Italian theme similar to the celebrated Venetian casino.

The Venetian Las Vegas is set within architectural replicas of some of Venice’s most outstanding monuments.

Hand-paint the ceiling and create renaissance-like frescoes to transport your guests into the heart of Venice, Italy, and digital displays showcasing modern art.

Clothing-wise, go for the most abundant black-tie dress code with many gold accessories and sequined dresses.

Western Casino Theme Party

Western Casino Theme Party

It’s one of the funniest casino theme parties and the easiest to assemble.

All you need are Western costumes with deputy sheriff badges, hairy moustaches, western-style money and gold bags, cowboy boots, and bandanas.

Women can wear oversized dresses with bonnets and cowgirl dress-ups.

Add a John Wayne life-size cardboard cutout at the entrance and some galvanized metal pails, and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget some genuine horseshoes on the gambling tables for that super realistic effect.

Theme Parties for Online Casinos

You don’t have to host a casino-themed party in person. It is completely possible to have a
casino party entirely online.

Online gambling allows you to host people in chat rooms, letting you play games together digitally and treat them to an interesting evening.

Tons of online casinos can let you enjoy tables in multiplayer mode. Live casinos can let a real gambler host you.

You can chat by using text or voice calls. Even if it’s online, you can still dress up if you want to.


What do you Wear to a Casino-themed Party?

As the name suggests, casino-theme parties require outfits people wear at casinos.

While some casinos have strict black tie dress codes, most accept a more casual style as long as it is casino-inspired.

Here are some of the most suitable clothes for a casino theme party:

  • For her: Red, black, gold, or silver sequin dress and a pair of sexy heels, sparkly jewellery, and a sequined clutch.
  • For him: Ideally, a black tie suit, white shirt, and patent shoes. Avoid denim at all costs.

How do you Organize a Birthday Party at a Casino?

Casinos are excellent places to host various activities, from weddings to birthday parties.

Organizing the event is simple: call the venue and reserve a room for your party’s attendees.

Don’t forget to arrange the meals, drinks, and accompanying service.

What do They Serve at a Vegas-themed party?

Vegas-themed casino parties have a combination of buffets and trays of finger foods suitable for players engrossed in their game.

Here are some other popular foods at Vegas casinos: prime ribs, meatballs, buffalo wings, deep-fried snacks, and chocolate-dipped fruits.


These casino party theme ideas are also excellent for bridal showers, bachelor parties, themed birthday parties, and even charity fundraising.

Remember that you’re not launching a real casino but re-creating the casino environment, thanks to these excellent casino theme party ideas.

Also, remember to use the correct color theme according to the style and casino games you’re creating.

The best casino party themes are created in black, red, and white color schemes, with lots of silver platters and casino party decor.

Throw in plenty of green (the color of money) to balance things out and freshen up the space — it works great on table covers, balloons, and confetti.

Remember to be relaxed and flexible, and have a lot of fun.

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